She isn’t sexualized or objectified. I think we have a ways to go with so many aspects of representation. However, concept artist Ashley Swidowski tells me the team knew Dina would be “a bit more of a dreamer, someone who spent much of her time fantasizing about what life may have been like for people before the outbreak. Woodward played Lois in the 2017 film All Nighter. Amidst the brutal violence and pain present in the entirety of the story, it’s Dina who first makes The Last of Us Part II become more than a surrender to the inevitable hardships of living in the post-apocalypse. After The Riches ended, Woodward played the role of Leah in the film The Haunting of Molly Hartley. Beauty standards are just one of the many, and I will always try to push that in the concepts I make for these games.”. When Dina asks her how old she was, Ellie nonchalantly answers 14 years old. Despite knowing full well how difficult it will be to accomplish Ellie’s goals, Dina constantly reassures her girlfriend that she understands. “I’m not gonna do this again,” she tearfully says, back turned to Ellie. It doesn’t take long before the two reconcile. She shares she got “torn apart” for it on the internet. JJ (son)Unnamed (mother)Talia (sister) I mean, Laura was amazing. But Ellie’s trauma and failure to avenge Joel breaks her. Dina is a queer woman who starts a family with another woman. The Ravens were a rebel group mentioned in The Last of Us Part II.They were active in New Mexico. But I desperately want to see what becomes of her, and whether she and Ellie reconcile. “I personally loved that direction because I also have a bigger nose. She’s Jewish. Sexual Identity Romances Born Woodward appeared in her friend Katy Perry's music video "Hot n Cold" and had a cameo role in Perry's documentary/concert film Katy Perry: Part of Me. She is Ellie's partner and one of the characters who assist her on her quest for revenge. Portrayed by The two only began their courtship a week after Dina broke things off with Jesse. Pronouns Then, Ellie asks Dina how old she was when she first killed an uninfected person. It’s soon clear Dina can’t accompany Ellie on her journey anymore. “It’s a nose. Still, they said it’s one of the best auditions they witnessed. The Hamsa, a protective symbol, was a detail requested by our director, Neil Druckmann, who grew up around the imagery in its many physical forms. Then and now, I see in her much of who I am — as well as who I’d like to be, both physically and emotionally. Dina. Female “I always knew that Dina had been in love with Ellie for a long time,” Woodward tells me. Dina Both relationships irrevocably define Ellie. (1996). Ellie didn’t accomplish her goals, but Dina did. “For me, I have those qualities, you know. LGBT Characters Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Single Employer(s) “Neil [Druckmann, director] really directed that scene well where he was like, ‘Ashley, you’re worried she’s upset with you.’ I was then thinking the whole time [as Dina] like, I have to tell her, it feels like a betrayal,” shares Woodward. I guess I gotta ask Neil. And then her relationship with Jesse naturally had kind of ended … I think, once she was single, she was like, ‘We’re both single right now. 19-21 It’s caused much speculation, with many hoping the two reconciled offscreen before Ellie came back to the house for some other reason. She reprised this role twice during the show's five seasons. For a fleeting moment, Dina lived out her dream of building a family on a secluded farm with the love of her life. Shannon WoodwardCascina Caradonna (face model). Dina instead shares her dreams — looking to a future where they build a life on a farm together. “That take they use is the last take because I had been crying for four hours straight. Even at the end, Dina represents hope and a future to look forward to for both the player and Ellie. [1][2] Shannon is best known for her roles as Sabrina Collins on the FOX sitcom Raising Hope (2010–2014) and Elsie Hughes on the HBO science-fiction thriller series Westworld (2016–2018). While being pregnant sadly takes her out of much of the narrative, she feels present at Ellie’s side even when they’re not physically together. It’s a community Dina has been a part of for much of her life — that taught her life continues even after the greatest tragedies. In an unpredictable world, Dina’s devotion to Ellie is quickly made clear when she accompanies her on a mission to avenge Joel. Since the beginning of the story, Ellie has sung, “if I ever were to lose you, I’d surely lose myself.” Despite losing the two most important people in her life, Ellie barely manages to not entirely lose herself by the end. They come in all shapes and sizes imaginable in real life, but something about seeing a big nose on a girl in a piece of concept art made some gamers blow a gasket. We should probably take the window.’”. So, I knew how to back and forth with this actor who I didn’t know because I kind of knew what she would do and I had such a good handle on that game.”