The rhythm tones are chunky and the leads are fat and juicy, which you wouldn't expect from an amp this small. and on the schematic theyre all tied into the same bias point even on an amp with 4 power tubes that split the bias into two pots it wouldnt read half it reads the current draw of that tube and as long as all tubes are individually drawing the proper bais current i dont get how you would ever be measuring half of the current draw. It is interesting the bias was that low though. Check out Doug's Tubes. Engl Powerball vs Fireball Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by sevenstringgod, Nov 24, 2009. 5 available from $793.33. Clear editor. Paste as plain text instead, × But I might try that bias mod. It sounded much more organic, the mid-range was enchanced and channel 3 and 4 had a new organic character. hello guys! If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the. My tech told me it was a very limited range. Are you sure you aren't reading the bias for 2 tubes. take it to someone who professionally biases amps. 3 available from $1,599. Compare Compare Now site51500000000305401 1500000323976.   Your previous content has been restored. Powerball II E645II   You cannot paste images directly. chris, I'm not a technician but I ran into a similar problem with my Powerball. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. True bypass and completely analog, the pedal’s specially selected components offer up a particularly high level of sound quality. sorry guys i just traded my powerball for a vht ultralead today im so happy i traded my framus cobra for the engl(and got 200 on top of the deal)and traded the engl for the vht(and got 100 on the deal ) i went to school for engineering but im a tech so i feel yah basiacally look at the schematics and find the bias pot the schematics are available at just go to the product and its right there on the main page.. in the amp locate the bias pot and you will be able to find the ground trace and the signal trace take an ohmeter from each leg of the ot and measure across the nearest component you will find the 22k resistor in no time and just solder to the existing leads a 20 k resistor and presto expanded bias range! So you have to be careful. They have to be specially selected for your amp by someone who knows what you want. Yeah unfortunately I don't have the schematics. Does anybody of you knows if this works? 1. I haven't even cracked the chassis since I have been so happy with it. chrisboles226, June 22, 2006 in Amps, HI i recently aqcuired an engl powerball and was only able to bias it up to 27 ma (420 plate volts) which is about 25 % so i put an extra resistor in parallel with the one in the bias supply and can get the bias to read whatever i wasnt i baised it up at 45 ma which is 65% but the recomended max is around 50% any suggestions and am i hurting my amp? The Powerball pedal is tonally based on the Lead2 channel of the Engl Powerball II, recreating the gain stages of the amp itself. Upload or insert images from URL. it's more flexible, as it has more channels with different voicings, as well as many other interesting features. Powerball's and SE are designed to run cold. Engl's bias adjustment is, I believe, 25-32 ma's or so. Or wait and see who else responds. Loads of useful features are packed into this handy compact package. Also though, it has been a little over a year with pretty heavy playing and gigging. To be honest, most amps I get I tweak out with minor mods and tube changes. well if you look at the schematic its a 25k pot in series with a 22 k resistor so the lowest the value can get is 22k so i added a 20 k resitor in parallel with the 22 k resistor which allows more current to be applied but as a fail saif if the resistor ever blew the bias would return to normal and become colder which is why theresalways a resistor in series with a pot in case of a short i love it to be honest i think the pwoerball now sounds a lot bigger and really huge the clean channel now sounds so much better (biasing hotter always affects cleans more noticeably) do i dare say better then a cobra yeah its that good now i run the amp pretty open so i trun the gain to around 9-10 oclock and it has this tocuh sensitivity and grind to it very raw and organic anyone who needs help doing this i can take pics and guide you step by step as you dont actually have to do more than take off the shell since the board has its traces exposed on the underside.

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