At first glance, the hull damage was a big surprise.

To prevent any resin runs from adhering, give the exterior surface of the skin around the hole a heavy coat of paste wax, taking care not to get any on the edge or inside the hole. Then move to your right and start another ½ metre section. Two old oars were thrown in, and they will be repaired to use as a decoration in the cabin. Fiberglass lay-up is nothing more than layers of glass fabric saturated with polyester (or epoxy) resin, yet most boatowners imagine a self-applied repair as only slightly more durable than a wet Band-Aid. You are going to bevel the edge of the hole with a 12-to-1 chamfer, so if you repair a 3-inch diameter hole through a 1/2-inch-thick hull from the outside, you end up with about 15 inches (diameter) of surface damage to refinish. Let the first three plies kick, then lay up four additional plies. Geographic listing of wood canoe experts and suppliers: Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (full list) >, Wood Canoe Repair Classes: Scratches and Worn/Rubbed Spots Of course, for an even stronger repair you can also use epoxy, but not if the surface of the repair will be gelcoat. From the keel in a ½ metre section roller horizontal rows and work successive rows down. (You should use epoxy for underwater repairs.). Fiberglass boat repair is easy and inexpensive for the do-it-yourself boater to Copyright 2008-2019, The "good stuff is way to pricey to use on a cheap canoe. I sourced my vinyl gunwales from Stu at Apache Canoes, a friendly knowledgable chap, he makes composite canoes and would be the best person (I can think of) to ask.

I’d be grateful for any guidance. Consequently, grinding is the key to getting a strong repair. any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article? Having a wide support permitted the canoe to be rolled over. knowledge to make high-quality cosmetic and structural fiberglass boat repairs. This kept the mess, including the sanding dust, outside. Have I done permanent damage to the gel coat? The original fiberglass will have traces of mold release on the outer surface and wax surfactant on the inner surface. Then the end caps were secured to the hull using six stainless Never lay up more than four plies at a time or the generated heat may "cook" the resin and weaken it. And the repair is less patch than graft — a new piece of skin indistinguishable from the old. Gunwales contribute to the integrity of the canoe—Davidson calls them the bones of the canoe. Impact damage nearly always results in some associated delamination. This information was key to restore the canoe based on how it was new. Check all the edges and enlarge the hole if you find any additional delamination. After repair, they were painted with white high-gloss spray paint. Oiling Wooden Gunwales – Tips from Mad River Canoe >, Replacing Wood Gunwales – Tips from Northwest Canoe >.

After that initial application, when the canoe gets wet the green color seems to “bleed” off onto anything that rubs against it. Do not confuse MEKP with the common solvent MEK; they are not the same. Interlux Brightsides Polyurethane Paint?What do you all think of Interlux Brightsides Polyurethane Paint? Luckily, fiberglass hulls are EASY to repair to It is also important to use either disposable latex gloves or heavy-duty gloves and safety glasses.

Where ould I look in the Yellow Pages for “canoe painter”?

Remove the backer from the exterior surface. Polyester resin usually requires 1 to 2 percent of hardener by volume (follow the manufacturer's instructions).
Low-end thermoplastic canoes are harder to repair, less durable, and nearly as heavy. The aluminum brackets and stainless steel rivets were reasonably priced and in stock. Hello, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I agree with Andy that expensive paint isn’t worth spending the money on. Northwoods Canoe Company (ME) >, Wood-canvas Canoe Materials: Thanks, Dave. Seal this top layer with plastic or PVA to allow a full cure. Rubbing compound?Marine suppliers are full of rubbing compounds and polishes specifically for oxidized/faded gel coat. With two people in the canoe, it was fast and stable. If you do need to repaint the entire canvas, sanding and proper preparation will keep the canoe from building up too many layers of paint. Skywoods Canoe Company recommends this kind of touch up over painting the whole canvas—that adds weight and can lead to cracking from too much paint. When the outside work was finished, the canoe was rolled over for the inside work. Bench-style wood-cane canoe seats work with any canoe.