. “Dina is Jewish and so the charm on the bracelet has real cultural significance. In 2010, Woodward starred in the independent drama Girlfriend. That’s a big ask, yet there’s zero hesitation. Then, Ellie asks Dina how old she was when she first killed an uninfected person. This scene was the hardest for Woodward to execute. Now, that dream has been shattered, or at least put back on hold. She will play the character of Dina in Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II. We played a lot with lighter materials and floral patterns, which at the time occupied more visual importance in the world and story.”. Gender Identity Oh, Cat.” she jokes. The various contrasts between her and Ellie — who is much more guarded, introverted, and stoic — make their dynamic exciting to watch onscreen even though their moments tend to be the quieter ones. Now, she’s no longer Ellie’s girlfriend or an unconditional symbol of hope. When Ellie can’t take her eyes off a photo of Abby they find at a TV station, Dina softly pries the picture from her hands, refocusing Ellie on the present objective. While Dina tries to bring levity to the conversation by joking the child isn’t Ellie’s, it ends with the two hurting each other. I was under the impression while we were shooting that she came back to see if Dina would be there. After all, she came up with moments like Dina yelling “eat snow, you little shit,” during a snowball fight between her, Ellie, and the children of Jackson. Now, she is a single queer mother who must find and hold onto her own sources of hope. It was announced in April 2017 that Woodward will appear in The Last of Us Part II. And I kind of wanted it to be kind of funny.”. He is voiced and motion captured by Stephen Chang. She’s no longer able to go where Ellie goes. That same year, Woodward had a recurring role on the final season of NBC's ER as Kelly Taggart, the younger sister of nurse Samantha "Sam" Taggart. She has multiple visible scars and, in one scene, you can see her defined arms and noticeable body hair. “Ten,” Dina says in a small voice. He was Ellie's friend and the leader of the patrol groups in Jackson. I was really worried about the scene.”. She was a former member of the Fireflies and a member of the Washington Liberation Front. “I was really excited to play a character who is, in many ways, representative of a lot of different things and would resonate with people because it resonates with me,” she shares. When Ellie worries about how much harder their journey will be over an inconvenience, Dina simply replies “then it’s gonna be harder.” As she grabs Ellie’s tear-stricken face and tells her “you go, I go, end of story,” you know that, while their success is unsure, what is certain is the deep bond between these two women. Halley Gross, co-writer of The Last of Us Part II, and Druckmann have shared that on the day of Shannon’s audition, a number of things went awry. Dina is the deuteragonist of Ellie's story in The Last of Us Part II. 2017-2019 Dina is a bisexual character fromThe Last of Us. “We shot that scene for three or four hours. She noticeably wasn’t wearing it in the moments we see of their life on the farm nor during her time in Santa Barbara after the two separated. Occupation(s) Woodward's big-screen debut came in 2005 when she played Emma Sharp, the daughter of a Texas Ranger assigned to protect a group of cheerleaders who witnessed a murder in the action-comedy Man of the House. In fact, watching it again, I’m so congested by the time we did that one,” says Woodward. With Dina surviving the story of The Last of Us 2, it’s possible that we’ll see her featured in a potential The Last of Us 3.We’ll just have to wait and see! She will play the character of Dina in Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II. From September 2010 to April 2014 Woodward had a starring role in the FOX sitcom Raising Hope, playing Sabrina Collins, a grocery store checkout clerk who is the love interest of the series lead. When Ellie continues on without her, she gifts her a Hamsa bracelet, which Ellie wears for most of the game. “Playing opposite someone, I remember getting there and being like, Ashley’s not here. Woodward next appeared in the made-for-television films Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare (1995) and Tornado! Jessewas a supporting character who appeared inThe Last of Us Part II within Ellie's story. Naughty Dog Notable works She also played the lead character in the 2015 ensemble comedy-drama The Breakup Girl. Physical Description One of the best things about talking to Neil about people’s story theories is he’ll say, ‘well, that’s an interpretation.’ There’s no right or wrong answer, which is the most Neil thing. For many — from members of the industry and people who regularly play video games, to people who rarely touch them, but take interest in huge blockbusters like The Last of Us Part II — this is a kind of story they haven’t been exposed to before. Ellie and Dina survive the trauma of their trip to Seattle, losing Jesse, and nearly dying at the hands of Abby. The electricity went out; the audition happened in the hallway next to a parking lot with a loud helicopter flying outside; there was a foul smell in the because the food in the fridge was rotting. So I don’t think she’s seen Dina since, but that’s my personal theory. She’s a bisexual person who is shown to have various relationships with people of different genders. I’m the one people go to with their problems, despite having my own trauma.

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