Current is the rate of flow of electrons. There are two main kinds of electric current. Electric current comes in two varieties: alternating current and direct current, abbreviated as AC and DC. An electric current is a stream of charged particles, such as electrons or ions, moving through an electrical conductor or space. If an electric current in a circuit reverses direction every so often, it is called an alternating current (a.c.). A2 reads 7A and A4 reads 20A. We have seen that electrons do not disappear in a circuit. When load works on its own in a circuit then it is called Close Circuit or Closed Circuit. For Example rub a baloon on a wool and hold it up to the wall. There are 2 wires carrying current towards the junction  and 3 wires carrying current away from the junction and no electron is lost or stored up at the junction, thus: The sum of the current flowing into a junction = The sum of the current leaving the junction. Electricity always take the shortest path (way) to the ground. Direct current is like the energy you get from a battery. When the electrons begin to flow in a particular direction within a substance, or from one object to another, the result is electricity. Batteries need direct current to charge up, and will only produce direct current. In the next diagram we have five  conductors meeting at a point ‘O’ (in the diagram center). The balloon becomes negatively charged because it gains electrons from the wool, and the wool becomes positively charged because it loses electrons. Pylons: An electricity pylon or transmission tower is a tall, usually steel,  structure used to support overhead electricity conductors for electric power transmission. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. In the United States, the period of this cycle has been standardized to be 60 Hertz. Both types have their own specific uses in terms of power generation and use, although AC is the more common type of electrical current in the home. Direct (DC) and Alternating (AC). Andrew Gellert is a graduate student who has written science, business, finance and economics articles for four years. When the battery is in use, it turns the chemical energy back into electricity in the form of direct current. It's easy to remember. Lenders will wrap your current …

Because an induction generator has a spinning rotor, the electricity it produces changes direction once and back again with each cycle of the rotor. Of course, if every electron makes a works to light up the bulb, its energy will be reduced every time it  passes the bulb.

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