Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. He then was able to express his feelings for Anna, and how without her he was merely lost in the woods. As Kristoff watched the four figures, he was shocked to see some rocks move of their own accord towards the visitors, though he eventually realized that the rocks were in fact, trolls. Concerned, Kristoff brought Anna over to a steam vent for warmth. His knowledge of mountain climbing is extensive enough that he was able to accurately surmise Anna's lack of climbing experience. Kristoff and Anna tried to escape Marshmallow by descending a cliff. As Anna started to walk off, Kristoff struggled with how to continue; however, with Sven acting as his conscience, Kristoff realized that Anna would perish without his expertise and that her death meant he would receive no compensation. Disney. After realizing a Snowgie was under his hat, Kristoff raised it so that the snowman could join the others. The group made their way to the Valley of the Living Rock, but during this time, the curse on Anna strengthened, causing her to shiver. The snowball did no visible damage to the snow monster, yet the gesture still enraged him, and upon roaring, ice spikes erupted from his joints.

Both Kristoff and Anna looked at the frozen kingdom with concern. Or maybe just a distant relative of them? True to her word, Bulda took in Kristoff and Sven, and Kristoff came to regard the trolls as his adopted family.

He also overlooked his own feelings for Anna, believing she was happy with Hans, even when Sven tried to persuade him to return to Arendelle. Kristoff tried to ask about Pabbie's whereabouts but was informed by a young troll that he was sleeping. Though Olaf was initially disappointed, he took Anna's request literally and proceeded to count out sixty seconds; seeing no other alternative, Kristoff decided to count with him. [9] As such, Kristoff had an extremely close relationship with Sven, pretended to speak with him, and even felt that reindeer were "better than people". When Elsa made a large tree out of ice, Kristoff opened the box to allow Anna to remove a figurine of Olaf, which Elsa froze inside a star, and had Olaf place on the tree. Remarking that the snowman was "creepy", Kristoff tossed the head at Anna, who tossed it back. Seeing that he had not fully convinced Anna and Elsa of the tradition, he told them that they would be after trying his "Flemmy stew", assuring them that it was a crowd pleaser. After summer's return, Kristoff and Anna began a romantic relationship. #AskFrozen, In spite of her condition, Anna asked Kristoff if he would be all right; the ice harvester dismissed her concerns, insisting he would be fine. Kristoff regarded Sven with disappointment, stating he was not able to purchase carrots, but brightly pointed out that he knew where they could stay for the night: a small barn located within the vicinity of Oaken's trading post. However, Kristoff interpreted Elsa's micromanaging as a lack of faith in him and voiced this concern by mimicking Sven's voice. He was invited to follow the Northuldra on their way the lichen meadows; but before going Kristoff took some time for himself. "Love is ... putting someone else's needs before yours, like, you know, how Kristoff brought you back here to Hans and left you forever." Account active Kristoff did not find Anna's attempts at small-talk amusing. As the gates began to close, Kristoff implored Kai to make sure Anna was safe. The gates opened, and Kai, Gerda, and a handmaid rushed out to bring Anna inside. In the 2019 movie, Kristoff plans on proposing to Anna but is always too scared to ask her, but when Kristoff almost proposes, Anna is too distracted in finding and helping Elsa. As Kristoff slowly drifted further and further from the castle and back into the mountains, Sven continued to lag behind. In yet another show of his strength, Kristoff caught Anna when she allowed herself to drop from a cliff, despite having little to no preparation time. Before the princess was taken in, Kristoff told them to get her warm and to find Hans immediately. Though Anna was confident Elsa would thaw it, Kristoff had his doubts.

While he was still young and perfecting his ice harvesting skills, Kristoff fell into an icy lake. Disappointed over the loss of his sled, Kristoff laid in the snow and covered his face despairingly. He is also extremely resilient, having been able to recover from smashing his head into a cliff within a few seconds. The two continued to bicker, but Kristoff motioned for Anna to stop talking and had Sven stop, alarmed about something. After relenting to the demand, Anna grabbed the ice harvester's knife and cut the rope, enabling the pair to escape Marshmallow's clutches.

[6] At some point in his childhood, he rescued a fawn, Sven, and the two became friends.

But the story never quite addresses how Kristoff might be linked to them, or who his real family was. However, underneath this rugged exterior, Kristoff was truly a compassionate and protective individual. Getting an entire trilogy of "Frozen" movies would be unprecedented. When the celebration was over, Kristoff traveled to Elsa's ice palace with Olaf and Sven to give the Snowgies a new home. Disney. Thinking fast, Kristoff threw Anna onto Sven's back and used a knife to sever the ropes binding the reindeer to the sled. As Kristoff glanced sadly at the burning wreckage of his vehicle, he began to lose his grip.

Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, addresses several questions left after the first movie, using influence from the indigenous Sami tribes of Norway. During this time, Kristoff grew closer to Sven, going as far as simulating Sven's voice so that they could "converse". However, a nearby voice startled the trio; Kristoff and Anna looked for the source of the noise and were shocked to encounter a sentient snowman.

