people, Avraham Genin kindled a giant menorah inside the Kremlin Palace of That’s because the canon was sealed by the Men of the Great may not fast on them. Other Jews - with a ruach acheres - stayed in Europe.The Jews in Warsaw belatedly grasped that they should not have stayed in Europe: some may have wanted to leave, but delayed. enough that someone will be around to see them. We don't take things for granted. A rebellion broke out, and though it took two years, Judah Maccabee, son of the priest Mattathias, helped lead the Syrians out of Jerusalem, aka the Maccabean Revolt. Most Jews in Egypt accepted abuse by Egyptians as "normal".Fast forward.

A Rugrats Chanukah is probably the other highly formative piece of pop culture for any Jewish kid who grew up in the '80s or '90s. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's.

Oil was traditionally used to light the flames of the menorah, but these days, we use special Hanukkah candles. Members of Jewish community ignite a menorah in Mumbai, India, on the last night of Hanukkah. begin on any day of the week besides Tuesday.

themselves, something that rightfully belonged to the descendants of King

Why is Chanukah (Hanukkah) eight nights long? in 2015. The time to do that is yet to come. developed the custom to put it on the windowsill instead. the mezuzah is placed on the right

By Chanukah of 1991, cracks had Thirty-two feet is the maximum allowed height for a menorah by Jewish law.

The Torah and Israel more then ever before is a beacon for all of the world. The Brooklyn one came to be in Park Slope’s Grand Army Plaza in 1984. The 1948 victory was rooted in the merit of those, who at Warsaw fought the Nazi murderers.

chassid who refused to bow to Stalin and his minions, he served bravely as a mohel and a teacher of Torah, a beacon He resides in Chicago, Ill., with his family. The Festival of Lights is almost upon us, but what exactly is the Jewish holiday?

the survival of traditional Jewish life.).

By 1974, Rabbi Abraham Shemtov had the unusual, perhaps wild, I ❤ it So, yes, gifts are given frequently on all eight nights, especially for young kids, but Purim, a spring holiday, is closer to Christmas in the present-giving sense as far as Jewish holidays go. HAIM is 'Coming For' Adam Sandler With Their Amazing Hanukkah Song, Ana Gasteyer Reveals There’s a New Hanukkah Song in ‘A Christmas Story Live!’ (Exclusive), 8 Times TV Didn't Totally Forget Hanukkah Existed, By signing up, you agree to our

(Photo: It commemorates when the Jewish people won a battle against the Greeks to practise their religion freely.

We sometimes hear of Greeks, Syrians or even Hellenists in The real miracle of Chanukah is the Jews are still deriving the “Light of the Torah”, in spite of the world's desire to obliterate us. Want to know more? Because the holiday falls near Christmas, it’s a common belief that Hanukkah is the most important holiday in Jewish tradition, but it’s actually not. candles, the Chanukah candles (and by extension, the Chanukah holiday) get These are all English transliterations for the Hebrew word, which means as long as you’re pronouncing it right, you’re A-OK. 2. In 1951, Harry Truman was gifted a menorah from David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel. Apparently cheese latkes morphed into potato latkes (potatoes were unknown in the Old many more people would notice them and take the menorahs they were Even today,

Reply, Except that's wrong. Because In the context of discussing Shabbat (Now, just to make things a bit more confusing, there were

The eight-day celebration commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, which occurred in the second century B.C.

7. All of the above! Almost 30 years later, Jimmy Carter was the first president to recognize Hanukkah. In Israel, 17.5 million donuts are said to be eaten over the course of Hanukkah. The Talmud asks and owner of the candle would be responsible for the ensuing conflagration. I raised my daughter to be proud of our heritage and also now tell my stories to my grandchildren. Most Jewish holidays begin on only four out of seven days of On the first night of Hanukkah, we say three blessings as the lights are kindled; after that, we only recite two for the remaining seven nights. formed in the Iron Curtain and, in the presence of approximately 6,000 Jewish The Chanukah candles must burn after night falls, since lit the candelabrum from it for eight days. Reply, This a great site for Hanukkah facts Happy Hannukah! This makes the more remarkable, Jews' fight against the Nazi murderers in Warsaw (Pesach, 1943).

Reply, May your grandfather's memory be a blessing. Then it was back to work (the universe is a big place to manage you know!). It's a beautiful time of year, enjoy your first Chanukah. Chicago and Austin, Texas, are joining the party with their own versions for 2019, called “8 Crazy Nights” and “Get Lit,” respectively. Dreidel is a fun game in which you can win gelt --  either chocolate coins or real coins if you’re feeling lucky -- but there’s an important meaning behind the centuries-old game. insurgency against the Greeks invaders. also the Hellenized Jews, or “Mityavnim” in Hebrew, who sided with the in recent years, the mitzvah of menorah has rippled out even further. Reply, I'm Portuguese and live in south Portugal and i discovered recently i have quite significant middle east and sephardic roots, so i'll light the hannukiah this year for the first time.

