And Batman knows Joker knows. The character of Harley Quinn was also rumoured to have been involved in the story, and this adaptation was supposed to be the character's daughter, rather than girlfriend, who was seeking revenge on Batman for the death of her father. While Jeremiah may have been insane prior to being sprayed by his brother's toxin, he seemed to show no bias toward Bruce Wayne or Gotham City (even though he could've saved the lives of citizens using information from Jerome's diary). Jeremiah would later state that while the gas caused some cosmetic changes, it had not changed his mentality, meaning that Jerome was possibly telling the truth and he is as insane as his brother, although, due to his newfound arrogance, it could also be a delusional exaggeration, much like his "logic" that he is sane, stating he is completing Jerome's plans in a more "sane" manner. Instead, Jeremiah has very dark green hair, although this makes him similar to the. Perfect (by Jerome)Broski (by Jerome)Boss (by Ecco)Daddy (by Ecco)Pale Imitation of Jerome (by Jim Gordon)Jerome Valeska (disguise)Mr. Valeska (by Bruce Wayne)Mr. J (by Ecco)Puddin' (by Ecco)Mr. Jeremiah (by Alfred)JackJosephJohn, Electrical engineer (formerly)TerroristAnarchistCrime lordSupervillainProfessional criminalLeader of the Cult of Jerome (briefly)Supreme leader of the Church of Jeremiah (formerly)Leader of the Soothsayers (formerly), Mastery of tactics and strategyMaster engineerIncredible acting skillsVoice alterationPhenomenal makeup applicationCombat proficiencyHigh pain toleranceManipulationGunmanshipDurabilityCunningTrickery. [18] However, due to the critical and commercial failure of Batman & Robin, the project was cancelled. Jeremiah Valeska, also known as Xander Wilde and "The Joker" in some promotional media, is a major antagonist in the TV series Gotham, acting as a major antagonist in the fourth season and one of the three main antagonists of the fifth and final season (alongside Nyssa al Ghul and the Penguin), serving as the main antagonist of the finale. Monsters | Tweaker | ", "Episode 261: Special Guest Robert Whul! Dwight Pollard | Jeremiah Valeska, also known as Xander Wilde and "The Joker" in some promotional media, is a major antagonist in the TV series Gotham, acting as a major antagonist in the fourth season and one of the three main antagonists of the fifth and final season (alongside Nyssa al Ghul and the Penguin), serving as the main antagonist of the finale. Basil Karlo | Peter Guber took Burton and Nicholson on a horseback riding excursion in Aspen to get the pair aquatinted and convince him to take the role. After she shot herself in the head to prove her loyalty to him, Jeremiah would have her manipulate the bullet inside her head of get rid of any feelings or sentimentality towards him. Order of St. Dumas | Bridgit Pike | Comment. Grissom's plan fails, as Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon (Pat Hingle) intervenes, as does the masked vigilante, Batman (Michael Keaton). Court of Owls | Father Creel | Gotham Napier was charged with assault with a deadly weapon at age 15. When Ecco was stabbed by Barbara Kean, Jeremiah did slightly react and appeared to be affected by it as he just stared at her for a few seconds with wide eyes and his mouth slightly open. Dr. Marks | Also, this version comes before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. Driven insane by his reflection, Napier - now calling himself "Joker" - kills Grissom and takes over his operations . He wants to burn the old world to create a new one, challenging Bruce with this test. Teenage orphan Bao Pham specifically blames Batman for not preventing the Joker from killing his parents, and generally for failing to prevent chaos in Gotham while making its citizens complacent enough to rely on him. Evil-doer Mr. J Arnold Flass | After a bit of consideration, Batman chose her, leaving the Joker to die in the explosion. Structural engineer for Meyer and Hayes (later employed by Wayne Enterprises, formerly)Electrical engineer (formerly)TerroristAnarchistCrime lordSupervillainProfessional criminalLeader of the Cult of Jerome (briefly)Supreme leader of the Church of Jeremiah (formerly)Leader of the Soothsayers (formerly) Grissom finds out about the affair, and in addition of knowing that Napier is staging a coup, sets him up to be killed by Lt. Max Eckhardt (William Hootkins), a GCPD cop on his payroll, at Axis Chemicals, where he sends Napier under the pretense of destroying incriminating documents. Commissioner Gordon finds Joker's corpse, with an activated laugh-box in his pocket. By Debora Canadè Jun 17, 2020. [8] Jack Nicholson had been the studio's top choice since 1980. [1] His name is a play on the word, Jackanapes. Batman arrives in the Batwing and dispatches of the balloons before Joker shoots the plane out of the sky with a grenade launcher that disguised as a comically-long prank gun, causing it to crash on the steps of the Gotham Cathedral. Therefore, its unknown if he was as vile as Jerome said, or he simply embraced his nature willingly or by force. Dorothy Duncan | Jeremiah claimed that he was “at war” with his true self, heavily implying that he did not want to be like Jerome and tried to resist his temptations. Jonathan Crane | Thus, this reveals he knows his victims' identities and this leads him to realize Batman's. Mutant Leader | When he encounters the city's new vigilante superhero Batman amid surviving the assassination attempt, Napier ends up falling into a vat of acid at Axis Chemicals. Ever since Nicholson's portrayal in the film, the name Jack Napier has been used by various adaptations of the character. Trope | Young Justice, another team book featuring Spoiler and former Robin Tim Drake, and Teen Titans, featuring current Robin Damian Wayne, will close up shop in November. Mario Pepper | Cult of Jerome | He called her his “dear sweet Ecco” and said there will never be one like her, but it is unknown if he really meant what he said to her because after he killed her, he then said that he supposes “there are other fish in the sea.” It is equally possible that due to how insane and evil he has become, he could easily just detach his emotions from Ecco after killing her, though he did immediately smack Barabra across the face with a look of malice on his face, almost as if he was mad at her for stabbing Ecco, which then made him feel like he had to kill her in his twisted mind. But we got our first look at him at the end of Batman #100, and he sure is shiny. [7] John Lithgow met with Burton about the part, but during their discussion attempted to talk the budding director out of casting him, which would be something he would later regret. In Gotham, we get a look at the would-be-Joker's tenure behind bars. However, certain elements of the character's origin were changed, including making him having been a gangster rather than a failed stand-up comedian, and cutting the Red Hood persona from the character. Batgirl, as well as Batman and the Outsiders, a team book featuring Cassandra Cain/Orphan and Duke Thomas/Signal, are both coming to an end this month. Billy Boy | Ivy Pepper | Reeling from the pain, Napier loses his balance and falls into a vat of chemicals. Jeremiah Valeska | Reginald Payne | Powers/Skills Napier is seen to have always been a criminal, having been responsible for the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, rather than Joe Chill, who instead serves as his accomplice. We know that Punchline’s trial is going to be an event of note in upcoming Batman issues, so she’s not going away any time soon. The quote was nominated for the American Film Institute's 100 Movie Quotes list, but did not make the list. Even though she had been hypnotized by Jervis Tetch, he still tried to get through to her to the point where she almost brought him straight to Jerome. [14][15], The character's origin in the film of falling into a vat of chemicals was inspired by the then-recent graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke, written by Alan Moore. Legion of Horribles | having taken away his wealth and his loved ones, the Joker thinks the key to his plan is this zombie. It’s no secret that James Tynion is a fan of the version of the Gotham City of the 1990s and early ’00s. Magpie | It was replaced at the last second with "Batdance". The fate of the joker. Napier survives, but the chemicals turn his skin chalk white, his lips red, and his hair green, while a botched attempt at plastic surgery leaves him with a permanent rictus grin. If the latter is correct, this would make Jeremiah more of a crazy, evil character than Jerome. Ecco | Official previews have already teased the new villain Ghost-Maker, a rival Bruce Wayne met when he was traveling around the world and training to become Batman. At the same time, it is unknown if he locked up Jerome out of spite or because he felt like it was the only way to stop him from harming everyone else. Joker's main goal with this war has been to evolve Batman and Gotham, as he's become bored with them. The Lady | Aubrey James | Professor Pyg | This week, after days of diplomatic work, delegates from around the globe put the final touches on an expansive treaty to put an end to the Joker War, DC’s big summer crossover in the Batman books. Either way, him killing Ecco shows how much Jeremiah has fallen considering that regardless of how he was a good person before he got sprayed or not, he still showed some fondness towards her. Victor Zsasz, Secondary Gotham has offered plenty of refreshing and original portrayals of the infamous Batman rogues, letting out only a few of … Red Hood Gang | Stan Potolsky | Portrayed by Jack Nicholson, the character was based on the iconic supervillain the Joker. The Mutants. Throughout the music videos for the singles released from the album, Prince was dressed as an amalgam of Nicholson's Joker and Keaton's Batman in a persona he titled Gemini. Zaardon, Groups 514A | Joker War didn’t exactly set all all of these characters on the board for fresh moves, but it did make some tweaks. Napier had two chances to escape unharmed, but he squandered them for attempting to kill Gordon and then kills Eckhart. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The identical twin brother of Jerome Valeska, Jeremiah was once a structural engineer who hid his disturbing nature from the public until Jerome died, becoming Jerome's successor. Victor Fries | Batman fires a grappling hook around Joker's leg, tying him to a gargoyle. Origin As part of the Joker’s war, he encouraged average citizens of Gotham to put on joker masks and take advantage of the chaos for their own ends. Ledger died before the film's release, and won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor posthumously. In the oversized issue Batman #100, Batman persevered over the Joker in a metaphorical battle for Gotham’s soul. Soon afterwards, Napier becomes "the Joker" and kills Grissom to takeover the city's gangland underworld and also wage war on Batman. [9][10][11][12][13], As a part of Nicholson's contract, he was allowed to have approval over the makeup designer to create the look of the character. The track, titled "Dance with the Devil", was cut by Prince due to the darker tone of the song not fitting in with the rest of the upbeat songs on the soundtrack. Davis Lamond | You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first. At the climax of Batman #300, Harley Quinn (who is, to be fair, the queen of finally ending your relationship with the Joker) decided that she was going to try to force Batman finally stop his endless rivalry. Joker taunts the two of them as a helicopter piloted by his henchmen arrives to take him to safety. [32][33][34][35], The character's quote "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" It is possible that Jeremiah's stories about Jerome being a psychotic person as a child are fictional and purely a ploy to get sympathy from those around him. Jon Peters approached Nicholson as far back as 1986, during filming of The Witches of Eastwick.

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