Had this been an elk or had the bullet first hit the outside rib we would have lost the animal. The figure is expressed in joules (or rather incorrectly and at best confusingly as ft.lbs in the American system). There is strong circumstantial evidence it was not in general use in 1961, as Ralph Boston set a world record for the long jump that year at 27 feet, or nine yards, but no news report has been found that made any reference to the term, suggesting that journalists were unaware of it or did not regard it as common enough to use as a pun. There is still no consensus on the origin, though many early published quotations are now available for study. So, despite the distinct focus on momentum in this dissertation it alone can never mean anything more than a point to work from if we want to forecast the potential ability of a bullet to kill and elk or a Cape buffalo or even a little springbok or pronghorn. A .50 caliber machine gun with 9 feet of bullets would be a heap for a strong, young ground-pounder to carry. The standard belt for this gun held 250 rounds of ammunition and was approximately twenty feet (under seven yards) in length. It is the driving force that pushes a bullet on ahead against whatever resistance it meets in order to reach the heart of an animal and kill it in the quickest and cleanest way that is humanly possible and "humanely" required. Wednesday April 22nd 2009, 2:34 P… The whole nine yards means "the complete list" or "the full amount".Ammo referenceThe whole nine yards refers to the fact that warplanes used to carry 27 feet of ammunition as a basic load. Increasingly poorer penetration starts occurring at impact velocities above 2,600 ft/sec. Seems the guardian just made an article about the ammo belt thing. 31 Oct. 2020. The moment sectional density is decreased in a mushroomed bullet the effectiveness of whatever value of momentum had remained is greatly reduced and this effectiveness may even be totally lost. Anything that has mass (in our case a hunting bullet) receives two extra properties namely momentum and kinetic energy once that mass is in motion. The KE value of a bullet is basically calculated by dividing the bullet’s mass by two and then multiplying that figure by the square of the velocity of the bullet at the moment of striking the target.

The core stopped against an opposite rib without even damaging it, completely flattened. Two 1965 newspaper articles quote U.S. military personnel serving in Vietnam using the phrase. One proposed origin involves the world of full-rigged sailing ships, in which yard is used not as a measure of length or size, but as the name of each horizontal spar on which a sail is hung. The 500gr bullet has about 150 lb.ft/sec, momentum force and that of the 180gr .300 RUM is only about 84 lb.ft/sec.

Opposite to a bullet’s momentum which is a tangible, vector value that depicts its ability to do work, kinetic energy of a bullet is a very amorphous entity that has no direct bearing on what will happen to the object that the bullet will strike. High kinetic energy is a dangerous companion to light-weight bullets. Learn how your comment data is processed. The reader must not read any attack on any cartridge calibre or bullet type in this discussion. According to him, the phrase was making the rounds in Kentucky in the late 1950s, but he didn’t know who had said it first or why. Unlike kinetic energy which merely is a “potential” and not a force, momentum is a measureable force in a distinct direction. The phrase is not known to have been used in writing thereafter until a 1956 issue of ‘Kentucky Happy Hunting Ground,’ where it appears in an article on fishing. Now roll that 183gr .50"  round ball into a .308" bullet and load it in a .30-30 case and shoot it at the same velocity into the wetpack. The standard belt for this gun held 250 rounds of ammunition and was approximately twenty feet (under seven yards) in length. "the whole nine yards." On 7mm bullets in the 140gr category, at impact velocities above 2 700 ft/sec the expanded petals fold right back onto the shank of the bullet and almost gets fused to the shank by the heat of the high KE, so there is zero expansion to be able to cut a larger than calibre wound channel (Chris Bekker, Gun Africa, 3rd edition). Both these properties have values that can be calculated. The design integrity of the bullet of course is a very important issue in retained sectional density and momentum. Like the 38,000 volts that flashes across the two electrodes of a vehicle’s spark plug which can not kill a man, kinetic energy can not kill either. Both phrases are variations on the ‘whole ball of wax,’ first recorded in the 1880s. Many of the popular candidates relate to the length of pieces of fabric, or various garments, including Indian saris, Scottish kilts, burial shrouds, or bolts of cloth.

Little documentary evidence has surfaced to support any of these explanations.

175gr                        2,780 ft/sec.