Kristoff regrouped with Olaf and Anna at the palace door, where he continued to gaze at the palace with awe; Anna seemed reluctant to knock but eventually summoned the courage to do so. Neither The Walt Disney Company nor the filmmakers make any representation of the accuracy of such views and opinions.". The trolls continued to focus on Kristoff, updating him on their happenings. While Kristoff was preparing his stew, Sven returned to the castle stables to get his help.

Kristoff then watched Anna turn to Elsa and embrace her once more, touched by their love for each other. With order restored to Arendelle, Anna set about repaying Kristoff for his assistance, presenting him with a brand new sled.

Kristoff was concerned but still expressed hope that Pabbie would be able to remove it.

As Anna started to walk away, Kristoff told her to stay, and the "rocks" suddenly began to roll towards the ice harvester, revealing their true forms. Kristoff proved himself to be incredibly selfless, always offering Sven the first bite when they shared a carrot. Using a mop, he painted letters on large sheets of paper and proudly hung them together as a banner. At that moment, Olaf reemerged, believing that they had eluded "Marshmallow". "Meet Kristoff 2" is a deleted scene from Frozen, during which Kristoff scales a large cliff.

Moving fast, Anna launched herself from the cliff, pulling Kristoff with her. Suddenly the wind picked up, and Kristoff glanced back, noticing that winter storm clouds had gathered over the castle. As Kristoff replied that the storm was coming from the North Mountain, he brought over the pickax and rope but was dismayed when he found out that Oaken was charging four times the amount that Kristoff had on him. The trio continued their journey on foot through the night. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Though the two narrowly managed to avoid being crushed, the ship's bow smashed into the ice, cracking the surface beneath Kristoff and Sven. In the early development, Kristoff was originally Kai as in Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen", but later he was designed as combination of Kai and the robber girl.

Though surprised at Olaf's sentience, Kristoff came to accept the snowman. However, this elation was short-lived, as the soon met with the edge of a cliff. In addition to his outdoor skills, Kristoff is physically formidable, having been able to throw Anna onto Sven's back without exerting much effort. After some time, Kristoff, Sven, and Anna reached a frozen forest; the three were captivated by the beauty of the ice crystals. Kristoff was forced to launch himself from the sled in midair, landing precariously on the other side. Finally, Elsa and Anna appeared to convey Sven's message, and they set out to find Olaf. Kristoff has a wide variety of outdoor skills, the first and foremost being mountain climbing. Later, he attempted to confront Hans for his treacherous actions. Later, Kristoff befriended a Northuldra member called Ryder, who shared his affinity for reindeer. Kristoff soon heard Anna's voice amidst the blowing winds, and so struggled to locate the source of the faint noise while he called back to her.

From July 5 to September 1, 2014, as part of 'Frozen' Summer Fun show at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Anna and Elsa appeared in a horse-drawn sleigh making their way down Hollywood Boulevard, alongside Kristoff and skaters, skiers and ice cutters in the Anna and Elsa's Royal Welcome section. Later, as Anna led the Earth Giants to destroy the dam, Kristoff spotted them moving and followed the giants. Kristoff could only watch in shocked despair as Elsa broke down in tears upon seeing Anna's frozen form.

Frozen Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. He was outwardly gruff and did not care for what others thought of his demeanor,[1] having openly expressed his dislike of Oaken's high prices and criticized Anna for poor judgment, regardless of her position as a princess. He proceeded to greet them nonetheless, not realizing that Anna and Olaf thought he was crazy due to his attempts at communicating with what they saw as rocks. [7][8], Collider writer Matt Goldberg commented that Kristoff was "slightly less interesting than his love-interest (Anna)", but the cuteness of Anna and Kristoff’s relationship compensates the defect. Seeing a gap, Sven tried to leap over but fell short and was forced to buck Kristoff to the other side, while he fell into the freezing water. Understanding the urgency of Anna's condition, Kristoff stated they had to get to Hans. He tried to bargain with Oaken, but the trader would not relent, citing "supply and demand" problems, prompting Kristoff to interject that ice harvesting was unprofitable with the current weather. That night, the group, along with Elsa, played charades; Kristoff teamed up with Olaf and proved himself to be good at the game, ultimately besting the sisters. Eventually, he too entered the palace and went up the stairs to the top floor just in time to see Anna on her knees, struck by Elsa's magic.

Kristoff gazed into the darkness and saw the eyes of many wolves. As the blizzard died down, Kristoff managed to spot Anna and ran as fast as he could to reach her. Dazed by the blow, Kristoff dangled uselessly from the rope while Marshmallow told them not to return. Anna reacted to the strange sight by crying out and kicking the snowman's head, launching it into Kristoff's arms. Prior to meeting Anna, Kristoff was somewhat of a loner; he had little contact with humans outside of his dealings in the ice harvesting business, finding it easier to relate to animals rather than humans. Alarmed by Kristoff's appearance, Elsa told everyone to leave her palace.

Not wanting to be seen by the riders, Kristoff and Sven hid behind a series of rocks.

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