Waters often casts certain actors/actresses more than once in his films.

With the motif "My life is so over-scheduled, what will happen if I give up control? It feels like an eccentric professor's study, or a carefully curated exhibition based on the life of a fictional character. In 2009, Waters exhibited his photo-based artwork and installations called ‘Rear Projection’ at the Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York and also at the Gagosian Gallery in LA. Des films en totale rupture avec les conventions et le bon goût, comme en témoigne une scène culte de Pink Flamingos dans laquelle Divine, acteur fétiche de John Waters, mange des excréments de chien. The film Hairspray, the last movie he produced, was turned into a hit Broadway musical that swept the 2003 Tony Awards,[16] and a film adaptation of the Broadway musical was released in theaters on July 20, 2007, to positive reviews and commercial success. Famous as: Film Director, Comedian, Art Collector, siblings: Kathy Waters, Steve Waters, Trish Waters, education: Calvert Hall College High School, New York University, Boys' Latin School of Maryland, (Music, Romance, Musical, Comedy, Drama, Family), Quotes By John Waters | Mais c’est en 1994 que le réalisateur entre dans la fameuse « A-list » (film produit par une major) avec Serial Mother dans lequel Kathleen Turner tue à tour de bras, comédie noire qui sera présentée hors compétition à Cannes.

As an actor, Waters appeared in the television series 'Til Death Do Us Part (2007), and in the films Sweet and Lowdown (1999), Seed of Chucky (2004), Excision (2012), and Suburban Gothic (2014). Biographer Robrt L. Pela says that Waters' mother believes the puppets in Lili had the greatest influence on Waters' subsequent career (though Pela believes tacky films at a local drive-in, which the young Waters watched from a distance through binoculars, had a greater effect).

Waters' 1981 film Polyester starred Divine opposite former teen idol Tab Hunter.

John Waters, né le 22 avril 1946 à Baltimore , est un réalisateur, acteur américain et également professeur de cinéma. On s'entendait très bien car il était parfait pour devenir le porte-parole de ce que j'avais à dire. [98], In 2016, Waters received an honorary degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore during the college's undergraduate commencement ceremony. This article is about the American filmmaker born in 1946. This was the basic trend of all of his movies. Cela m'a donné la certitude que je pouvais continuer sur cette voie.

Les drag-queens détestaient Divine.

In 1981, Waters made a move from bizarre creativity to more of controlled and mainstream cinema.

Il se faisait toujours taper dessus. The family belonged to Roman Catholic belief. Il rentre dans une école catholique dont il ressort plus provocateur que jamais. [45], Waters was a great fan of the music of Little Richard when growing up. After ‘Polyester’, Waters came up with many mainstream movies like: ‘Hairspray (1988)’, ‘Cry-Baby (1990)’, ‘Serial Mom (1994)’, ‘Pecker (1998)’ and ‘Cecil B. Demented (2000)’. Parallèlement à sa carrière cinématographique, John Waters a écrit plusieurs livres.

He has planned to use his experience as material for his new book. He devotes a chapter to Van Houten in his book Role Models (2010).[40][41][42]. Ever since he shoplifted a copy of the Little Richard song "Lucille" in 1957, at the age of 11, Waters asserted, "I've wished I could somehow climb into Little Richard's body, hook up his heart and vocal cords to my own, and switch identities." Waters returned to Baltimore, where he completed his next two short films Roman Candles and Eat Your Makeup.

Waters' films became Divine's primary star vehicles. His movies have been characterized by a sense of exaggeration and over the top unrealistic portrayal of dispositions. J'ai mis sa colère à profit pour créer cette chose monstrueuse. John Waters fait souvent place aux femmes fortes dans ses films. Entre ce film et Pecker, Waters a introduit son cinéma dans l’art contemporain en accolant des images extraites de ses films et saisies sur un écran de télévision – comme un « story-board photographique ». Il était ma créature en quelque sorte, grâce à qui je pouvais tirer sur les hétéros comme sur les homos.

