To make sure you have this feature turned on, head to Edit > Preferences on the desktop version of Spotify. Note that the panel won't show up if your Spotify window isn't wide enough. We touched on this earlier in the Autoplay section, but you don't have to wait for your current music to end to try Radio. To access it, click the Browse entry on the left sidebar, then find Discover along the top row. Step 2. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. You can launch a radio station based on a song instead by right-clicking it and choosing Go to Song Radio. Here's how to create the perfect artwork for your playlists. You may have hidden this a long time ago, so go to View > Friend Activity to show it again. Pay special attention to the bottom field of each friend's entry; it shows what album or playlist their current track comes from. There's also the Discover page that shows what your friends are listening to and sharing, as well as recommendations for you based on what you've been listening to lately. Spotify will play more music similar to the songs you have just heard. There's also a Create Similar Playlist option. The new Spotify update added a way to manage your podcasts into three sections: Episodes, Downloads, and Shows. It would be nice if there's a feature to discover similar songs that you're listening to. If you want to discover new music randomly not similar to, Use us to find random songs with our Random Songs Generator tool. Discover more music and expand your tastes! When you save the generated playlist, it will be saved to your Spotify account as public playlist with auto name (as we say you can change these settings). Spotify playlist generator | Similar songs finder. The amount of similar music created here is endless and worth exploring. Then start adding tracks to it by dragging and dropping or right-clicking and choosing Add to Playlist. Here are four ways to discover new music on Spotify. So you would be able to discover and listening to new music that has the same style or sounds alike. Our playlist maker is very quick and easy to use based on an intelligent algorithm. These include making a playlist public so others can enjoy it, downloading it for offline listening, and sharing it. This would be much easier than searching via "Artist > Similar Artists" and hopefully much precisely than the suggestions at the end of personal playlists. If you're a Spotify user, you'll be happy to know that the streaming service has plenty of features to help you find new music. Although, there are many ways to discover similar songs like checking other music by the same artist, or checking the album that contains that song, or another way is to check the same genre or sub-genre (Use Music Genre Finder tool to find your favourite song’s genre), but all these ways are limited or not easy enough. When viewing an artist page you can lick "related artists" on the right side of the page. He left his IT job to write full-time in 2016 and has never looked back. This doesn't stop until you tell Spotify to play something else. Spotify is excellent at learning what you like, so if you've used it for a while, these recommendations should be eerily accurate. You can start with song name, If you are not sure about the song title, just start with an artist name and we will suggest a few songs for you to select from. Another Spotify feature that it's easy to forget about is Autoplay. Many times you fall in love with a song or an artist and you really want to find other related songs, but how to find them? So the few people I follow on Spotify are people I've stumbled on who listen to some songs that I like -- but it's very, very hard to find such people manually. After clicking on “based on genre” botton, pick a genre of music and be amazed with the generated sounds of it. A kind of playlist inception. Now, you should have many reliable ways to discover new music on Spotify, most of which don't even require leaving the app. It would be nice if there's a feature to discover similar songs that you're listening to. Find our contact info in the site footer. Join our newsletter for tech tips, reviews, free ebooks, and exclusive deals! Although you can easily turn off the sharing features, Spotify is still a social music service. The suggested music in the playlist will be based on what you entered. Spotify playlist generator is a great way not only to get a new playlist automatically tailored to your music tastes but also to discover new music you may want to add to other existing playlists. Don't forget that Spotify has an entire tab called Discover that's devoted to helping you find new music. Not only does it let you find similar songs that might become new favorites, but it makes it easy to build better playlists. Below this, you'll see all kinds of recommendations for music you'll love. Create a new playlist by clicking New Playlist on the left-hand side of the screen, which appears above the Now Playing album art section. The best tool by far for finding songs similar to another song is This is a handy tool that instantly generates a playlist of similar but different