The population statistics of Nakapiripirit and Kotido districts are 69,691 and 178,909, respectively [22]. It was established that women were most affected during times of food scarcity as mentioned by 54% of the study respondents. Effective drought monitoring and early warning  must integrate precipitation and other climatic parameters with water information such as stream flow, snow pack, ground water levels, reservoir and lake levels and soil moisture into a comprehensive assessment of current and future drought and water supply conditions. 90 Day Pct.

An added challenge in recent years has been the tendency to transition from drought to flood and back to drought within short time spans, sometimes within a matter of months.

(2). [35] events. For more news and impacts information, visit the NDMC. Department of Extension and Innovation Studies, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Makerere University, P.O. Meanwhile, mean temperature ranges from 16 to 24 °C. NGOs generally tend to select those who can be able to implement their project activities. 2009;34:329–39. Meanwhile, livestock breeds such as sheep, goats, sheep and camels are kept. These are variance inflation factor (VIF) for association among the continuous explanatory variables and contingency coefficients (CC) for dummy variables. The study also indicates that the DEWS program significantly contributes to food security and increases in dietary diversity. Marginally, there were respondents that indicated that they operated a small business enterprise and obtained food relief from NGOs and government as a coping mechanism to drought. Graduate Theses and Dissertations, 2009: Paper 10747, Iowa State University. Cite this article. The main livestock kept by households were zebu short-horned cattle, sheep and goats. Agriculture & Food Security 289. Generalized linear models.

These events led to calls for urgent intervention by government and development partners to strategically develop mechanisms that will facilitate communities in the region to appropriately respond to drought episodes. Safer World Report. McCulloch CE. People mostly ate wild fruits. This is due to more food crops of the improved varieties being grown by the DEWS households as compared to the participating household who majorly are involved in growing mainly traditional food crop of sorghum. By 2009, the general food distribution peaked with 1.15 million individuals, an estimated 90% of the entire population receiving food relief [2]. Information and records of government and non-government reports were also reviewed from the national archives in Entebbe, Makerere University, Meteorology Department, in the Ministry of Water and Environment and other government departments. Area Under Drought; Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) Wilhite DA, Svoboda M. Drought early warning systems in the context of drought preparedness and mitigation. Precipitation Forecast. This is because the total land reportedly owned by the respondents is actually communal land which is used for grazing cattle, limiting crop production, yet cattle is not sold for buying food item. The National Drought Resilience Partnership (NDRP) comprises seven federal agencies which work collaboratively to support state, tribal, local, and private sector approaches to managing drought risks and impacts. At the second level, three to four parishes were purposively selected from each sub-county based on project coverage. Tadesse T, Brown JF, Hayes MJ. CAS  California’s climate is a combination of a distinct Data captured were on the wider and specific social contexts of food security and DEWS information utilization at household level. Accordingly, providing information in these areas is one thing, and use and success is another. About 99% of the study respondents reported that they experienced severe food shortage as a result of drought. However, this study has shown that several of these interventions have not led to food security in the region as most of the households continue to whirl in food deficits. While the sample size for the control households was initially the equivalent of the DEWS participating households included in the study, the number reduced because during the process of data cleaning, some households were dropped. Current ACIS Precipitation Maps. <> Damalie Akwango. For information on resources available to help aid in the recovery from this year’s drought, visit the USDA. Understanding the complex impacts of drought: a key to enhancing drought mitigation and preparedness. 2012;34:471–86. The extent to which DEWS has contributed to household food security in the subregion remains unclear.

Ecol Model. O’Laughlin B. Showing Data will replace the pie chart below with a data table. The GLM also assumes independence of error terms of the various sampling units in a way that \(Y\left( {u_{1} } \right), \ldots , Y\left( {u_{n} } \right)\) are independent.

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