The director has partially collapsed to starboard. [32], As a result of battle damage and casualties, Langsdorff decided to put into Montevideo, where repairs could be effected and the wounded men could be evacuated from the ship. A great port beam shot of her. Exeter was no longer able to fight and marched the long distance back to the Falklands, while the likewise damaged Admiral Graf Spee was shadowed by Ajax and Achilles on her way to Montevideo. Also, on Ajax two turrets were out of action in the meantime and Commodore Harwood decided to abort the battle until night to try it with torpedoes.

18 kilometers). [10], Following the outbreak of war between Germany and the Allies in September 1939, Adolf Hitler ordered the German Navy to begin commerce raiding against Allied merchant traffic.
Courtesy of the U.S. Navy Art Collection, Washington, DC. HMS Exeter (68) was sunk during the Second Battle of the Java Sea, 1 March 1942 and her wreck has been destroyed by illegal salvagers.

Of Graf Spee’s foes at the River Plate, HMNZS Achilles‘ Y-turret was preserved when (as the Indian cruiser INS Delhi) she was scrapped at the end of the 1970s, and since the mid-1990s has been sitting outside HMNZS Philomel (a Royal New Zealand Navy shore station) at Devonport, Auckland. This included misinformation that the battlecruiser Renown was offshore when, in fact, she was not. Armed with six 28 cm (11 in) guns in two triple gun turrets, Admiral Graf Spee and her sisters were designed to outgun any cruiser fast enough to catch them. At a cruising speed of 18.69 knots (34.61 km/h; 21.51 mph), the ship had a range of 16,300 nautical miles (30,200 km; 18,800 mi). Her keel was laid on 1 October 1932,[7] under construction number 125. On July 26, 2006 the crew of the Polish Navy’s survey ship ORP Arctowski commenced inspection of the wreckage to confirm its identity, and the following day the Polish Navy confirmed that the wreckage was indeed that of Graf Zeppelin. The ink is then replenished and Geoff writes an account of the scuttling of ‘The Graf Spee’. While all four ships involved were damaged, they were all still afloat at the end of the engagement with 36 of the Graf Spee‘s complement killed and the Royal Navy consigning 72 of their own to the sea at the end of the day. [31] At around 07:00, Exeter returned to the engagement, firing from her stern turret. [9], Admiral Graf Spee spent the first three months of her career conducting extensive sea trials to ready the ship for service. Even before the outbreak of WW2, 21 U-boats and the pocket-battleships Admiral Graf Spee and Deutschland had sailed into the Atlantic Ocean to wait for a conflict with Great Britain and France in this large sea area. On the way back she met the supply ship Altmark, on which she transferred the prisoners of the captured merchant ships and took over fuel. [2] Radar consisted of a FMG G(gO) "Seetakt" set;[5][a] Admiral Graf Spee was the first German warship to be equipped with radar equipment.
[18] Force G, commanded by Commodore Henry Harwood and assigned to the east coast of South America, comprised the cruisers Cumberland and Exeter.

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