tracks for you. You can choose whether you want the playlist to be one, two, or three hours long. Give it a name, add a description, and add some custom cover art if you like. Hello and thanks for the feedback!A similar idea has also been suggested here: your votes and comments there please! Whether you’re looking for new workout tunes or for something a little outside your musical comfort zone, This music recommendation tool will help you to find interesting related songs to what you like. If you have ideas to make this generator better, we are more than happy to know them. If you like this idea, check out our list of Spotify sites to discover new music and playlists. Spotify can help. This feature helps you expand a playlist, even if you can't think of the right music to complete it. If Spotify's extensive music discovery tools aren't enough for you, some external services might help. While you probably don't have identical tastes in music to your friends, just seeing what they like can lead to new discoveries. For Autoplay to work, make sure you don't have Repeat mode on, then let an album or playlist run to the end. What it is: Choose a song, artist, or playlist, and we’ll play hours of similar music that matches what you like. Once you have a few tracks in a playlist, click on it in the left sidebar. Step 1. Do Your Philips Hue Bulbs Keep Turning Back On? First, choose way to get recommendation, You have three ways: After clicking on “based on song” botton, search for any song to find other similar music that you may also enjoy listening to. Understanding IP and MAC Addresses: What Are They Good For? Ben is a Deputy Editor and the Onboarding Manager at MakeUseOf. Although you can easily turn off the sharing features, Spotify is still a social music service. It lets you share playlists with the world and embed music pretty much anywhere. If you like the ease of someone else choosing songs for you, you should try Spotify Radio. So why not embarking into an exciting journey about your very own musical world? Just click on the menu and click Like all songs. Need to find similar songs to a song you like? While Spotify's focus is on-demand music you can enjoy anywhere, it also has a Radio feature. This is a great help for when you’re running low on inspiration! Podcast Changes. You can title the generated playlist (To find a creative unique name,  you can use our PLAYLIST NAMES GENERATOR.) We added more advanced options like danceability, Energy, instrumentalness, and  number of songs  with “” link, which will give you a great control over the generated playlist, So you can get the playlist of your dreams. You can get playlists automatically generated for you as many as you like instantly without even creating an account. [All Platforms][Podcasts] Include All JRE Episodes and Don't Influence the Content of the Show. On mobile, tap the Home tab, follow by the gear in the upper-right corner. 1. And Spotify will start playing a similar song. Either method works for starting Radio based on a playlist, too. 4. Essentially, it automatically starts a Radio station based on your previous listening session. Please confirm your email address in the email we just sent you. Spotify will play more music similar to the songs you have just heard. Fun, quick and easy to use, this similar song finder is ideal for music fans of all ages and persuasions, and it is also accessible through Spotify. Scroll down to Autoplay and make sure Autoplay similar songs when your music ends is turned on. The objective of this playlist creator online tool is to automatically generate a music playlist of similar songs according to a song, an artist, or a genre selected by you and automatically saved it to your Spotify library, making it an ideal interesting way to quickly rustle up the perfect music and discover artists you will likely love. How to Fix Them, 12 Cool Things You Can Do With iPhone iMessage Apps. If your favorite playlist is getting a bit stale, try generating a fresh one. so your recommendations won’t get thrown off . Try creating a playlist full of new genres that you want to explore, then use this option to find more artists who perform that type of music. This lets you keep the tunes going when your current song, album, or playlist ends. These suggested songs delivered every click, is going to refreshe when you want to generate again, so make sure you save your favorites. Whether you append your playlists with fresh music, discover a new favorite by accident, or get inspiration from your friends, you won't have to look far for new music you'll love. These include new releases by bands you've shown an interest in, albums you'll like based on artists you listen to often, and more. If you don't care for the music in the playlist, give Spotalike a try. You also can get up to 100 suggestions generated as a playlist. Right-click on any playlist, and you'll see several options that you probably know about. To start a radio station based on an artist, click the three-dot menu button on an artist or album page and choose Go to Artist Radio.

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