Protein is a vital nutrient, essential for your dog’s health. Accompanied by the zesty Bae'con & Eggs, Pizza Pawty and Chef Cooper's Limited Edition Filet Mignon seasonings, you're able to help your pup feel and eat at their best! "Skin & Coat + Probiotics"Dog Food Seasoning, "This product was recommended by my vet for my super picky doggie...I was so happy to see her eat! We’ve made a radically better dog food with 31% complete protein, superfood ingredients, and zero junk. The secret behind our high-protein, meat-free dog food is the #1 ingredient on our nutrition label: YEAST. Whether it's an Original Recipe or one from our Seasonal Collection, it takes one shake to share special mealtime memories with your pup. Treat them to the mouth-watering, flavor-packed meals they crave, without changing their food. Dried yeast is an Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) approved pet food ingredient: 91.6 (IFN 7-05-533: Yeast, dried) and, through decades of study and use, is classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). They’re designed to add flavor to dog food to give your best friend a little variety at meal time.

As seen on Shark Tank: Put your dog on a clean, high-protein, meat-free (vegan) diet — and watch them thrive.

4 ½ plus ¼ cup per each additional 10lb of body weight. Complete Protein: Nutritionally complete high-protein adult dog foodClean Ingredients: Whole foods like chickpeas, oats, peas, and sweet potatoNo Junk: Never any fillers, “mystery” meat, additives, or preservativesSustainable: 90% fewer resources required than meat-based dog foodHealthy Skin & Coat: Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and algae DHAOptimal Digestion Support: High-quality prebiotic and dietary fibersDelicious: Natural umami flavor for an irresistible taste that dogs love, ✔️ No animal ingredients✔️ No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors✔️ No corn, no soy, no rice✔️ No antibiotics or hormones. All images are used with permission or licensed. | FREE SHIPPING ON $35+. Our Happiness Guarantee is just one way we ensure our customers love our products and are treated great by our company. Every purchase helps a dog find their forever home. Instantly turn your pup's meal from from bland to boujee without the fats, salts, and fillers.

They evolved alongside humans over tens of thousands of years, developing gut enzymes that allow them to digest a wide variety of foods.It turns out the digestive system of dogs (and humans) doesn’t care where your protein comes from — it matters that the protein is high quality, bio-available, and easily digestible. You Watched us on Shark Tank! Pet Care from Americas number one business show, Shark Tank. The best part is, there won't be any dishes left to clean up!

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