Anna Francolini as Jean Brodie in Jay Presson Allen’s adaptation of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. A violent sociopath, who carries out horrific acts of murder and abuse with seemingly no remorse. He's the basis of evil upon which we have founded our opinion of villainy on so is fully deserving of a place on this list. Vampire lovers of late might contest this one, but Count Dracula is the ultimate blood-sucking villain. Sony PS4 500GB Console & FIFA 20 Bundle, 7. The murder is especially graphic and gruesome, especially for a Dickens novel. Jim catches Silver murdering Tom, one of the crew's loyal seaman. Vicious slave owner Simon Legree exhibits a remorseless, inhuman cruelty, as he brutally beats Tom after he refuses to whip a fellow slave. His lack of justification is chilling - a testament to his truly villainous qualities. Utterly immoral, and utterly committed to pure capitalism, Minderbender only answers to himself and his god: money. She left the party in 1989, just before the fall of the wall. Perhaps one of the worst events is Cathy's attempt at a primitive abortion using knitting needles.


This is the place she herself got away from, leaving home and family behind. Sony PS4 Official DualShock 4 wireless Controller V2, 8.

1,2 “It’s particularly hard to take being stabbed in the back close to home. Iago, the scoundrel, hates Othello so much that he tricks him into believing that his wife is having an affair with his Lieutenant. She manipulates men by using her promiscuity and sexual identity against them; she accuses two young boys of raping her as well as leading her Latin professor to suicide with her wily ways. But betrayal is a complicated thing in this novel of duplicity. Any account of the first world war can be read as a testament of humanity betrayed. Of course, there’s plenty of source material to choose from when it comes to betrayal; millions of people believe that the son of God was betrayed. Muriel Spark’s Calvinist influence is evident in the story of Miss Jean Brodie, a captivating Edinburgh schoolteacher with an almost godlike authority and fascist leanings.

He hates women and has no friends. Written in 1963, the novel carries strains of film noir, with the lonely, haunted war veteran, feeding on whisky in bleak cityscapes, trying to do right, trying and failing to save the girl he loves. Despite leaving her own barbarian people in order to marry Jason, a Greek, then saving him from a dragon, he has decided to leave her to marry a royal princess. The list would not be complete without a true love rat, and they come no finer than Henry Crawford. Find out something new about the King of horror. Marcus Brutus was an emotionally crippling presence for Julius Caesar during his death, as he considered Brutus one of his closest friends. The sneaky devil plans a vendetta against him, driving Othello to kill his own wife. To have a hero, you need a villain. He's got a hook for a hand, he's a pirate, and he hates Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. There you go.

But while people move past petty schoolyard fights, on a larger scale, betrayal can cause some dire consequences for world history. Think twice before cheating people.

All rights reserved. Break Bond down into its constituent elements and what have you got? British spy Alec Leamas is assigned one last operation before he can be brought in “from the cold”. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch Game, 9. Oh yes, we haven't forgotten. The 10 Most Infamous Betrayals In All Of Mankind’s History. A loathsome villain at his best. Cold and heartless; most definitely one of the most fearsome "children's" baddies ever. Spies are betrayers by profession. Following a plague that has killed most of the population, Flagg tries to reinstate a certain civilisation run on tyranny and brute force, using crucifixion, dismemberment and other instruments of terror to punish those who are disloyal. After the war she found herself in East Germany, where she became a Communist party official.
A cruel sadist who hates children (ideal for a teacher), tortures them in a glass-and-nail-filled cupboard known as "The Chokey" and torments her nicest member of staff, Ms Honey, Trunchbull is a true bully, and a fantastic villain.

His dissociative personality disorder causes him to assume the identity of his mother, Norma, who was the one who murdered Mary. The protagonist's theory of the ubermensch is realised in Svidrigailov; he is the epitome of selfishness. As the writer of her favourite novels, Wilkes' reveals a psychotic obsession for him and his books, taking him hostage, subjecting him to psychological and physical torture and forcing him to write his latest novel how she wants it. I lied to escape, I lied to be loved, I lied for placement and power; I lied to lie. A woman is found dead in Bates' apartment. But we do – we do it all the time.”. Then He Saw What Was Inside. He had a tough start in life, being born with a crippled leg, and given a derogatory nickname by his own mother ("Lungri - the lame one"), but that doesn't excuse Shere Khan becoming the villainous creature that he did.

