©2020 Cable News Network. About your height,” he nodded in my direction. He laughed, and we laughed too after a glass or two of wine. Middle-aged tourists were bused in from the all-inclusives in Varadero or the refurbished hotels in Habana Vieja. You can hear it run. Our last night in Havana, we bought tickets to the show at the Tropicana, an outdoor theater in the suburb—open air, under the stars and enormous trees. For Gacio, the performer’s sexual orientation suggests an undercurrent of sadness to his story. In the apartment building next to Gladis Castaneda’s, we met Superman’s actual neighbor: a former pizza chef named Roberto Cabarero, 82 years old, with a heavily stained and stretched muscle shirt, drooping brown pants with the fly wide open, and black socks with holes in the toes. We’d go there tomorrow. According to lore, Superman first had sex with female performers, who were bound to a pole and acting with exaggerated terror, then invited women from the audience to participate. Michael follows this up by talking about Roth's new plan to have him killed, and asks Fredo to go along with it. That’s why they call him Superman.”. It was late January, weeks after President Obama announced normalized relations with Cuba. A thin man with a well-groomed peppery goatee and an earring, Willy agreed to act as our fixer. When we met Prieto in Havana, he told us about an attorney named Frank Ragano who represented many of the mafia elements operating in Cuba in the 1950s. A Cuban documentary filmmaker that Mike and I had met in New York introduced us to his uncle, Willy, who showed us around. There were no known photos of him. Walter White, eat your heart out. Upon arriving at our destination, at Obispo and San Ignacio, in tribute to his hard work and pleasantry, we paid Iván triple his standard fee. The old hotels will host gangster-themed parties and ironic beauty pageants and offer discount stays in the Meyer Lansky Suite. You can also see what the city might become if it opens the door to American tourism too eagerly. “People were afraid. We met historians and musicians and dancers—none of them got us any closer to unraveling the story of Superman. Cabarero spoke as if he were performing a Shakespearean soliloquy, with enthusiastic, swinging hand gestures. My wife and I visited Chinatown on May 19, 2012. . We’d already hit a wall in, Willy rang a buzzer and hollered up to an old apartment with an overhanging balcony. The balcony where drunken tourists watched the performance. Race is a huge part of that question. You can also see what the city might become if it opens the door to American tourism too eagerly. He’s black, his hair grown out somewhat. In it, we find Senator Geary sitting, shocked, with a towel wrapped around his waist. The Godfather Part II ’s NYE scene is sad, scary, and tragic, and though it’s far from a hopeful holiday scene, it's probably the most memorable scene out of the entire three-film series.

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