I’ll be using shortened form for this since there’s so many ways you can move things around.

Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts, https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/w/index.php?title=Category:Machinist_Weapon/iLevel_30-39&oldid=210146. This item is a Machinist's Arm and can be equipped at level 73. Reassemble should be used prepull if it gains an extra cast within the encounter or if the main raid buffs are comprised of critical and direct hit buffs. Air Anchor is another powerful GCD used every 16th GCD. To make up for a lost Drill cast, the gains from Wildfire would need to outweigh the 300 potency Drill gain, this happens after the 4 minute Wildfire when the gains reach 360 potency. This ties to the previous notions of gaining extra usages before downtime. Final Fantasy XIV weapons/Machinist's Arm < Final Fantasy XIV weapons. Added notes on Queen usage, tentative opener, more notes on the rotation and skill speed. We rarely have to choose between an extra usage or raid buff alignment with Drill because opening with one will still allow the 2nd one to hit the tail end of the raid buff window while also ensuring the best chances for an extra usage.

You could use it on the 2nd GCD, but we know that delaying it for another one doesn’t cost us a cast and we can hit more raid buffs by using it as the 3rd GCD, so we would use it there.

You can find the Official Forums DPS section here: The most current feedback threads are often pinned in the Balance Discord Machinist channels if you don’t want to make your own or have a hard time finding previous discussions about the problems. © 2020 Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts.

As an example, we’ll go over the general opener with this concept. This plan should only be used in the absence of Ninja because Trick Attack is a much more potent raid buff and getting some of the Queen potency under it is a higher gain.

Air Anchor is one of the main moving parts in the rotation although it’s married quite closely to the Drill timing to allow enough room for Hypercharge windows.

The rotation aligns perfectly at base skill speed with 2.50 GCD.

Due to having a short recast timer of 1.5 seconds and having the additional effect of reducing the cooldown timers of Gauss Round and Ricochet, we want to spam it exclusively during Hypercharge. Having a faster GCD tier can help with squeezing in extra Drills and Air Anchors in tight uptime window such as before E3S Maelstroms. In the event that delaying until a Wildfire window is not possible without losing uses, the best times to use tinctures center around 1 minute intervals when we can land 2 Drills, one of them Reassembled, 1 Air Anchor, 2 Hypercharges and Queen into the duration. The first tier of Eden Savage provides good examples of this. Drill’s damage registers slowly so it should be avoided as the last GCD in Wildfire. Flamethrower ticks once per second and is used as AoE filler move against 2 targets or more when Bioblaster or Auto Crossbow aren’t available. Otherwise it should be delayed until the 6th GCD to catch all possible multipliers.

Changed general purpose opener.

You have no more than 1 Gauss Round and Ricochet charges stored. It is no longer a damage multiplier but instead it unlocks Heat Blast and Auto Crossbow weaponskills. However, this setup can’t overcome the gains from an extra Anchor cast where the battery can also be spent so another setup should be used, even if it costs the gains Anchor would get from being in the buff window. Use Reassemble on Spread Shot or Auto Crossbow against 4 targets or more. Air Anchor should be used within the first 4 GCDs if it gains an extra cast before downtime. It is best paired with every 3rd Drill cast which means it won’t be used on cooldown but rather every 60 seconds to keep it aligned with raid buff windows. Next, try to weave an oGCD between every Heat Blast. The battery gauge is used to summon Automaton Queen (or Rook Autoturret below level 80). Queen mirrors all the buffs except Dragon Sight that the player is affected with in real time so it can be summoned freely to take advantage of raid buffs at any time. The cast should be weaved as late as possible into the GCD cycle to allow for as many as possible Heat Blasts or Auto Crossbows under the effect. Composed of a variety of guns, they are used by machinists. I hope this section has introduced and clarified most of the concepts behind different aspects of optimization.

When paired with Drill or Air Anchor, Reassemble is worth roughly 420 potency and it would make sense to place it into the primary raid buff window. This item is a Machinist's Arm and can be equipped at level 80.

There’s quite a bit of freedom with how you can use your Hypercharge windows but typically you should check for 4 conditions before doing so: Due to the 1.5s GCD during Hypercharge when using Heat Blast or Auto Crossbow, you can only use one oGCD between each GCD. Similarly, late Wildfire opener would come into play in situations where we know that we won’t gain another Drill or Anchor cast when delaying them by 4 GCDs in the opener. With the above plan for Brotherhood, we will be able to summon Queen for it along with the major 120s and 180s buff windows.

Dividing the uptime duration with a cooldown of an ability gives us the number of times we can use the said cast within the phase or encounter. Slight update to Fast Wildfire opener as well to open with Gauss Round + Ricochet as there’s no downside to delaying Barrel Stabilizer. Use Auto Crossbow instead of Heat Blast against 3 targets or more. The comparison between the gains from naked Drills and Reassemble can be done for any party composition to figure out the best place to use Reassemble. First, we can make a note of the fact that it’s almost impossible for Air Anchor to gain enough potency from raid buffs to match the potency of an extra cast where the battery is also spent.

Rotation and gear comparison spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kVv_40wjUkJjEqg_bjYwQqebDMZtKIvXokKDKQ8Ni_o/edit?usp=sharing. The combo is 100% guaranteed so it works like a normal 1>2>3 weaponskill combo now without any of the old random procs. Besides the raw distance between you and the server, your ping can also be affected by routing through heavily congested networks, packet loss and your in game activities. This means you are able to use a more ping friendly Wildfire setup and use all of your Gauss Round and Ricochet charges before Hypercharge but as a trade off you lose a little bit of damage from some raid buffs.

Optimizing gear sets comes down to finding the most efficient stat tiers to hit the highest damage multiplier available. Even if assume the only GCD we lose in the rotation is a heated shot, that is an average loss of 400 potency over 2.5 seconds, so a maximum of 1.25 seconds of clipping you can have with Hypercharges would amount to a 200 potency loss. The golden standard is being able to weave an oGCD between every Heat Blast without clipping your GCDs.

The Heat Blasts themselves are not really an improvement over the heated shots when accounting for the battery we would get from the regular combo, but from raid buff perspective before the battery is spent we gain 200 potency from the base potency difference.

You can even have faster and slower responding instances of the same fight. This can mean deviating from the general priority due to the stats available on gear and some pieces being more efficient than others. If the fight is longer than 12 minutes, there’s another reopener at 12 minutes. This makes Drills a gain of 300 potency over heated gcds and Reassembled Drill roughly 720 potency gain.

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