Screw or tape the backer to the outer surface. Progressing from coarse (60) to medium (100) to fine (200) is the quickest way to remove the most material. The canoe was marked with number: ZLJ123160477. Sounds like a plan! A second reason to make the repair from the inside is that you can back the hole on the outside with a polished surface, creating a mold that allows you to lay-up the repair the same way the boat was built- … I have acquired a 4.8m long fibreglass Canoe shell (3mm max thickness) and have a project to refit it all out. Wonderful blog you have here but I was curious if you knew of Jigs were made to determine the correct angles and widths of the seat frames. LOL! The seat heights felt good, and there were no leaks! Protect your eyes with goggles and your lungs with a good dust mask. A second reason to make the repair from the inside is that you can back the hole on the outside with a polished surface, creating a mold that allows you to lay-up the repair the same way the boat was built--gelcoat first. The most horrifying hole in a fiberglass hull is quickly healed with a bit of glass fabric, a supply of resin, and equal parts skill and care. Clamp and glue on to the smooth side, need lots of clamps. Unless you have reason to follow a different schedule, begin with two layers of 1 1/2-ounce mat, then alternate mat and 6-ounce cloth. The original seating was wooden seats attached to wood blocking that was fibreglassed into the hull. Tilt the sander so that only one side of the disk is touching the surface and the dust is thrown away from you. sounds fineBut my one thought is don’t buy expensive paint! The first rule of thumb for patching is to make sure that you’re working with dry material. Both end caps were damaged from use. The fiberglass had many large cracks and stress holes. This is a false concern. B&Q sell timber beading which will probably have the right size, and 2m lengths of plastic strip. Pack out using fibreglass tape and resin, ideally you will find tape the same width as the depth of the rebate, but it won't to have a bit wider, or in fact to use several widths to taper the thickness out. Bondo can be used after the resin coats address all the structural issues, but for this project, this step was not performed.

The old Fiberglass canoe will probably hold up better and will be about the same weight. Touch up canvas with paint about once a year, at the end of the season. "better-than-new" quality. Set up in a large enough area for easy access around the entire canoe.

but Dougyou do remind me of Joe Btfsplk at times! There are worse fates.But if there’s a way to injure yourself…, I primed the canoe with high build primer and then sanded. Cut the first layer of mat the full size of the ground depression, then cut subsequent pieces about an inch smaller. There are several Facebook groups for cabin/cottage owners that cover canoeing and kayaking, as well as other outdoor activities and cabin/cottage projects. Painting a gelcoat isn’t as simple as picking out your color and going to town—it’s best to use a one-part polyurethane marine paint, available at most marine stores.

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I got this sweet old canoe for free off of Craigslist with no gunwales, no carry handles and really troubled looking wood plank seats. The eyebolts were replaced with new stainless Last year I tried using Armor All to revive the color, which worked wonders when first applied, but as it dried the color faded once again. dougd. If you use timber, treat with epoxy to stop rot. He and his wife cruise aboard their 30-footer part of the year in the eastern Caribbean. Repairing a Fibreglass Canoe was my husband, Mike’s 1st Cabin Project. After the inside of the canoe was painted the gunnels were cleaned and re-glued using expanding Gorilla glue – good stuff! Stay tuned for an upcoming post showing how we restored a Huron wood canoe that we will be hanging from the ceiling in our log cabin next spring. Use a disk sander loaded with a 36-grit disk to grind a 12-to-1 bevel around the perimeter of the hole inside. A flat gray primer spray paint was used. Don’t despair.

I think there are only gouges and no holes as I don’t see any holes from the inside. Taking care of these things, whether you’re an ambitious do-it-yourselfer or take it to an expert, will give your canoe a long, happy life. Canoe RefinishingI have been in the auto body business for 45 years and paited many composite canoes.

For above-the-waterline repairs you can use either polyester or vinylester resin. Repair it from the inside and you have only a 3-inch hole to refinish. Wash a dog, comb a dog, still a dog.It isn’t worth the time or money. Bench-style wood-cane canoe seats work with any canoe.

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