Serious ASSKICKING. At best there can be honest advice regarding bullet weight and bullet design and impact velocity and retained bullet momentum that will ensure penetration through the low shoulder and heart. The controlled, typically not more than 2x calibre expansion of only the tips of Peregrine or the Barnes TSX bullet make them the supreme projectile for hunting with particularly the magnum calibres and their associated high velocities. Look at the example of the .280 Remington on a big animal's shoulder: Bullet Weight        Muzzle Velocity       Muzzle KE            Momentum            Penetration. A combination of high kinetic energy and low bullet weight has been and continues to be the reason for varying levels of distress for many hunters and guides of hunters - whether they are after dangerous or non-dangerous game - not to talk about the distress for the animal that was hit. So, above 2,700 ft/sec. The Oxford English Dictionary finds the earliest published non-idiomatic use in an 1855 Indiana newspaper article. Should the hunter prefer the 6.5s with their excellent SD values he will be well advised to employ the heaviest bullets available for his particular rifle’s chamber and magazine specs when he is hunting big game in the elk / kudu category. So a law that we can state from lots of field experience is: Any expansion beyond more than 2x calibre may seriously degrade a bullet’s sectional density, thereby limiting the ability of its momentum to overcome the excessive profile drag and therefor may prevent proper penetration. While momentum is the force needed for penetration its biggest enemy is a high kinetic energy value which causes larger expansion, loss of retained sectional density and therefor penetrating velocity. 100 round belt is 98" therefore each gun had 11.56 yards ammo per gun. The phrase was explained as something ‘teenagers say’ in a military-oriented magazine in 1965. The heavier bullet better withstands the self-destructive effect of kinetic energy. It turned out that Woodleigh conceded that there was a quality assurance problem with its large calibre bullets.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. This means in order to maintain acceptable penetration a bullet with more mass in the same calibre may be needed even if that means lower impact velocity.

One can only trust that they have subsequently fixed the problem and recalled the affected stock. Like the 38,000 volts from a vehicle’s ignition coil which can not kill, no matter the level of kinetic energy a bullet has, unless there is a SUITABLE amount of mass present relative to the mass of the animal, there will be no direct killing ability. This theory, too, is inconsistent with the phrase’s history. No single source verifies that any one of those suggestions was the actual origin. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Momentum is calculated by multiplying the mass of the bullet with its velocity and it is expressed by way of how many pounds of weight could theoretically be moved by one foot every second by the bullet’s force that is acting upon the object that is struck. The bullet expanded to 2.65 x calibre and lost its core. However, an article published in ‘Comments on Etymology’ demonstrates that fabric was routinely sold in standard lengths of nine yards (and other multiples of three yards) during the 1800s and early 1900s.

The lower the bullet mass for any value of KE the larger is the bullet’s explosive increase in frontal surface area and loss of little fragments at impact to even full destruction. Being presented as a scalar value (joules - which is another way of saying degrees of temperature) It can at best be used to forecast what will happen to the carrier of the kinetic energy - in our case the bullet - upon striking the target. 3,004 f./lb              70 lb.ft/sec              Very good. The 500gr at much lower velocity but same KE has sufficient retained momentum to penetrate skin, muscle and bone. 3400 total!!! Fortunately it had damaged the liver on its way and the buck was tracked to where it lay down 300 yards further. However as a force  to push a bullet through bone and flesh a theoretical value of momentum can still not stand on its own as will be shown later - and the biggest threat to its ability to be of sustainable value is the high KE value relative to its weight;  as is discussed further on high KE causes rapid expansion and drag, maybe even dis-integration and weight loss - both which immediately reduce the bullets sectional density which causes  retained momentum and penetration to suffer. The low 120 volts from a home power outlet, even though the potential is very low carries a huge mass of electrons containing huge momentum - the amperage - which is the force that causes the physiological disruption that kills because it can overcome the impedance (resistance) in the human target. Break-up. In 1986, the phrase was added to the Oxford English Dictionary with the earliest citation given as 1970. The earliest known idiomatic use of the phrase is from 1907 in southern Indiana. Often times, the pilots would return from their missions having expended all of their bullets on various targets. In 1912, a local newspaper in Kentucky asked readers to, ‘Just wait boys until the fix gets to a fever heat and they will tell the whole six yards.’ The same newspaper repeated the phrase soon afterward in another issue, stating ‘As we have been gone for a few days and failed to get all the news for this issue we will give you the whole six yards in our next.’. These belts measure 27 feet and contained hundreds of rounds of bullets. However, the Vickers gun as fitted to aircraft during the First World War usually had ammunition containers capable of accommodating linked belts of 350-400 rounds, the average length of such a belt being about nine yards, and it was thought that this may be the origin of the phrase.

Much of the interest in the phrase’s etymology can be attributed to ‘New York Times’ language columnist William Safire, who wrote extensively on this question.

Even a 180gr good quality cup and core bullet from a .308W would have completely penetrated that impala.

Kinetic energy, once the kineses is reduced after impact is re-translated into mere heat and therefor can only have an effect on the carrier of the KE namely the bullet itself.

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