The flute that the woman holds within the painting adds a romantic element to the artwork, as music was strongly associated to love at the time. Such difficulties are why the painting is currently not placed among the master’s oeuvre but is instead – as they say – attributed to Johannes Vermeer.

Here we only see only a fragment of the tapestry. Johannes Vermeer is a prominent renaissance artist depicting the classic lifestyle of the society at the time. It can be seen in the girl’s face, for example, where the transition between the various parts is indicated by areas of colour.

It would also explain why the depiction seems slightly out-of-focus. Girl with a Flute.

They are the smallest paintings that we know of by the master, and the only two to be painted on panel. Girl with a Flute is only cautiously attributed to Johannes Vermeer. Girl with a Flute was in possession of the family of Pieter van Ruijven and was sold at the 1696 Dissius auction in Amsterdam. The artist had gently painting small motions on the blue fabric to showcase the silk texture of it. This was a popular genre in Dutch Golden Age painting. The general character, appearance, and some of the techniques of this work relate closely to Vermeer’s other works, especially to Girl with the Red Hat.The quality of execution, however, does not match the master’s standards, probably because the image was extensively revised in the seventeenth century. Colour rather than lineAs in most of Vermeer's painting, colour is more important than line in this work. The woman within the painting depicts the same model dressed in the classic style of the time accompanied by a bright red top hat. From National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Flute (ca. The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content. Vermeer showcased the model during the same time that his style of art began to change. The flute offers a calm notion of peace as the melody eluded from the instrument emits a gentle tune. Using the lens in a so-called camera obscura, a painter could project an illuminated image of a composition on a surface. Girl with a Flute is a small painting attributed to the Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer, executed 1665–1670. BackgroundA wall tapestry appears in the background of the painting. The artwork showcases a young girl seated starring directly at the viewer as she holds a flute within her left hand. 1665-70), Oil on panel, 20 × 17.8 cm This painting occupies an important place in Vermeer’s oeuvre, together with Girl with the Red Hat. This exhibition is part of the Google Vermeer Project. The painting was executed between 1665-1670 near the end of the artist's career due to Vermeer's unexpected death. Since the preparatory paint layer and painting style deviate from Vermeer’s other paintings, there are doubts whether this painting was executed entirely by the master himself. In the 19th century the painting was owned by the Van Son family in Brabant. Girl with a Flute is a so-called tronie, a study of a remarkable facial expression or a stock character in costume. Lion’s headThe chair has the same lion’s head finial as the chair in Girl with the Red Hat. It remains unknown who in fact the model is, yet had an altered facial structure than the other woman depicted. Slightly parted lipsThe painting is a so-called tronie, meaning that shows a character or type rather than a specific person. Musical instruments often feature in Vermeer’s paintings, but this is the only time that we see a flute. Buy Vermeer Prints Now from Amazon. The work was probably one of the three tronies with catalogue numbers 38, 39 and 40. It is contested whether the painting can be attributed to Johannes Vermeer. FluteWith her left arm the girl leans on the table in front of her. The reflection of light plays a greater role than the ornament’s form, which is why some experts believe that an optical instrument was used when making this painting. Vermeer was well known for showcasing elaborate clothing throughout his art to add to the work, as evident to the classic yellow dress in A Lady Writing, and the luxurious dress in A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal. Musical instruments often feature in Vermeer’s paintings, but this is the only time that we see a flute. The composition is comparable to Girl with a Red Hat, the only other work Vermeer painted on panel. Girl with a Flute is a small painting attributed to the Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer, executed 1665–1670.The work is in possession of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., just as Woman Holding a Balance, A Lady Writing a Letter and Girl with a Red Hat (also attributed to Vermeer). This explains why the two paintings were once believed to have been conceived as a pair, though their different sizes makes it unlikely. The woman within the painting is the same muse within Vermeer's other art piece, Girl With a Red Hat. However, here it has been implemented to an extreme degree. Unusual hatOn her head, which is slightly tilted to one side, the young woman wears an unusual hat seldom seen in seventeenth-century Dutch paintings. The painting seems to have been extensively revised in the seventeenth century, making its authorship difficult to judge. This is a part of the Wikipedia article used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-SA). Widener donated his extensive and valuable art collection in 1939 to the National Gallery of Art, including this Vermeer painting. The exquisite detail of Vermeer is manifested through the gentle artistry on the teal blue fabric in relation to his brush stroke and design.

