Why It’s Good Have you ever cook for more than 20 people?

It would lead you to an interesting conversation about their past memories of school.

77). ), 68 Fun Art Trivia Questions and Answers (History & Facts), 103 Interesting Space Trivia Questions and Answers, 80 Best Video Game Trivia Questions & Answers, 100 Fun Pop Culture Trivia Questions and Answers, 92 Challenging Travel Trivia Questions and Answers, 102 Cool Math Trivia Questions and Answers. Have you ever felt that you are possessed? regifted something that you received as a gift? Why you should never answer “Do you have any questions for me?” with no.

Have you ever tried to attempt a world record but ended up getting failed in it? Ask anything that you should already know the answer to.

c. About the skillset lied to get something cheaper than it was? Have you ever caught by police for doing something illegal? Have you ever kept special treats for your pet? Your questions can leave a great impression on the interviewers as much as so, that it might become the deciding factor in being selected for the role. 73). ... ANSWER:YES, THEY DO HAVE NIGHT VISION. These are purely so you can get to know the hiring manager better and hopefully establish a personal connection with them. Have you ever sung karaoke with someone and ended up so badly? 11). Have you ever donated some amount of your money? If the answer to this question is a significantly longer amount of time than you were planning for, there’s always the off chance you’ll be butting heads with your boss somewhere down the line. Have you ever called a women sir or a Man "ma'am?". 9). Have you ever broken a very expensive thing? 17 18 19. If so, tell us about it.

Except for when the interview ends, and the question “Do you have any questions for me?” inevitably gets asked. Here are some questions you can ask about the company: “How would you describe the company’s culture?”, “Can you describe some of the company’s recent challenges and achievements?”, “Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?”, “What are the career paths in this department/company?”, “What’s your favourite part about working here?”. Have you ever regretted saying I love you? The first thing you need to do is demonstrate the hallmarks of good communication: listen attentively, speak calmly and confidently, and engage with the interviewer, making eye contact and asking questions where appropriate. 48). Analyse your situation and ask only the relevant questions. My strength in communication has directly contributed to my ability to build and maintain my client base and work effectively within a large and dynamic team. You also need to provide an example of a situation where you demonstrated your high-level ability to communicate. Have you ever let your pet sleep in or on your bed with you? So, you must ask questions when they ask you “Do you have any questions for me?”.

Have you ever gone for a one night stand? 31). Have you ever given special nicknames to your pet that were completely different than their first given name? You can also ask these questions to your new friends or someone special in order to know them better as a person. talked your way out of getting in trouble? Have you ever remained awakened for an entire night and did nothing productive out of it? Have you ever told a big lie to someone you love? Have you ever saved someone’s life by risking yours? climbed a tree, or went up on a roof and couldn’t get down? 41). 106). 49). Have you ever locked yourself out of the car or home? 8).

This is a pretty standard get-to-know-you sort of question and is mostly to help you make some desperately reach for any sort of personal connection you can find with your interviewer. Answer.

So, you have the following: a. Have you ever cheated on someone for someone else? 68).

I'm not exaggerating. 29). locked your keys in the car, or have been locked out of your house? Have you ever walked into a window because it was just that clean? Questions like team outings, vacations and holidays can lead to a bad impression of you. A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom. Have you ever seen a dream which turn out to be true later on?

This is definitely a situation where you want to be careful about crossing any lines, as not all interviewers want to be interrogated themselves. 87).

