For the most accurate information, please contact the restaurant directly before visiting or ordering. Delivery & Pickup Options - 824 reviews of Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant "Still an amazing experience. Book a table at HOKKAIDO in Créteil. We are still planning our Grand Opening planned for late AUGUST! do not mistake this place for a Japanese restaurant, despite its name (Hokkaido is the big island in northern Japan). Here’s a list of Hokkaido Seafood buffet prices: Founded by Hiroshi Kubota, the Hokkaido Seafood Buffet was named after the second largest island in Northern Japan. Served w. eel sauce & wasabi mayo, Served with miso soup or clear soup or green salad, Spicy tuna, spicy salmon& spicy yellowtail roll, Assorted sashimi arts on a platter w. seasoned rice, A: Choice of 1 appetizer & 1 special roll. © 2020 La Fourchette SAS - All rights reserved. If you’re planning on just eating out on the holidays, you can get a good fill at the Hokkaido Seafood Buffet as their holiday menu is extra special. Kubota was born in China but moved to Japan later on as a teen. w. sesame soybean paper. Any 2 Rolls  $9.5   /   Any 3 Rolls $ 12, white or brown rice or hibachi fried rice.

however, i was pleasantly surprised by … Up to date Hokkaido Buffet prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid's meal and more. He has always dreamed of opening his own restaurant, which he was able to do after moving to the US. If you tend to be hungry after eating sushi, get a rice bowl (5-6 USD) and complement it with some sushi orders." Your IP: Kalbi Short Rib • Premium Sirloin • Toro Beef • Bulgogi Beef • Bulgogi Pork • Garlic Shrimp • Bulgogi Chicken • Sweet Potato • Garlic Mushroom • Corn.

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