The work is in possession of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., just as Woman Holding a Balance, A Lady Writing a Letter and Girl with a Red Hat (also attributed to Vermeer).

Just like Girl with a Red Hat and Girl with a Pearl Earring the model wears a glass, lacquered pearl earring. The full text of the article is here →, {{$parent.$parent.validationModel['duplicate']}}, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, US, 1-{{getCurrentCount()}} out of {{getTotalCount()}}, These small dabs of white have also been applied to the blue fabric, which gives it the appearance of gleaming satin without depicting it in any detail. Tronies were produced for the mass market, not for specific patrons.
The muse is dressed in a teal blue top, accentuated through soft white ruffles along the sleeves and near the neckline of the outfit.

All Rights Reserved. The Girl With a Flute is a transitional painting for the artist as he incorporates a new style into his work. The woman's hat lightly covers her face as her eyes are shaded from the light source above. It may be from the East, where hats were generally made from woven bamboo. They are built up from a thin, translucent layer of grey paint and a dab of white to conveys the reflection of the light. Unlike Girl with the Red Hat, where Vermeer’s monogram appears on the tapestry, this work is unsigned. Just like Vermeer’s most famous tronie, Girl with a Pearl Earring, the sitter’s lips are slightly parted.
It is possible that the reflections of light on the lions’ heads were painted based on such a projected image.

In her hand she holds a flute. Johannes Vermeer is a prominent renaissance artist depicting the classic lifestyle of the society at the time. In 1923 the American art collector Joseph E. Widener bought the painting. As a result, this oil painting is almost reminiscent of a watercolour.

Thanks to the large planes of colour, the background has the air of a modern painting. However, this hat also appears to be covered with a striped grey material. Pearl earringsThe young woman wears two magnificent pearl earrings. Girl with a Flute by Attributed to Johannes VermeerNational Gallery of Art, Washington DC. Her rosy cheeks are showcased, alongside a prominent nose. In her hand she holds a flute. Both depict a young woman wearing an unusual hat and with a tapestry in the background. Flute With her left arm the girl leans on the table in front of her. The ruffles at the sleeves and upper section of the painting are also strategic components that add to the flare of the outfit of the woman. An artist with a similar style to the artistry of Vermeer within Girl With a Flute is artist Gustav Klimt. Gleaming highlightsOn the trim of the girl’s blue jacket Vermeer added small white highlights to create the impression of fur.

Possibly another painter finished the painting after an initial start by Vermeer. The interesting aspect to note within the painting is the triangular hat on the woman's head. Loggy and Alex’s friendship in Miami’s redeveloping Liberty Square is threatened when Loggy learns that Alex is being relocated to another community. Unlike with portraits the models were always anonymous. The woman within he artwork seems to be posing with the instrument instead of the Vermeer catching a glimpse of her life. The woman within the artwork is portrayed in a more modern style, turning away from the realist renaissance portrayal favoured at the time to an Art Nouveau era that became popular 200 years after Vermeer's death. The awkwardly shaped hat was not a popular accessory at the time and had to have been obtained from central Asia. The hat is coloured in a dark colour within thin linear white and blue stripes in an array of sizes. The bluegreen jacket with the fur lining is also used in Woman Holding a Balance and The Concert and is listed as a 'oude groene false mantel met een witte bonte kant' in Vermeer's inventory after his death. Small white brushstrokes convey the plumpness of her lips and a suggestion of teeth. The woman's lips are depicted in a bright red colour catching a glimpse of her teeth. © 2017. Background A wall tapestry appears in the background of the painting.

Tapestries like this are often seen lying on tables in Vermeer’s compositions, only depicted in much greater detail.

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