La Première Guerre mondiale fait rage depuis trois ans déjà. Il deviendra plus tard une commission des pensions responsable de distribuer des fonds aux bénéficiaires handicapés. [142] A reconstruction committee under Colonel Robert Low constructed 832 new housing units, which were furnished by the Massachusetts-Halifax Relief Fund. [32] Ships were restricted to a speed of 5 knots (9.3 km/h; 5.8 mph) within the harbour.

[1] The blast was the largest human-made explosion at the time,[2] releasing the equivalent energy of roughly 2.9 kilotons of TNT (12 TJ).[3].

Trucks and wagons soon began to arrive with bodies.

[112], A mortuary committee chaired by Alderman R. B. Coldwell was quickly formed at Halifax City Hall on the morning of the disaster. All available troops were called in from harbour fortifications and barracks to the North End to rescue survivors and provide transport to the city's hospitals, including the two army hospitals in the city. Mackey was discharged on a writ of habeas corpus and the charges dropped. [51][50] A growing number of Halifax citizens gathered on the street or stood at the windows of their homes or businesses to watch the spectacular fire. [17] Convoys carried men, animals, and supplies to the European theatre of war. Le Mont-Blanc, en provenance de New York où il avait chargé des munitions, arrivait à Halifax afin de joindre un convoi pour traverser l'Atlantique. Surrounded by thick black smoke, and fearing she would explode almost immediately, the captain ordered the crew to abandon ship.

Le choc fait voler en éclats des fenêtres à Truro, situé à quelque 100 km de là, et est entendu jusque sur l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard. Crowds gathered around to watch the fire from the initial collision. Pendant ce temps, la carcasse en flammes du Mont-Blanc dérive lentement vers le quai n°6, sur la rive d’Halifax, une zone passante pleine de résidences, de commerces et de navires amarrés où se trouvent également une importante raffinerie de sucre et le Collège militaire royal du Canada. [146][128] The first of these homes was occupied by March 1919. [26] The ship arrived in Halifax on 3 December for neutral inspection and spent two days in Bedford Basin awaiting refuelling supplies. [173], Coordinates: 44°40′09″N 63°35′47″W / 44.66917°N 63.59639°W / 44.66917; -63.59639, This article is about the disaster. [52] The frantic crew of Mont-Blanc shouted from their two lifeboats to some of the other vessels that their ship was about to explode, but they could not be heard above the noise and confusion. Windows were shattered and many buildings were damaged or destroyed, including the Oland Brewery and parts of the Starr Manufacturing Company. Presque 2000 personnes perdent la vie, 9000 sont mutilés ou deviennent aveugles, et plus de 25 000 personnes se retrouvent à la rue. [60] Mont-Blanc's forward 90-mm gun landed approximately 5.6 kilometres (3.5 mi) north of the explosion site near Albro Lake in Dartmouth with its barrel melted away, and the shank of Mont-Blanc's anchor, weighing half a ton, landed 3.2 kilometres (2.0 mi) south at Armdale. Several variations of the message have been reported, among them this from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: "Hold up the train. [110][111] The city's industrial sector was in large part gone, with many workers among the casualties and the dockyard heavily damaged. [153] The lack of coordinated pediatric care in such a disaster was also noted by William Ladd, a surgeon from Boston who had arrived to help. [69] Stoves and lamps overturned by the force of the blast sparked fires throughout Halifax,[70] particularly in the North End, where entire city blocks were caught up in the inferno, trapping residents inside their houses.

After the explosion, the Halifax Relief Commission approached the reconstruction of Richmond as an opportunity to improve and modernize the city's North End. Stevens survived the war and married Alma Kerr in Ontario in 1919. En 1919, les conclusions de l’enquête font l’objet d’un appel devant la Cour suprême du Canada, qui déclare que le Mont-Blanc et l’Imo sont tous deux également coupables, un verdict soutenu par le Comité judiciaire du Conseil privé, à Londres, qui est à l’époque la plus haute cour d’appel pour le Canada.

[70] A US Coast Guard cutter, USRC Morrill, also sent a rescue party ashore. 1 hold of Mont Blanc, on her starboard side. [70] A US Coast Guard cutter, USRC Morrill, also sent a rescue party ashore.

Les Haligoniens en colère exigent des réponses à la suite de la tragédie et veulent voir désigner des responsables.

