All the rage these days in home building is the addition of a safe room--or a walk-in vault that has a secure door and no windows. ​You might just be content with some gun cabinets, racks, and ammo storage. You must also check that the design of your safe room doesn’t violate your insurance policies. This is where you have to make sure your location can handle the weight of what you have planned. Others choose not to do any of this.

A vault door can have an electric lock or combination lock, which is quite necessary and adds extra protection to your gun safe room. Consider how it will be laid out inside. The barrel rack can be used to extend the storage capacity of your gun safe as it adds an extra line of notches to hold six extra guns upright.

Security can be easier with a properly constructed gun room with a vault door.

You could even double down on the security and install a gun safe inside as well, which would make theft all but impossible. Run your utilities and frame in the room to be done. Lastly, your budget and a realistic threat assessment should be part of your planning.

The very first is the amount of space you’ll need to properly store your guns. What do you plan to do with it, and how big do you need or want it to be? You’ve decided if you need any building permits and if you need a professional contractor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When installing a vault door, you’ll also likely be reinforcing the door frame. It has been exclusively designed for Browning safes, so that might be a drawback for some. This wall mounting kit from SecureIt presents a smart way of storing long guns. A room or basement you can convert is the first thing. This adds a “cool” factor to your room but reduces security to how well you can keep a secret. Carpeting, comfortable furniture, home electronics, plus of course their guns and their ammos such. These are just a few reasons why you’ll want this space. Valuable documents, precious metals, and jewelry could all be stored.

Having your own hidden room for gun safes is the stuff of movies. You may have to rebuild non load-bearing walls and door frames. To protect your collection, Vault Doors feature high-end security, fire insulation and the flawless finish that Browning ProSteel safes are regarded for, and they are available in a variety of finishes to match the interior of your home. Consider a phone line or internet data connection.

It can be a simple room just containing your weapons, gear, and gun safes, or it can be the size of a lavish king-sized bedroom, with all the comfort and safety measures. For going all out, you’ll need to get wiring, plumbing, climate control systems, and such all lined up, too.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'keepgunssafe_com-banner-1','ezslot_4',107,'0','0'])); You’ll probably want to have your room well ventilated to avoid moisture and also able to be kept at a comfortable temperature year round. Consider a fireproof filing cabinet for documents, or a bookshelf if you have lots of material in binders or small document boxes. A good quality gun safe dehumidifier will be great for this. It is also good to have a survival kit safely stored in this room. It’s time to get started. When you are ready to build your room, you’ll need some supplies. Building a Custom Reloading Bench for Your Gun Room, DIY Tips for Building Gun Rooms & Home Armories. In this article, we’ll show you how to build a gun safe room in your home.

Contractors might talk, or inadvertently hire an unscrupulous person on the job, making it possible to target your home before the room is finished. Additionally, such a room can also be used as a study or small workplace for good reasons. Having a good vault-door is the best choice since it is more secure. You’ll probably want a second small safe for important papers and the like in there. For example, suppose you have a 4 foot square closet. It depends on your level of preparedness and what you think is best. You can have a toilet, a sink, an internet or phone line, proper ventilation/air conditioning, proper medical supplies, some canned food, a mattress, and a fire extinguisher. 1261 closer, Door Access Control System Kit +280KG Magnetic Lock +Remote Control from eBay.

Arguably the most important part is the door. Are you going to use it for document storage as well, or just for gun storage? Aside from guns and ammo, the sky is really the limit on what to put in there. A room for gun safes isn’t just any room and should be laid out accordingly. If you buy something through a link in our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. Is all your construction legal, so that if you sell your house, the room is an asset and not a liability? By now, you’ve figured out where you are going to put the safe room. This kit holds rifles and shotguns with or without scopes. Similarly, most states have laws which make the use of gun safes mandatory for the possession of firearms. Suppose we look at one of the largest gun safe, such as the Fort Knox Guardian 7261 Vault. Before you even start building a gun safe room, there are certain things you must keep in mind. Why not put in a couple comfy chairs, and a bookshelf or TV? But please note that you require a skilled contractor to build and install this door properly. Are you reinforcing the inside with brick or sheet metal, and if so, can your structure handle the load?

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