Anything bad that comes is due to her only. Between their home and the fish store, Razieh manages to lose the money twice, first in an encounter with the snake charmer, and then when she drops the money through the grate at the entrance to a store which has been closed for the New Year celebration. Razieh wants to see what is happening but her mother pulls her daughter away, telling her that it is not good for her to watch these things. This FAQ is empty. Panahi does not gratuitously toy with the audience’s emotions; he avoids close-ups, and several long takes provide an occasional sense that one is watching an observational documentary. After many attempts she and her brother convince their mother to give them her last bit of money.

But the boy does not budge, raising the question of what kind of home life – if any – he has.

Following the 1979 Revolution and the eight-year war with Iraq that began within a year, the film industry suffered along with other sectors of Iranian society.1 With a few exceptions, such as Nader’s The Runner (1986), Beizai’s Bashu, the Little Stranger (1989), and Kiarostami’s Where is the Friend’s House (1987) and Close-Up (1990), the cinema of 1980s Iran was largely unremarkable.

Razieh wants a fat goldfish for the Iranian New Years celebration instead of the skinny ones in her family's pond at home, because the fat fish looks like it's dancing when it swims.

Ali sets off to buy the shampoo and when he returns Razieh enlists his help in changing her mother's mind about the goldfish, bribing him with a balloon. Close.

Theatrical Run After Kino Lorber Strikes Deal. The money, however, is always just out of reach.

While she is cute. He carries all of his balloons on a wooden stick, and has only one balloon, a white one, left. Niaz grows like a grain and blossoms. Rudi Sahebi .

Almost all of the film's major characters are briefly seen in this market scene, though they won't be introduced to the viewer until later. The White Balloon 1995, directed by Jafar Panahi | Film review. Seconds after spotting the money with the help of a kindly, elderly woman who speaks Persian with a foreign accent, a motorcycle rushes by, pushing the bill – already precariously perched on a gutter – into the cellar below. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. After nearly an hour and a half of immersion in Razieh’s obstacle-ridden quest for the desired goldfish, the film does not end with the happy siblings rushing home to be with their family.

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