There are games for young learners, teenagers and adults. Each student takes a turn writing one sentence to add to the story and passes it on to the next student. Do you know of any classroom games for kids? Whoever ‘It’ points at must talk to ‘It’ in a funny voice, without revealing their name. Take a look here. The games can be used to teach words and review target language. Be very sure you also make it clear which way up the number should be read - for example it is easy to confuse 6 and 9 unless you put a line under them. Get them to fold it in half, four times. Start by showing the simpler image to the class. Start a rhythm (clapping or tapping on your desk). Bang! The four members of the last group standing will pick a corner each and ‘It’ continues to eliminate them all until only one student is left. Action Race: This is a fun game using actions. Free printable resources for ESL KidStuff teachers. And while they learn how to do that, they can have a little fun too, with these games. Classroom games and activities are fun, but they shouldn’t become a distraction from what’s important. Have the students sit in a circle. and the S gets the equal points (4). Ask student A a question (a letter, blend, word, math problem, number, definition, etc.). In the end, unfold the paper to see the resultant picture – we guarantee there will be laughter! The students must remember the items mentioned by the others. There are a lot of reasons why students get distracted: If you notice that students are losing attention for one of these reasons, it is time to think about a fun classroom game. The students then write down as many words beginning with this letter as they can think of. food, weather, transportation, etc. Who doesn’t like to play classroom games? Primary school children love this game. If the drawing is correct then the student rolls a dice for points. Pass: Sit the students with you in a circle.  Teacher holds up an object or flashcard and says its name (e.g. How many teachers are there in the school in this moment? Point and click on objects to use them, pair 2 objects together and create a combo. See disclaimer. The next day, I remove the cards and go through them one at a time and we place them on the correct item together. Split your class into small groups (4-5 students per group). And the game keeps going until you have one winner. Explosion: Give the students a topic and an object to pass around.  Each student has to say a word in that topic (e.g. S/He picks one student, they come to the front of the class. Now tell them to do as you SAY, not as you do, and repeat playing the game - only this time, when you say 'touch your knees' etc, touch your ears instead, or any other part of your body.

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