Drysdale also oversaw the first civil litigation trial, in which the owners of the two ships sought damages from each other. Hors explosions atomiques d'Hiroshima et Nagasaki, elle est toujours aujourd'hui celle ayant fait le plus de dégâts et celle d'origine accidentelle ayant fait le plus de victimes (le record de l'explosion accidentelle la plus forte, estimée à 10 kilotonnes d'équivalent TNT, est détenu par l'explosion le 3 juillet 1969 de la seconde version du lanceur lunaire N-1 soviétique qui retomba sur son pas de tir et le détruisit totalement, mais sans faire de victimes). Le Mont-Blanc prit feu et explosa vingt minutes plus tard, tuant 2 000 personnes et en blessan… [157] The sculpture was dismantled by the Halifax Regional Municipality in 2004 and largely destroyed while in storage. Malgré la destruction de sa maison et de son quartier, elle attribue sa survie au fait qu’elle tient une bible et un livre de cantiques chrétiens dans ses mains lors de l’explosion, alors qu’elle prétend jouer aux cours de catéchisme du dimanche avec ses poupées. The track had become impassable after Rockingham, on the western edge of Bedford Basin.

Only after a few minutes, when the smoke had cleared, could they see what had happened: a collision between two ships. [12] This dockyard later became the command centre of the Royal Canadian Navy upon its founding in 1910. [111] A precise Mi'kmaq death toll is unknown; records show that nine bodies were recovered, and the settlement was not rebuilt in the wake of the disaster. Des campagnes de financement spéciales servent à recueillir de l’argent pour Halifax, organisées par les villes, les communautés et les gouvernements à travers le monde, jusqu’en Australie, où le gouvernement fédéral donne 250 000 $. A moving exhibit on the Explosion, "Halifax Wrecked," can be seen at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Lower Water Street. The overnight train from Saint John was just approaching the city when hit by the blast but was only slightly damaged. The crew cleaned themselves and fell in line at 9 a.m., minutes before the explosion.

Dartmouth lies on the east shore of Halifax Harbour, and Halifax is on the west shore. Pendant qu'il brûlait, d'autres navires tentèrent de lui venir en aide, et des spectateurs s'assemblèrent sur le rivage. [123] The Halifax Remembrance Book lists 16 members of the Tufts Cove Community as dead; not all the dead listed as in Tufts Cove were Indigenous. [45] He first spotted Imo when she was about 0.75 miles (1.21 km) away and became concerned as her path appeared to be heading towards his ship's starboard side, as if to cut him off.

Améliorez sa vérifiabilité en les associant par des références à l'aide d'appels de notes. [80][81][82][83] A flood of victims soon began to arrive at the city's hospitals, which were quickly overwhelmed. Puisque les entrepreneurs de pompes funèbres de la ville sont submergés par le nombre des morts, l’école de Chebucto Road, située juste en dehors de la zone dévastée, sert de morgue. [30] She intended to join a slow convoy gathering in Bedford Basin readying to depart for Europe but was too late to enter the harbour before the nets were raised. Le 4 février 1918, Arthur Drysdale, le juge néo-écossais qui préside l’enquête, déclare le Mont-Blanc entièrement coupable du désastre. "The first thud shook the ship from stem to stern and the second one seemed to spin us all around.".

[41] Mont-Blanc headed towards Bedford Basin on the Dartmouth side of the harbour.

They were approached by a whaler from HMS Highflyer and later a steam pinnace belonging to HMCS Niobe. Almost 100 people were estimated to have died on the Dartmouth side.

[50] The damage to Mont Blanc was not severe, but barrels of deck cargo toppled and broke open. Ainsi, la trajectoire du Imo oblige les vaisseaux qui le croisent à passer à sa droite, donc à tribord, et non à sa gauche (ou à bâbord), ce qui est d’usage. Firefighter Billy Wells, who was thrown away from the explosion and had his clothes torn from his body, described the devastation survivors faced: "The sight was awful, with people hanging out of windows dead. Beaucoup des blessures furent handicapantes à vie, bien des gens étant rendus partiellement aveugles par les éclats de verre. [164], Hugh MacLennan's novel Barometer Rising (1941) is set in Halifax at the time of the explosion and includes a carefully researched description of its impact on the city. [41][38][46] The captain ordered Mont-Blanc to halt her engines and angle slightly to starboard, closer to the Dartmouth side of the Narrows. [19], The success of German U-boat attacks on ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean led the Allies to institute a convoy system to reduce losses while transporting goods and soldiers to Europe.

He returned to his post alone and continued to send out urgent telegraph messages to stop the train.

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