She poisons her beneficiary and turns her brothel into a sadistic sex den. 5 Teen Serial Killers Who Almost Got Away With Murder. Harry Potter's nemesis and a psychopath with a skull-like face, red eyes and snake-like slits for nostrils, he's unlikely to win any beauty contests: a vile and villainous creature all round. This act is unthinkable today, perhaps, but sadly not unheard of. It was a way of living,” says Alex, who stole the Vander identity as a young man in order to escape deportation by the Nazis. In Dear Life, the title story of her 2012 collection, Munro returns again to the farm “at the end of a long road”. Employing blackmail, fraud and treachery to gain control of the Wickfield Fortune, Heep's character is so ubiquitous that paragons of virtue such as Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson have been compared to him. The dark and evil villain of Ray Bradbury's fantastical classic, Mr Dark specialises in luring vulnerable souls into joining the carnival - something which is nowhere near as fun as it sounds. In his opening speech, Richard III says it himself: "I am determined to prove a villain //And hate the idle pleasures of these days." These poems are personal, full of sorrow and memories of sex, love, and everyday life and deceit. Butler at Darlington Hall, the poised Mr Stevens decides to visit his old colleague of 20 years’ standing, Miss Kenton. The quality of restraint, along with dignity and loyalty, is part of the idea of “greatness” by which Mr Stevens has always lived. City of Angels, published in 2010, the year before she died, is Wolf’s attempt to explain why, from 1959-1963, she informed on fellow writers in East Germany. She claims not to remember anything of her conversations with the Stasi agents. 3. “Loyal dissident”, writer and literary critic Christa Wolf grew up in Nazi Germany and, as a child, was a member of the Bund Deutscher Mädchen, the female version of the Hitler Youth. Betrayal seeps through literature like a dark stain; betrayal of love and friendship, of a vision or an illusion; betrayal of others and of one’s own nature and ambitions. He uncovers layer upon layer of duplicity and betrayal and, in the end, must choose between life and loyalty. Apparently, he's also apparently the only man who Long John Silver ever feared. These are the best horror books to gorge on, the scariest books ever printed. Think twice. He loathes Peter Pan for hacking off his hand and feeding it to a crocodile, as well as for Peter and the Lost Boy's innate moral goodness. But rather than going down Medea’s route of destruction, Olds treats her former husband quite tenderly and eventually comes to cherish her new freedom.

Argos Home 4 Burner Gas BBQ with Side Burner. I'm sure he blames his genes, but it's no excuse Mr. Grendel. Now that's unforgivable. Compared with Medea – with anyone, really – Mr Stevens, the narrator of The Remains of the Day, is restrained. Many guises ... Stephen Rea as Henry Miles (left) and Ralph Fiennes as his treacherous friend Maurice Bendrix in the 1999 film of The End of the Affair. In his 1961 introduction to In Parenthesis (first published in 1937), TS Eliot called this collage of poetry and prose a “work of genius”. He sexually manipulates slaves Cassey and Emmeline, and eventually orders Tom to be whipped to death because of his religion. She then proceeds to go on a truly murderous rampage, with Jason's new spouse, together with his new father-in-law being poisoned. Right Fellas? by Becky Ferreira / October 14, 2013 at 9:30 am Share. Fleming created so many fantastic rogues that it's hard to pick one, but we're going with the devilish Ernst Stavro Blofeld, an evil genius, "number 1" and head of SPECTRE. Not exactly the makings of a President. Strike three.

Munro always writes unflinchingly about life. All rights reserved. A demonic figure from German folklore, put into literature by Marlowe, Mephistopholes is a servant of Lucifer, charged with collecting the souls of the damned.

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