“That’s how you generate and store power for the hit.” Akins also likes how long Matsuyama keeps his left shoulder lower than his right as he swings down. Would you like to get started? Watch any TOUR professional, especially Matsuyama and you will see the downswing triggered by the feet which then move knees, which guide the hips and then the torso. Swing Sequence: Hideki Matsuyama. Once that has happened the arms and club follow and they are in the position to really “slingshot” off the body action. “I’m working on my tempo and trying not to get too fast with my backswing,” he says. Tiger Woods’s Swing Sequence. To watch in a smaller size, scroll down while your video is playing. Manage your golf game as you connect, compare and compete with friends. Matsuyama réalise une très belle saison 2017 sur le PGA Tour. For the record, the tournament host, Jack Nicklaus, did not pause as long at the top of his swing but he did reference correct sequencing in his downswing and he was one of the longest hitters of his era. Get our newsletter for daily updates, Golf School: Get Good Contact Around The Green, Tiger: “I Would Love to Play a Full Schedule in 2018″, TaylorMade Rings in the New Year with M3 and M4 Reveal, Golf School: Dufner-ing Your Way to Lower Scores, A Look at Golf Digest’s #1 American Course, Pine Valley Golf Club, Justin Rose Closes Out His Season With a Win. “It makes for a very wide swing arc.”, Matsuyama makes a distinct pause before starting down. Au sommet du backswing, il réalise une véritable pause entre la phase de montée, et la phase de relance. Akins is more impressed with his lower-body action. Also notice his turned-away head position at impact. Pro depuis seulement 2013, le japonais s’est installé au niveau des Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, et Rory McIlroy. Like Rory McIlroy, Matsuyama’s hip turn slows through impact, allowing his arms to whip through the hitting area, Akins says. Au contraire, c’est nettement son jeu de fers qui lui permet de détenir à ce jour, le 3eme meilleur ratio de birdies sur le tour ! Si vous êtes déjà abonné, identifiez-vous. La séquence de swing de Fred « Boom Boom » Couples, Les secrets de la précision sur le parcours du suédois Henrik Stenson, Demande de suppression des données personnelles. More News . A slight pause at the top will also help to situate you to deliver that clubhead consistently and powerfully though the ball – just like the newest Memorial champion. Loin du cliché sur les golfeurs asiatiques excellent au putting mais très lents sur le parcours, Matsuyama est plus proche d’un Dustin Johnson ou d’un Rory McIlroy, pour sa capacité à frapper très fort dans la balle. It was an emotional victory for the 22-year-old and one that many of golf’s pundits had predicted after watching his stellar play at The President’s Cup at Muirfield Village last October. Watch Hideki – even though he has that brief pause at the top, once he commences the downswing correctly he actually swings quite hard. USGA and R&A Release New Rules to be Applied on Jan 1st, 2018. His setup is near perfect, teacher Rob Akins says. Euro Stars Give Bad Lessons to Fans … And They Listen! Le japonais Hideki Matsuyama, 25 ans, actuel numéro 3 mondial présente l’un des swings les plus intéressants et reconnaissables sur le PGA TOUR. C’est surtout après son époustouflante victoire à Akron, théâtre du championnat du monde Bridgestone, que nous avons eu envie d’approfondir la connaissance de son swing, et de ses points forts. (Andy Lyons/Getty Images), On the Mark: Matsuyama's old school backswing, Mark Immelman Golf Instruction on Facebook. “If you can learn to do that, you’ll bomb the driver, too.” He also drags his right foot closer to his left as he moves through the ball, which proves that his weight has fully shifted toward the target. I’d recommend he flare it out a little.”, If you look at his backswing, you’ll see his hips stay centered over his legs the entire time, Akins says. Whilst the tournament facilities for the competitors is out of the top drawer, the course is also always in pristine condition. ... Hideki Matsuyama’s new putter has serious Tiger vibes. This year was no different and thanks to some warm and dry weather it posed a stern examination to the competition and as is ordinarily the case a blue chip leaderboard evolved on Sunday with two Masters champions battling against a plethora of young talent. Hideki Matsuyama, who's just 22, has already won on the PGA Tour. Pas franchement excellent au putting, domaine où il peut largement continuer à progresser, Matsuyama avait signé lors du dernier tour, une carte incroyable de 61, record du parcours d’Akron . It helps with timing and power. Don’t miss anything from the PGA TOUR & its partners, Connect to get special offers and updates, Sign up for the Monthly Minute newsletter, Hideki Matsuyama made eight birdies during his final round at the Memorial Tournament. “That tells me he’s left-eye dominant,” Akins says. November 9, 2011. It appears your browser may be outdated. Golf Digest’s Rob Akins took a closer look at his frame-by-frame swing-sequence and highlight the key components of Matsu’s swing-path. learn more. It is certainly characteristic and a little old school but it is something that is worthwhile copying for a couple of reasons: Complete load-up: Bob Jones was quoted as saying: “I never play well unless I swing back slowly and make certain of reaching the top before starting down.”  What sage advice from the Grand Slam winner. He leaves absolutely nothing in the tank but the key is that he is timing the moving part of his downswing properly. For more information about Mark and his instruction, visit his web site, markimmelman.com or follow him on Twitter @mark_immelman or “Like” Mark Immelman Golf Instruction on Facebook. Qui est Matthew Wolff, et pourquoi un swing aussi atypique? Adds Matsuyama: “In my first lesson I was told to keep my head down, and I’ve been trying to do that ever since.”. The Japan native just sealed his fifth victory on Tour and surpassed Jordan Speith for the #1 spot in the Fed Ex Cup Standings. Matsuyama’s swing is powerful and repeating and it is defined by the noticeable pause at the top. In fact as I watch Hideki Matsuyama it appears that he makes a concerted effort to swing back slowly and finish his backswing before he changes direction en route to impact a la Bobby Jones. Timing, Sequencing and Power: Matsuyama’s brief pause is not just aesthetic, it serves a real purpose. Son swing est-il vraiment duplicable pour un amateur ? “There’s a distinct pause between his backswing and downswing. /mi Au sommet du backswing, il réalise une véritable pause entre la phase de montée, et la phase de relance. La séquence de swing d’Hideki Matsuyama. Butch Harmon: ” ‘never say never’ when it comes to Tiger Woods. But that’s not the case when it comes to the signature feature of Hideki Matsuyama’s swing—it just might be the thing you need to hit better shots. Hideki Matsuyama made eight birdies during his final round at the Memorial Tournament. He doesn’t sway, but I’ve noticed that the foot restriction can cause him to spin out on the downswing. Mark Immelman, the brother of PGA TOUR professional Trevor Immelman, is a well-respected golf instructor and head coach of the Columbus State University (Ga.) golf team. If you are struggling for control and power, why don’t you try and wind up completely and in an unhurried fashion? Pour autant, ce n’est pas le driver qui est la meilleure arme d’Hideki. Na shot a surging final round 64 to post a total of 13-under a good two hours before the leaders finished. Golf Digest’s Rob Akins took a closer look at his frame-by-frame swing-sequence and highlight the key components of Matsu’s swing-path. Tout juste passé pro, et déjà vainqueur sur le PGA Tour, le jeune américain Matthew Wolf (20 ans) est le nouveau phénomène golf du moment. Nous nous sommes intéressés au swing qui fait de lui un potentiel numéro un mondial. “, Golf School: Splash Your Bunker Shots Like Rickie, Fowler Shares Tiger’s Spotlight with a Sunday 61 and the Win at Hero.

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