told someone their zipper was down or their shirt was popping open? Have you ever been thrown into a mud pit by someone? So before we get into how to answer this age-old question “Do you have any questions for me?”, let’s understand why an interviewer asks such a question.
Have you ever even been friend to someone who belongs to LGBT community? This question will help you prepare for the sort of introductory work you’ll be doing once you sign in, in addition to showing the interviewer that you’re already thinking about how you’ll be applying your skills to help the company in a measurable way. ... Or NOT have sex with a goat, but everyone THINKS you did it? I prepare copy for a diverse group of clients and ensure that the message they are trying to impart in their advertising is conveyed to a range of target markets. 66). Have you got a brother? and then couldn’t remember your new name? Have you ever seen someone changing their clothes? Get ready to dig into their private life through such kind of have you ever questions. “What are the skills and experiences you’re looking for in an ideal candidate?”, “Do you have any concerns about my experience or skill set?”, “What types of skills is the team missing that you're looking to fill with a new hire?”, “What is the one key thing that someone needs to be successful in this role?”. had something embarrassing happen to you? ( generally short form is used as an answer ) YES/NO QUESTIONS WITH PRESENT FORM OF ” HAVE ( HAVE/HAS ) “ YES/NO QUESTIONS WITH PAST FORM OF ” HAVE ( HAD ) “ Has he got two sisters? If they have done it then I am sure you would be eager to know the name. skipped a class or a whole day of school? Despite having plenty of correct answers, this question has a definite wrong answer that’s easy to accidentally give, and that’s “no.”, But before we get into that, here are three potential answers…, “You’ve been at the company a long time, can you tell me about what attracted you to the company and what has made you stay this long?”, “What are the next steps to expect in the interview process?”. Have you ever tried to eat food without first spitting out your chewing gum? 37). These have you ever questions are going to share some facts about each guests like they have done some particular thing or not. The purpose of these questions is to showcase your genuine interest in the company you’re applying to, while also clarifying anything that you might still be concerned about at this stage. Content Marketing Strategist & Writer by profession, musician & traveller by choice. Have you ever caught by the traffic police for breaking over the speed limit? 35). About the role seen a human baby, or a baby animal be born?

About the company 65). 59). Have your friends got pets? Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom. Have you ever received a present that you really hated? Well, I don’t have a very big collection for you. 72). Check all of the circles that have happened to you. 45). Career FAQs markets a range of courses from leading Australian tertiary education providers, and receives a commission from them for each prospective student. Have you ever thought that you are totally going to die now but got saved on the last moment? Have you ever beaten your sibling so badly in a fight? 30). Have you ever picked you're nose in public? Alternatively, if you’re a job veteran, this question can be used to suss out how this company operates differently than your old one.

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Have you ever been outside your comfort zone? If you can think of something that bothered you about your last position, that’s good to ask about at this point. Is it just a formality or is there something more than that? been snuck into a bar or a movie because you were underage? This question is often a little disarming — people want to talk about themselves, but as a hiring manager they’re also trying to be careful about the way that they portray their company. 56). It would be really interesting to know that whether they have done it or not through such kind of have you ever questions. Have you ever bought a thing that you used never ever? If not, you might select a regret or shortcoming that is both professional and would not hinder your ability to perform the job in any way. Why It’s Good More questions presented in our Biggest Icebreaker Questions List and Never Have I Ever Questions and Game Rules, thanks sooo much i needed that for my English class. Be thinking of two or three “Have You Evers…” that you would be willing to share with the group. Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you? Regardless of whether you get the role or not, it will give you insights on what companies generally look for when hiring for such roles. Even just a little hesitation on the part of the speaker can tell you a lot about the working environment as a whole. This gives them the chance to relax and have one final chance to learn more about you as an applicant, while you still have to worry and sweat to avoid any last-second missteps. 26). 108). When it comes to asking questions about the company, you should focus on the company culture, your potential teammates, business goals and so on. Have you ever succeeded in sneaking out of your house in the middle of the night?

Have you ever received a present that you really hated?

→ No, . worn the same underwear two days in a row? had your cell phone ring at an embarrassing moment ? ridden a ride that made you scream with fear? Have you ever run out of money in the middle of the month? 102). Have you ever lost someone who was very dear and close to you? It’s better to ask regarding the next steps of the interview. 85). Have you ever had an electricity blackout while taking a shower? Have you ever kicked by someone right on your ass? I have included all types of have you ever questions like funny, crazy, and dirty and some really interesting ones too. You can also ask them about your skill set. Have you ever ridden some animal like cow or elephant? Have you ever manipulated someone to get out from a serious trouble? When thinking about what kind of questions to ask your interviewer, you want to focus on the ones that make you seem less focused on your own gain and more on how you can benefit the company. This is more for your own organizational purposes, but it’s good to be abreast of the expectations for keeping in contact with folks that you work with. 91). gotten in trouble at school or at church? Why It’s Good Well there you have it, my attempt at answering the unanswerable! Have you ever got suffered from some major disease?

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