Based on patents, which he had purchased of silence, brings the Englishman E. Blattner the " Blattnerphone "the first magnetic sound recording on the market. The company Ampex introduces the "VR 1000" the first video recorder. In Britain, the BBC sends first radio programs time-shifted instead of live. Electricity Timeline . The radio station Witzleben begins in Germany with the regular broadcasting of television test broadcasts, initially on long wave with 30 lines (= 1,200 pixels) at 12.5 image changes per second. He used a system of dots and dashes, which later became standard throughout the world, known as Morse code. 1834: Charles Wheatstone measured the velocity of electricity The Greek word for amber is ëelectron', from which we get ëelectricity' and ëelectronics'. By merging the Edison patents and the Berliner, the Blumlein stereo recording method becomes commercially viable. "], Sungook Hong, Wireless: From Marconi's Black-box to the Audion, MIT Press – 2001, page 22. John Logie Baird starts in the UK on behalf of the BBC with regular experimental television broadcasts to the public. 1700s: The Wimshurst machine was invented Heinrich Hertz produced and detected electric waves in the atmosphere. 1896: Nikola Tesla's hydroelectric power generators, 1905: Albert Einstein and photovoltaic cells, 1918-19: Washing machines and refrigerators, 1930-40s: Electrical household appliances introduced, 1956: First large-scale nuclear power station, 1994: The UK's first pressurised water reactor, 2000: The world's first commercial wave power station.
1880s: Nikola Tesla developed an AC motor Later he sends a message across the Atlantic. John Logie Baird transmits the first television pictures internationally, and the same across the Atlantic from London to New York. At an exhibition in New York, Samuel Morse demonstrated sending 10 words a minute by his new telegraph machine. He was very lucky he wasn't killed. John Logie Baird pioneered the television.

Mains powered radios, vacuum cleaners, irons and fridges were becoming part of every household.

Charles Wheatstone and William Fothergill Cooke created the first telegraph machine. By 1956, succeeds the company. 1870s: Thomas Edison built a DC electric generator

André Ampère published his theories about electricity and magnetism.

The belt speed is 77 cm / s, which at 1000 m length of tape has a playing time of 22 minutes. The first electric hand drill became available, invented by Wilhelm Fein.

The German State Secretary Karl August Bredow founded the first German, 1924: the first radio receivers are exhibited at the. The charge is collected by a system of combs.†Voltages as high as 50,000 volts can be produced, depending on humidity and other conditions, as well as sparks up to four inches long. Nikola Tesla's hydroelectric power generators at Niagara Falls came into operation.

Nikola Tesla used the ëTesla coil' to step up ordinary household current to produce extremely high frequency current. Benjamin Franklin, famous U.S. politician, flew a kite with a metal tip into a thunderstorm to prove that lightning is a form of electricity.

The unit of electric current was named after Ampère. 1988 – Trans-Atlantic Telephone Fiber-optic Submarine Cable, The phonograph becomes faster and more convenient due to an, approximately 1893: The invention of the selenium, Ferdinand Braun invents the "inertialess cathode ray. 2000: The world's first commercial wave power station Pg., 239. The reactors were a prototype of the Magnox gas cooled reactor. Also in the USA the company Zenith markets the first TV with cable remote control for channel selection. The company telephone and radio apparatus factory Ideal AG (today. The First Telegraph Machine Volta created the first simple battery. Edison saw Tesla's system as a threat to his DC supply and spread stories that it wasn't not safe.

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