On the other hand, it was identified that urbanisation was not considered an important factor amongst the interviewees. To define the opportunities and limitations of the Floating Home. Here’s a community of 37 homes near the Maas River dyke, a river which is known for its seasonal flooding. Building A floating house, Showing The Concept Of construction Building a floating house, how does it work shows you how a floating house is constructed. It can be deduced from the data that the original hypothesis of offering social housing is not so robust, where it is more suited to first-time buyers. On the other hand is the maintenance for motors you may never use. In contrast, urbanisation represented the least significant and mentioned theme across all interviews, with the lowest average at 2.54%. The theme of governance produced an average of 14.0% across the entire data set, displayed in Table 4-1, which formed the fourth most prominent theme within the interview data. So far Sandy came and left and we are still here. And not to mention a cold floor in the winter months. A major advantage for the construction of a Floating Home is the application of a modular system. That about prices? The theme was most prominent for Person E (neighbouring land-based property resident) at 37.8%, which also formed the largest percentage in Table 4-1, and least prominent for Person B (property developer) at 14.8%. [Accessed 28 November 2016]. Doing, thinking, feeling home [Online]. Check out eBay’s houseboat auctions page. UrbanRigger.com, 2016. An evident separation and lack of unification between governmental bodies was further stressed by Person F later in the interview. Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer rohmer.nl Photo: Roos Aldershoff. 11 Gate 6 1/2 Rd, Sausalito, CA As each interview varied in length, it is important to emphasise that the percentages in Table 4-1 are expressed as a value of the individual interview data subset, not of the entire data set. Or at least rustic. (2011) cited by Daglio (2014, pp.150-6) emphasised that such strategies can fall under the ‘water sensitive urban design’ umbrella, which reduces the possibility for environmental impacts. Newcastle: RIBA Publishing. http://www.urbangreenbluegrids.com/projects/ijburg-amsterdam-the-netherlands/ [Accessed 14 February 2017]. Since the first time I was traveling in Kalimantan ( Borneo ) in 1973 my mind kept wondering why in other place of Indonesia people do not adopt this method of living , namely floating houses on huge log. Then you add the cost of renting the slip, and I bet insurance is out of sight. Codes were then assigned to these themes. I’m just concerned about the plumbing. Social research methodology: a critical introduction. Findings from the primary research interviews were not synonymous with this idea, where services were marginally mentioned by the participants. If mooring rights are not attainable at the relevant location, the Floating Home cannot permanently reside attached to the adjacent land. The Waterborne House in North Holland by architect Koen Olthuls. and Steenbergen, J.J.M., 2011. London: SAGE. Finally, although Hackney has undergone an extent of gentrification and represented the 11th most deprived local authority district in 2015 (Hackney.gov.uk, 2015), a high concentration of deprivation still exists, as illustrated in Figure 2-3. To tackle the London housing crisis, the solution to build outwards onto water appears as an increasingly viable solution, as countries such as Holland and Denmark have previously succeeded. [Accessed 17 November 2016]. Figure 4‑1: Concepts that emerged from the data, categorised under major themes (Floating Home abbreviated FH). In 1996, the Dutch municipality launched a new land reclamation project, named IJburg, for a group of six artificial islands located on Amsterdam’s IJ Lake, IJmeer (aerial view (left) in Figure 2‑14) (Bemmelen and Steenbergen, 2011). The data revealed seven primary themes and the findings were sorted according to the significance of these themes. I’m Mikio Ito, a Japanese editor. Person A asserted uninformed construction within floodplains; their view is outlined in Table 4-6: Table 4‑6: Flooding theme breakdown for Person A. 3.2.2 Quantitative Research…………………………………………….. 3.3 Secondary Research……………………………………………….. 3.4 Primary Research………………………………………………….. 3.4.1 Primary Case Study………………………………………………. In a typical floating foundation, the plumbing and electrical lines are fastened to the slab by simply running them through the floor as it is poured. Factor Architecten, Ijburg has floating neighbourhoods with docks and jetties instead of roadways. To propose recommendations for future implementation. Wet-Proof Resilient Buildings: a resilient building which operates via a sacrificial ground floor, should a flood event occur. Show us what you’ve got in Florida….

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