My work ranges from 2800 to 5800 KWhr/month with an annual average of 3750 KWhr/month or 125 KWhr/day. Ok, I reviewed my last 24 months usage. Mostly detached houses 1500-2500 sqft around here. Central Florida here. Does EIA publish electricity consumption and price data by state and by utility? My solar PPA is $.17x/kWh currently, and provides ~10k kWh/year, which has more or less cut our power bill in half.

In your original post you did not give that. The way my circuit breakers are set up, if the grid went out and I had just the solar and PowerWall to use, I couldn’t run the air conditioner, dryer, or car charger, since they’re on the old circuit breaker panel that isn’t backed up by the PowerWall.

We’ve mildly exported annually the last couple years, so the power company only gets it’s minimum connection fees, essentially. Two bedroom apartment with gas heating. We still have to pay fees and stuff, so the monthly bills are about $25 instead of the $200-$300 we’d be paying without the solar panels. Since it is usually -20C for 6 months of the year here with a few weeks of -30C and -40C, a typical home could use 5000kwhr a month for heating or even more. Is your PowerWall tied to and able to run your AC? It’s never too late to just say you get it and give up. I can get at least 3 other durations that make more sense than that. Average daily usage over past 6 months: ~16.5 kWH, Average daily usage last month (Feb): 19 kWH. Forms EIA uses to collect energy data including descriptions, links to survey instructions, and additional information. Therefore this wrongly makes the assumption that the PC is using .5kwh per hour. I asked you dorks to figure it out. In the winter, the majority of my costs are gas heating. Running PCs etc. Might be worthwhile to look at some way to automate turning *something* on to soak up your excess solar generation. ~1800 KWH in October when I was folding more for Frankie. Monthly and yearly energy forecasts, analysis of energy topics, financial analysis, congressional reports. I do have single-pane glass, but not a lot of it faces the sun, so I haven’t prioritized a complete replacement as yet. Canadian voltages, frequency, and wire colors are pretty much 100% compatible with NEC standards used in the US, and in any case, that’s only to get the power through the inverter.

Does EIA have county-level energy production data? I’ve got Solaredge system also (can tell what it is from the UI), almost 2 years old now but it’s one of the newer HD wave model inverters.

Sales, revenue and prices, power plants, fuel use, stocks, generation, trade, demand & emissions. hmmm Having just come back from Florida I would say it’s your poorly built houses, or poorly insulated would be more correct. Last month ~24kWh per day. 9 Laptops (2 for me, one for everyone else over the age of 4) From Jan 19 to Feb 02 the usage exceeded 115 kwh everyday with a peak of 137 kwh.

Because you said kwh, but phrased it as if it were a rate and that unit is not a rate.

the first 30kWh are at 0.0591$CAD/kWh. the maximum electricity demanded by homes. You don’t understand energy, it’s ok. No need to be derogatory, dude.

The Peak to Average demand ratio for New England has increased steadily over the last 20 years from around 1.5 to 1.9.

You and I are in similar situations: 8 people in my house, it is very old (250-300 years old and thus nearly impossible to heat/cool), relatively large, and very tech enabled. Learn more:Electric Sales, Revenue, and Average Price (see Table 5.a)Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) (detailed data on U.S. residential energy consumption for selected years)Electricity Explained: Use of Electricity, U.S. Energy Information Administration, 1000 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20585, Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS), Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS). 2. Basement is not fully finished but it is insulated on all exterior walls except for the utility room which mostly buried behind 6ft of ground. m2 ÷ r² as integrating through the change in the denominator can become significant. Are you Bill Gates living in a mansion? This is an average of 897kWh per month, around 30kWh per day, or 1,250 watts. I also have tankless hot water, and run an average of 3 loads of laundry each month and about 6 to 8 loads of dishes. It does put things into perspective…my datacenter (one of them) at work runs roughly 1 million kWh per day. Low Usage: Pretty meaningless overall other than trying to figure out what I spend in a year, I guess. Kilowatts is how fast it uses energy, the amount of energy per day is measured in kilowatt-hours. A little bit of snow is actually not a complete show stopper. First 36 (kWh): 5.91¢/kWh

There are three possibilities: Either A) you meant “kW” (without the “h”); or B) you forgot to specify the length of time over which .5kWh of power is consumed; or C) you’re just making sh*t up. Massachusetts mandates power utilities provide some renewable power sources so the power companies pay me about $250 for every megawatt of power I generate. We just got a new meter, and it shows me that we use almost double the electricity on Saturdays than a weekday. Since your conviction that you’re right and we don’t know anything about power and you’re getting angry, you win then, Mr. Power Xpert!

you do the math, bro, .5kwh / 24 hours = about 20W. How much electricity does an American home use? And yes, I understand the term is used in metering to designate a quantity of energy, but since it is derived from a specified load operating for a specified unit if time, it can be misused the way Srsly misused it and everyone can still figure out what he meant.

Also, Quebec provides a lot of power to NY/New England

I have averaged 67 kWh a day for the past year. Last year I put 14.5 KW of solar on 4 of my properties. From a simple math perspective, since that is a fully reduced equation/equivalence, if there’s no time component on the right side, then there cannot be a time component on the left side. Hard enough to find the seconds to reach into the mini-fridge under my desk for a soda while playing Apex Legends on my dual-graphics Threadripper gaming rig and listening to big game on my 100-inch big-screen TV and sitting in my air conditioned mansion. You jumped on an indefensible bandwagon of confusion.

One is about 450W and the other is about 750W. Our 27 or so solar panels provided 95% of our power resulting in an annual power bill in 2018 of about $100.

Ameren even shows daily usage now that they’ve replaced my meter, which is neat. 15kWh as the lowest month last year, April, so little heat running, no AC yet, and excited to be able to go outside. You’re right, the grid is fairly stable here, and most outages are planned ones, it seems.

Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions at the State Level, 2005-2016, Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions at the State Level, through 2017, Monthly Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production ›, Midwest and Rocky Mountain Transportation Fuels Markets, East Coast and Gulf Coast Transportation Fuels Markets, Electric Sales, Revenue, and Average Price, Electricity Explained: Use of Electricity.

At those prices, solar is about the last thing you’d want to spend money on…. And neither did Ronch because, again, no unit of time was provided.

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