They say to look up their Better Business Bureau profile and online reviews, ask to tour their facility, compare their policies with other agencies and check to see whether they are a business, non-profit or a charity. Have animals inspected by Canadian vets upon arrival and annual checkups for those still in rescue's care.

It's alleged EJ Rescue rented the US vehicle under someone else's account — who was not involved in the crash.

Other than the land zoning where the rescue business will be located, there are probably no other restrictions or official requirements. The rescue staff taking them across the border must produce proof of adoption, vaccinations and certificates of health to border officials.

CBC News spoke to several fosters, partner rescue agencies and supporters of EJ Rescue who say they have never had a problem with Demeria or EJ. Rather it had the appearance of a place that dogs would be seized from and taken in by a rescue group. It did say its inspectors can either show up unannounced or provide notification of a visit. Right now, she could probably have the capacity of, like, 75 dogs in there, like, comfortably. This dog was put in my roommates care, he had multiple broken teeth with exposed nerve endings, as a senior dog on puppy kibble, infection on his tail down to the bone and moderate to severe lameness in his hips and legs.

We sat with him while him when the call was made to put him to sleep. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Maybe an hour after completing our application we were notified that we had been approved to foster a dog, and were immediately ask to foster one . She alleges Demeria never signed an agreement confirming she would follow the American SPCA's transport guidelines. Demeria's supporters also say dogs are not denied vet care when warranted. Find Ej Rescue in Dogs & Puppies for Rehoming | Find dogs and puppies locally for sale or adoption in Calgary : get a boxer, husky, German shepherd, pug, and more on Kijiji, Canada's #1 Local Classifieds. The six former volunteers say many people have complained to the SPCA about EJ Rescue — including them after they left — but say nothing changes based on what they still hear from adopters and fosters. Some rescues — such as Calgary-based Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) and Pawsitive Match — are registered as non-profit organizations, societies or charities.

Former staff, volunteers and adopters allege EJ Rescue hoarded dogs, hid info and failed to supply proper care, CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. — after its name came up in connection to an accidental crash in Idaho this spring that killed two people and 26 dogs destined for the rescue facility. The ex-volunteers say usually only one daycare staff member was on duty at a time to care for all the rescue and client dogs at EJ's Airdrie facility. Impose a fire code on the maximum number of animals allowed inside a rescue.

The SPCA does not routinely inspect facilities but will investigate complaints of an animal in distress — whether that's a report of lack of food or water, inadequate veterinary care or improper shelter. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. "There's no one in the organization who will say that there's not things that need to be worked on but what we're saying here is like that's a far cry from dogs not getting vetted, dogs laying in their filth, thousands of dogs in a daycare piled on top of each other," said D'Costa. Thirdly, improve communication immediately – at minimum this should include having a list of phone numbers available for contact. A current volunteer, Kara D'Costa, who says she took on a larger role around the time the other volunteers left, acknowledges EJ has organizational problems and says there are delays in getting medical records out to adopters. One challenge is that there is no accreditation process and they are unregulated: anyone can call themselves a "rescue.". 09/27/2020 . Our foster dog had been adopted and paid for by its new owner almost a week before I had even heard anything from the rescue group – I sent numerous messages to which I received no response at all or a vague response. I still hang his collar in my car today.

The ex-volunteers also say dogs would not always get medical care when they thought it was warranted — from initial checks to follow-up visits if dogs got injured or became ill. Johnson and the others say sick puppies would sometimes be cared for by volunteers rather than a vet, even when there were suspected cases of parvo — a highly contagious virus that is often deadly for puppies and young dogs — especially those that haven't received vaccinations. I’m going to preface this review with acknowledging that I’m sure EJ Rescue has good intentions, and I appreciate that it is primarily run by volunteers. When all my doctor was asking for is if I could get the record from the animal that bit me.

There is trash and junk everywhere at the front door. "And eventually we all came to that conclusion of as much as we want to help these dogs we're not helping them, we're helping her with her dog hoarding problem," said Casey Heidinger, former foster coordinator volunteer. Every EJ Metals rescue project is a unique exercise which starts with you, the rescue operators.

I disagree, most rescues (like AARCS) that are registered non-profits are doing the right things, and typically rescue local animals. There's like an implied trust, like, 'oh, these people are amazing, oh, what great people these must be, making sure these dogs didn't get put down,'" said Colette Hamon, whose adopted dog Bentley wasn't neutered. They're not the only ones calling for changes. Hold them accountable! It’s unfortunate that we had this experience with them because we’ve had many positive ones before with other groups but I do think that this group needs to reflect and rectify their organization immediately. Now onto the place where the rescues are housed prior to being fostered – this place as I understand it has partnered with EJ and lent their site , which is generous of them however it is in need of serious sanitation. Met the dog and got along great with out current pup. Pretty sure there's a few other threads floating around about them, these are just the two I found doing a 10 second search. He was a really sweet dog.

She says dogs are often in big pens — not cages — with plenty of room at the daycare if needed. The woman who runs it is super disorganized and does not know as much about dogs (in general or the ones she’s adopting out) as she lets on. It's wonderful to help out rescue agencies when you can and so important, but it's also equally important to do your due diligence. When we initially took in this foster, I had many family members and friends wanting to donate however once they found out it was through EJ Rescue – they retracted their offer and redirected their donations it to CHS and AARCS in honour of our foster dog. Johnson says a more common problem that she and the ex-volunteers experienced around the dogs' health revolves whether and when medical paperwork is provided to adopters. I would not take my dogs to this facility. The adopters say they found out after they took their dogs to their own vet or when they finally got their dog's paperwork from EJ. They refused to even call a vet. "Here I am a year later and I am wasting hours of every day dealing with this, " said Harris. It's quite frustrating because in the contract, it says they will take care of the neutering at 6 months, and it was included in the cost of the adoption. My recommendations to improve the functioning and reputation of this rescue group would start with stopping with the influx of rescues until this group organizes itself and develops clear and concise policies and protocols that are in a written format and can be printed and given to foster and adoptive families.

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