The director comes to New York for his one-man show, and savors another big night at the Tonys", http://www.artinfo.com/news/story/32381/inside-man/, "John Waters' gift to San Francisco: Demented holiday cheer", "John Waters Tries Some Desperate Living on a Cross-Country Hitchhiking Odyssey", "A hitchhiker's guide ...: Myersville man gives filmmaker John Waters a ride", "John Waters Argues For Murderer's Release", "John Waters Shares Highlights from Baltimore Museum of Art Retrospective", "John Waters Is the Godfather of Baltimore's Art Scene", "Revisit the raw, early films of John Waters, Baltimore's Pope Of Trash", "Something Genre Crossing, Something Bold", "John Waters Narrates Offbeat Documentary on an Environmental Catastrophe, the Salton Sea", "Come to Jesus With Star Heather Matarazzo", "New Documentary 'Of Dolls & Murder' Explores Macabre in Miniature", "Watch: Kat Dennings Fails to Seduce John Waters In NSFW Trailer for 'Suburban Gothic, "John Waters has a cameo in latest 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' movie", "Homicide: Life On The Street: "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, "When 'The Simpsons' Came Out of the Closet", "Love? He used to perform violent adaptations of ‘Punch and Judy’ at children’s birthday parties.

Glen était fils unique.

Tous les films de John Waters se passent à Baltimore, ville où il est né.

It opened me up to villainy, to screenwriting, to costumes. http://www.culturalweekly.com/john-waters-in-best-ever-dont-smoke-in-this-theatre/, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/charles-stephens/john-waters_b_4310658.html?ir=India&adsSiteOverride=in. Il n'était Divine que dans mes films, ou pour sa carrière musicale. Waters also works as a visual artist and across different mediums, such as installations, photography, and sculpture. », Source : The Baltimore illustrated Gossip, 25 mai 1994 (plaquette de présentation du film Serial mother), « J'ai toujours trouvé passionnant qu'un sujet tragique — ou considéré comme tel en général — acquière un potentiel comique, comme par enchantement, lors de son passage à l'écran. Waters started to portray violence in his creativity from his teen years when he filmed and screened his films in Baltimore to an underground audience. Divine reste l'acteur fétiche de John Waters.

He wrote and directed the 1988 film Hairspray, which became an international success and turned into a hit Broadway musical. J'ai voulu réinventer ce que je voyais.

Divine dans la plupart de ses films, mais aussi Ricki Lake dans Hairspray, où elle vampe les hommes et remporte un concours de danse devant toutes les autres candidates minces. Not many days after joining the university, Waters and his friends were expelled as they were caught smoking marijuana on the NYU grounds. Il ne se baladait pas comme ça. In 2004, the New Museum in New York City presented a retrospective of his artwork curated by Marvin Heiferman and Lisa Phillips. Waters is also an avid collector of books. He was known to be violent and dark from the very childhood.

[10], Waters' first short film was Hag in a Black Leather Jacket.[11]. He has been creatively inspired by people like: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Federico Fellini, William Castle, Ingmar Bergman, etc. Tous les films de Waters se passent à Baltimore, où il fait jouer des acteurs aussi différents que Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole et Edith Massey. He was wearing a hat with the text "Scum of the Earth". In 2011, during a visit to the Waters house in Baltimore, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson observed: Bookshelves line the walls but they are not enough.

They were anti mainstream culture and in 1960s together they started to shoot silent 8mm and 16mm films in Baltimore. Fils de Patricia Ann (née Whitaker) et John Samuel Waters, il grandit à Lutherville dans la banlieue de Baltimore (Maryland). Les drag-queens détestaient Divine. À partir de Hairspray, on notera un assagissement, du point de vue « trash », même si ses films auront toujours cette touche anti-conventionnelle qui caractérise John Waters. Je me suis servi plus tard de la colère qu'il y avait en lui pour faire naître cette beauté insolite qu'il est devenu. He has given to the world some great movies like ‘Pink Flamingos’, ‘Hairspray’, ‘Cry Baby’, ‘Pecker’, etc. On Ice! [2] Waters grew up in Lutherville, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. Dans ses premiers films, Divine n'avait jamais le premier rôle. He was on a hitchhiking journey through United States from Baltimore to San Francisco. In 2014, Waters was nominated for a Grammy for the spoken word version of his book, Carsick. Audiences were drawn through secret word of mouth and leaflet campaigns on the street.

The first ever proper short film that Waters made is called ‘Hag in a Black Leather Jacket’ and it was screened only once in a coffee shop known as ‘Beatnik Coffee House’ but in his later years he exhibited the movie for a travelling photography exhibition. Selon les dires de John Waters, « c'était un tocard au lycée. He is not just a director of excellent and peculiar taste but has also done some cameos in the movies and hosted television shows. In 2007, Waters became the host ("The Groom Reaper") of 'Til Death Do Us Part, a program on America's Court TV network. Les parents de Divine ont emménagé dans le quartier de John Waters.

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