The value of the exponent n depends on the type of process resultthat must be duplicated, since different process results scale up differently. To form 1 lb of 30 wt% suspension, 0.3 lb solids must be added to 0.7 lb liquid. Calculate ha. Check Pages 401 - 450 of Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations in the flip PDF version. 2. If the large tank diameter is 10 times as large as the small tank, then the impeller diameter should be 10(4 in) = 40 in for the large tank. Determine Rev and ReL . Calculate the amount of heat transferred. Therefore, h = 0.21 602(4.18 × 108)0.3953 1/3 0.722 . Calculate G E and Di G E/µ.

If tube loadings below the terminal loading are attempted, the film willbreak and form rivulets.

7.17. Compare heat-transfer coefficients. Click Download or Read Online Button to get Access Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations, Fourth Edition ebook. If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. The remaining 6000 − 414 = 5586 gal will fill the vertical-wall portion of the tank at a rate of 48.9 gal/in, for a total liquid depth of (5586 gal)/(48.9 gal/in) + 16 in = 130 in (3.3 m). The testing should determine the intensity of agitation necessary to obtain the desired level of suspension uniformity. calculations 2nd ed pdf ebooks read handbook of environmental engineering calculations 2nd ed pdf books the only hands handbook of chemical engineering calculations book read reviews from worlds Jun 19, 2020 Contributor By : Robert Ludlum Publishing PDF ID 16327f67

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(Big Nate Activity Book) PDF eBook Big Nate: Fun... Read Online L.A. The liquid has a density of 0.89(8.337 lb water/gal) = 7.42 lb/gal.

Heat-transfer coefficients for falling films can also be predicted from Fig. ha Di /k = 5.03(cµ/k)1/3(DG E /µ)1/3 when ReL is less than 5000 or Rev less than 20,000.In these equations, ReL = DG L /µ, Rev = (DGv/µ)(ρL /ρv)1/2, and G E = G L + Gv(ρL /ρv)1/2,where h = heat-transfer coefficient ρL = liquid density ρv = vapor density g = gravitational constant k = liquid thermal conductivity µ = liquid viscosity L = tube length n = number of tubes W = condensate flow rate G E = equivalent mass velocity G L = liquid mass velocity assuming only liquid is flowing Gv = vapor mass velocity assuming only vapor is flowing Di = inside tube diameter c = liquid specific heat ReL = liquid Reynolds number Rev = vapor Reynolds number, defined above Calculate the heat-transfer coefficient using both mechanisms and select the higher value calculatedas the effective heat-transfer coefficient hL . Determine the thermal effectiveness.

Since Rev is less than 20,000 and ReL greater than 5000, ha = 5.03(k/Di )(cµ/ k)1/3(Di G E /µ)1/3 = 5.03[0.08/(0.62/12)]1.1979(16,609.4)1/3 = 238.0 Btu/(h)(ft2)(◦F) [1353 W/(m2)(K)]5. No good methods are available for calculating heat-transfer coefficients when appreciable sub-cooling of the condensate is required. Since the four upstream increments each condensed 14 lb/h, WL5 = 14(4 + 5)/2 = 63 lb/h and Wv5 = 126 − 63 = 63 lb/h.b.

See Example 7.23, step 4.

For the stratified-flow assumption, the further assumptionis made that the rate of condensation on the stratified layer of liquid running along the bottom of thetube is negligible. Use the formula, Q = wc(t2 − t1)where Q = heat rate w = flow rate for fluid being heated c = specific heat for fluid being heated. Thus, Rev = Di Gv(ρL /ρv)1/2 = (0.62/12)401,348.1 µ 0.25 = 82,945.3 ReL = Di G L = (0.62/12)3338.8 µ 0.25 = 690.0d.

The mass velocity G will be doubled because the exchanger is to be converted to two passes on the tube side. Calculate hc, the condensing coefficient if stratified flow is assumed. The actual calculations are shown for onlythree increments—the first, the middle, and the last. With data about impeller diameter and agitator speed in a small tank, it should be possible to scale up performance to the large-scale tank. The preceding equation for hc assumes acertain condensate level on the bottom of the tube. These are the terminal Reynolds number (4 /µ), the Prandtl number(cµ/k) of the condensed phase, and a dimensionless group designated Ad and defined as follows: Ad = 0.250µ1L.173µ0v.16 g2/3 Di2ρL0.553ρv0.78In these equations, = W/(nπ Di )where W = mass flow rate n = number of tubes Di = inside tube diameter ρL = liquid density ρv = vapor density g = gravitational constant µL = liquid viscosity µo = vapor viscosityThe Reynolds and Prandtl numbers are related to the condensing coefficient in Fig.

Similarly, the blade width for the impeller should be 10(0.8 in) = 8 in for a four-blade impeller. Since = W/(nπ Di ) = 50/[1.0π (0.62/12)] = 308 lb/(h)(ft), 4 /µ = 4(308)/0.72 = 1711.3.3.

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