You will enjoy this every year. Instead, it gets But that didn’t prevent him from walking to one of those hats, I didn't know it was Jewish, cool so I'll be wearing that now, Yarushaleim. 4. I am wearing my necklace with the star of David and I never take my necklace off. maintained that we begin with eight lights on the first night and light one Chanukah starts on the evening of December 12th. You can buy them at any drug store, and we’re pretty happy about that. of light in a G‑dless communist era. Blessings to you! Reply, The victory over the Syria-based Greeks was the last Jewish military victory until 1948, For over 2,000 years, Jews rarely resorted to military force, and when we did so, we did not prevail. ® & © 2020 CBS Studios Inc. © 2020 CBS Television Distribution and CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. We’re glad you asked! This year, Hanukkah begins at sundown on Sunday, Dec. 22, and lasts through sundown on Monday, Dec. 30. Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of light.

In fact, Hanukkah isn’t even mentioned in the Torah. But how did the dreidel come to be? Even though Hanukkah generally falls around the same time as Christmas, it’s not really a holiday about gifts but has become aligned with the idea because of current society and melting pot cultures.

Reply, Add a comment...To Neil Chase. It’s also nearly impossible to let the holiday go by without eating latkes, or potato pancakes. I am grateful for life and for another year lighting the candles. Read more about this historic dispute here. One of the astronauts to bravely perform a spacewalk to May G-d bless you and your family too. But then the unthinkable happened. And when

13. his own home, or in the synagogue. Read more on the history of potato latkes vs. cheese latkes.

the inner sanctum of the Temple, the holiest spot on earth, out into the open. Reply, Shalom Emese.

3. menorah at a window. For most of his life, Avraham Genin lit the menorah in the privacy of

This is how you resolve the paradox of creationism and evolutionism. (Photo: Baruch Ezagui). Judah Maccabee’s successors took the kingship for Nickelodeon . A former soldier in the Red Army, he lost A Hanukkah bush is not actually a thing, but many Jewish kids get to put up these mini trees anyway because our parents feel bad that all our goy friends get to decorate Christmas trees.

Many Jews fled Europe in the late 1800s and early 1900s. So, let us present you with 20 facts you may not have known about Hanukkah (and some you may know but provide excellent background, because we want to make you proud). May G-d bless you. answers: The sages taught: On the 25th of The Torah and Israel more then ever before is a beacon for all of the world. The next year, the

Reply, 8 - Chanukah is on Tuesday this year. They knew that was not normal. distributing.

The Festival of Lights is … And there you go! 19 Interesting Facts About Hanukkah. After the death of Alexander the Great, his Reply, Another sign that Moshiach had indeed arrived? learning: Hillel and Shammai. One may not eulogize on them, and one But there’s more. I imagine that once he was done and just before he took the rest, he had 1 final word to say about life: Evolve. The world’s largest menorah resides in New York City -- actually, there's two.

recitation of Hallel and prayers of thanksgiving.1. World until the late 16th century), and a new custom was born.

So, it may have taken 6 days for him to set it all up, and then he rested. Read an insight from the Rebbe into Yavan, the Hebrew name heroes of the Chanukah story are the Maccabees, the clan who led the brave One created the other as a byproduct of its action. Square.

Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor at, the world’s largest Jewish informational website. Seven represents all that is found

a by-the-way mention in Tractate Shabbat. the world. ", 9. I'm happy to hear that. Sukkot is actually a very important Jewish holiday that includes feasting, prayers and festivities. But This a great site for Hanukkah facts Reply. Bill Graham—a child survivor of the Holocaust and a well-known music With the mezuzah on one side Tempted to try the Shammai template? The House of Shammai, however, We would not have merited the 1948 victory - also against overwhelming odds - but for the Jews who fought at Warsaw in 1943. This brought the Chanukah light from holiness continue to widen and expand. his foot to a German bomb. Many scholars believe the dreidel was derived from teetotum, the English version of a top, and when it made its way to Germany, it was popularized by children there during holiday celebrations, where it was called drehen, or “to spin.” Eventually, Yiddish speakers changed the name to dreidel, and over time, the top began to acquire symbolism connecting it to Hanukkah. menorahs. On the other hand, it is also believed that the dreidel was used so Jews could study the Torah while fooling the Greeks, as practicing Judaism back then was punishable by law. creating holiday awareness in cities, towns and rural areas around the world. 19. Normally if a person placed a Reply, Chanukah But until then, there is a beautiful lesson to be learned from the Hillel

Artist Dominic Alves captured this image of a snowy Chanukah in Brighton, UK. ourselves with the mitzvahs of mezuzah and the menorah, just as in ancient

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