They did the same thing with me. Do not call Gexa Energy they are scams. Do you think? My account is showing a meter reading of 5 numbers.

They nickel and dime you on every conceivable charges, fees, surcharges, and BS thing that is legally allowed and when you call to ask why you have to pay three different providers (who are NOT green energy producers) when you thought you were getting Green Energy GEXA they all speak Greek to you.

Customers are being overcharged by as much as double without their knowledge. What a total scam. My biggest complaint comes from the fact that they estimated our bill for a year then slapped us with a THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR PLUS bill for the make up. What a total Scam. And they do NOT HONOR THE RATES posted on - they intentionally DECEIVE the public while binding you in a contract. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact Thank You for Your Reply! When I contacted customer service, the lady stated she couldn’t do anything but would have another representative call me. From then on it has decreased a bit by bit and it is at 13.35cents now. I know why too - see I am completely pissed off. Did not inform me about any price increase or plan changes. My electric bill is over $700. Check out "Gexa Energy Savings". This company needs to be investigated & charged with fraud. • NEVER PROVIDED THE NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION of the OBSCURE “SUPERVISOR” who was the only one who could make decisions.

Oct 2008 to March 2009 rates were 19.8cents Get contact details that poster left for the company. To this day we have fighting them about late fees and such because we are doing payments instead of paying all that right away. You're already fleecing me, now you want more? He explained that their prices change every month depending on how much kwh usage you consume. Gexa billed us $360.00 after a disconnect request was acknowledged 7 weeks ago. He kept pointing out that was the plan I had choen and was only able to spot legal jargon when I asked him to explain the charges. let's see... why would they be pushing me toward a fixed contract at a time when prices are freefalling? We are processing your message. 2/23/15 Today I spoke with a customer service representative (male) about signing on with their 6 month contract for electric service. We had to skip a house payment over this. Shady underhanded and manipulative.

When we signed up with them in June or July of 05 we asked for automatic bill deduction. Username and password will be sent to you via email. There resoning - "You should have signed up for a fixed rate term contract". Since they don't notifiy you in any way, it takes about 3-4 months before you notice the gouge and your power is being billed at $0.21 or more per KWH. That gives them another month at the gouging rate. But not a single mile has been added to my account for 5 yrs. I'll bet it has something to do with future profits. For 5 days. Since you have auto pay you miss the date when your contract ends.

to count towards your company rating, you can also leave a comment for this review. Gas did, Gexa Energy did not! The executives of this company should be ashamed of themselves.

I am an affected customer, and an attorney, and am speaking with law firms who handle class actions. All I want is a business that does their job, charges a fair and competitive price, and does not have to be watch dogged to make sure they are not setting up and exploiting you. This ridiculous company hikes rates almost every month. • I was offered a SMALL DISCOUNT AS A “COURTESY” WITHOUT ANY STATEMENT OF THE TRUE INHERENT ERRORS COMPLETED OVER A PERIOD OF 4 MONTHS AND WAS TOLD TO PAY THE FULL BILL ANYWAY because that would take weeks. I have been price gouged by Gexa Energy. (You may have assumed you would be contracted or the rate would be similar at contracts end. Now you can access MyAccount anywhere with this easy to use mobile app. This year, same company, just under $1000.

I called today to inquire about the nature of several charges from TNMP (TX New Mexico Power) on my bill that totalled $32.oo. They are perfectly willing to setup and exploit their customers. They learned how to get rich quick from the University of Enron! A year ago when electricity was much more expensive... Gexa Energy is engaged in deceptive trade practices relating to it's rates. I got gouged by them as well - over $0.21 per KWH last month when natural gas was at a 5 year low!

This is a downright dishonest business practice and should be outlawed. having the same issue. This MUST stop -- it's price gouging and competely unacceptable for a company to get away with. They nearly doubled my electricity rate...during a time when energy supply is up and demand is down. After comparing my bill with a co-workers I have decided NOT to renew my contract when it expires in December 2010. See My Nov bill last year about $445. I got a notice via email my bill was due in 20 days. Preferred solution: I have been disputing charges for over a year and they still appear on my credit report. My meter only has 4 numbers. If you want your response For every additional 100 kwh you use - the price goes up. Since I was on autopay I couldnt do anything until after 2 bills.

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