Dr. Miriam Makeba also known as "Mama Africa" was an artist, an Empress of song, a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother, a humanitarian, a philanthropist, an activist and a major contributor to cultural and social development worldwide and even after her passing continues to represent the "Flame of Unity in Cultural Diversity".

Everything For You My Love . THE HONORABLE MRS WINNIE MADIKIZELA-MANDELA, (September 26, 1936 – April 2, 2018. Home of Brazil 45’s, Latin 45’s, Africa 45’s and films. During the ceremony, the former President of the Republic of France, Jacques Chirac said to Makeba: "I hope that your example, one of the most stunning examples of courage and generosity there can be, will remain a model for the citizens of the world".

This facet of MiriamMakeba.org, allows Individuals, Organizations, from Civil Society the Public and Private sector to make direct contact with the Family; it's Directors and Trustees namely Mr. Nelson Lumumba Lee and Ms Zenzi Makeba Lee. Makeba was born in South Africa. We will miss her energy and her respectful concern for the world’s most vulnerable". Zenzi Lee is Miriam Makeba’s granddaughter. It looks you're in . It is within this context that we recognize the persons from these three categories are comprised of respective individuals for their spiritual and moral support for the advancement of MiriamMakeba.org's aims and objectives; taking note, that their roles prescribe no fiduciary responsibilities within the administration of MiriamMakeba.org. Bongi Makeba (20 December 1950 – 17 March 1985) was a South African singer/songwriter. Music by Hollie Cook, Seu Jorge, Prince Fatty, Incredible Bongo Band, Jorge Ben and more. Makeba was granted asylum in Guinea, west Africa. And, the genesis for our logic begins with her name; Bongi, short for Sibongile; the literal translation of which means "We are grateful", carries immense gravitas and implication for the Makeba-Lee Family based on birthright. Zenzile Monique Lee.

A strong political message written by South African song writing legend Miriam Makeba. more. A. The ban on Makeba’s records was lifted in South Africa in 1988 and she returned to her homeland in December 1990 for the first time and later repatriated permanently. We can all be soldiers not to fight against each other but to fight against poverty, illnesses, disease, greed and all the ills of the world, you know just be an army for all goodness". Mama Africa spoke out against the violence, inequality and disease that kept many people, especially women and children, living in conditions of extreme poverty. The respective names featured on the list of MiriamMakeba.org, comprised of Patrons, Senior Executive Members and Executive Members; have been featured because of their individual respective experiences, friendships, association, acquaintance and synergies with the late Dr. Miriam Makeba; as hers was to theirs respectfully; from both her musical and philosophical contributions during her lifetime. Dr. Miriam Makeba’s impact on the world was described by His Excellency former Deputy President of The Republic of South Africa, Mr. Kaglema Molanthe, as follows: "Her sweet, melodic voice, her haunting melodies and rhythmic compositions steeped in the culture of her native land and continent, South Africa and Africa, moved the world to appreciate her music and open their hearts to her message of her life struggle for freedom and dignity for herself and her people.". The late Miriam Zenzile Makeba, an icon, born in South Africa on the 4th of March 1932, passed away in Castel Volturno, Italy on the 9th of November 2008. She addressed the United Nations General Assembly twice, on July 16, 1963 and March 9, 1964, speaking out against apartheid. In February 2001, Dr. Miriam Makeba was appointed South Africa’s first Goodwill Ambassador to the continent of Africa by former President of The Republic of South Africa. In 1963 she witnessed the birth of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She left behind the Dr. Miriam Makeba Legacy both in South Africa and throughout the world. Even in her last hours, Makeba was seen as supportive of the politically oppressed – her last concert was in support of a besieged Italian writer.

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