In May 1941, Greenberg was the first major league baseball drafted and called-up for WWII service. He served with the Army for 3 months, and returned to Detroit to prepare for the 1942 season. That year he tied for the league lead in walks, with 104. It is impossible to square this foreseeable outcome with Spitzer’s claim to be protecting the public from corporate malefactors as the self-promoting “Sherriff of Wall Street.”. In total, Greenberg’s military career lasted about 50 months, at the height of his baseball career. Greenberg, who is a member of the board of the Center for the National Interest, has devoted his life to defending the American freedoms represented by the courtroom, not only as a trained lawyer and corporate titan who built American International Group (AIG), but also through his service in World War II: he was awarded the French Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur in June 2014, the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Before filing Greenberg’s case, for example, he lodged accusations on ABC’s Sunday morning political talk show, This Week, violating rules barring prosecutors from prejudicial public comment on pending investigations. Years ago he settled a federal case arising from exactly the same facts as the New York prosecutors are tenaciously pursuing. Major-league players had returned from military service before. The downtown New York courtroom where 91-year old Maurice R. (“Hank”) Greenberg began testifying this week has all the hallmarks of legal majesty: a …
Greenberg hit .301 in his rookie season with the Tigers. His career was interrupted twice for military service as a pilot — World War II, 1942-46 and the Korean War, 1952-53. Those monsters went off, one after the other, with clock-work precision. ... Hank Greenberg, Army . Yes, I would like to receive emails from Act of Valor Award. Greenberg was the first Jewish superstar in American team sports. Lately though, I find myself wanting to be remembered not only as a great ballplayer, but even more as a great Jewish ballplayer.”, While Hank Greenberg may be remembered for his baseball career more than his military contributions, there is no question about the pride that he held for his faith and his country.
At the press conference announcing this decision, Greenberg stated without hesitation, “I’m going back in. He played in Major League Baseball (MLB), primarily for the Detroit Tigers as a first baseman in the 1930s and 1940s. In 1947, Greenberg signed a contract with a $30,000 raise to a record $85,000 before being sold to the Pittsburgh Pirates where he played his final MLB season that year. Unless the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes, at this point, he faces a form of double jeopardy. Maurice Raymond "Hank" Greenberg (born May 4, 1925) is an American business executive and former chairman and chief executive officer of American International Group (AIG), which was the world's 18th largest public company and the largest insurance and financial services corporation in history.. I have not been called back, I am going back of my own accord.”. Greenberg was the first major league player to hit 25 or more home runs in a season in each league, and remains the AL record-holder for most RBIs in a single season by a right-handed batter (183 in 1937, a 154-game schedule). This doubtless means I am finished with baseball and it would be silly for me to say I do not leave it without a pang. He was 2nd in slugging percentage (.604) and total bases (316), behind Ted Williams. But no major-league hitter had spent as long away from the game as had the Tigers’ slugging hero, Hank Greenberg. Greenberg was born on January 1, 1911 to an Orthodox family that spoke both English and Yiddish at home. “Then we spotted one fellow in trouble. At the time, AIG commanded assets of $800 billion and earned $10 billion annually. So Greenberg and Smith have requested the U.S. Supreme Court to review the issue, and their petition is pending, even as the trial is underway in lower Manhattan. But all of us are confronted with a terrible task – the defense of our country and the fight for our lives.”. In the courtroom this week are millions of pages of documents that scores of lawyers have spent tens of thousands of hours scouring for more than a decade. Another problem with the trial is that the only remaining claims—just two—are both trivial and technical. Spitzer also went after Greenberg’s friends and family.

He graduated from Officer Candidate School at Miami Beach, Florida, and was commissioned as a first lieutenant and was assigned to the Army Air Force physical education program. When Greenberg was playing for the Detroit Tigers in 1938, he was 2 homeruns shy of breaking Babe Ruth’s season record. Sporting News/Getty Images ... Spahn saw live combat at the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded a Purple Heart for his service. Before his death in 1986, Greenberg said in an interview, “It’s a strange thing. Greenberg was initially brought into military service in May 1941, only to be honorably discharged on Dec. 5 of that year, a mere two days before the attacks at Pearl Harbor. The War Bond All-Stars won 5 to 2. Greenberg’s lawyer objected to its admission as hearsay—really double hearsay given a third-party communication reporting on a communication. The downtown New York courtroom where 91-year old Maurice R. (“Hank”) Greenberg began testifying this week has all the hallmarks of legal majesty: a robed judge, The Honorable Charles E. Ramos, seated behind an elevated bench; a uniformed bailiff bellowing “all rise” upon the judge’s entrance; the American flag; IN GOD WE TRUST on the wall soaring 20-feet high. The other transaction was intended to reclassify $200 million of insurance losses of a small AIG auto-warranty unit as investment losses—an arcane maneuver apparently done to mediate internal rivalry among AIG’s famously competitive managers. As we were running, there was a blast when the gas tanks blew and we were only about 30 yards away when a bomb went off. Without the benefit of spring training, Greenberg returned to Detroit’s starting line-up on July 1, 1945, before a crowd of 47,729 and homered against the Athletics in the eighth inning. Asked in February 1943, what he thought was in store for baseball in the coming season, Greenberg replied: “Physical training for air corps men is my business now and I don’t have time to follow baseball close enough to make any predictions. In 1946 he led the league with 44 home runs and 127 RBIs. He had a .408 on base percentage, and was also eighth in the league in home runs and tenth in slugging percentage. By February 1944, Captain Hank Greenberg was a student at the Army’s school for special services at Washington and Lee University. But on December 5, 1941, he was honorably discharged after Congress released men aged 28 years and older from service. Henry Benjamin “Hank” Greenberg (born Hyman Greenberg; January 1, 1911 – September 4, 1986), nicknamed “Hammerin’ Hank“, “Hankus Pankus” or “The Hebrew Hammer“, was an American professional baseball player and team executive. We are open to visitors M-F 9-5! In 1938, Greenberg’s 58 home runs was just two shy of Babe Ruth’s record. He chose not to play in an important 1934 game because it took place on Yom Kippur, and proved to be an inspiration and role model for Jewish baseball fans across the country. Greenberg was assigned as an anti-tank gunner and went on maneuvers in Tennessee.

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