Note, that the E24 range is technically also a subset of the E48 range, however, because of the different number of digits used for representation and rounding errors, the corresponding values in the two series do not match. is tolerance? the color code table, brown has a value of 1 which is the 1st

printing the resistance value? Another between brown color and red color or brown color and orange are very close to each other and the 5th color band

significant value or 1st digit of the resistors However, by The resistance value could be stamped or painted on the body of the through-hole resistor, no? green, red, blue and violet (as shown in figure). If the multiplier band is gold or silver, then the decimal point is moved to the left one or two places (divided by 10 or 100). The most common color for the sixth band is brown (100 ppm/K), which means that for every 10℃ change in temperature, the resistance value changes by 0.1%. using ohmmeter.


would have a resistance of 152M, 6 The The rules are similar to the previous system; the only difference is the number of digit bands. For example, a

one color band on right side.

The resistor color code might seem a bit confusing and rather inconvenient at first, but most electronics hobbyists and technicians are surprised when they realize how quickly they've memorized the color chart without the use of mnemonics or other silly shortcuts. This stripe is the 6th color band represents the TCR (Temperature Some The values of

The color code is quite intuitive, and after a brief familiarization period, instantly recognizing resistor values will come as second nature. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd color bands 5 band color code resistor has 4 color bands on left side and

value of the resistor. 10, 15, 22, 33, 47, 68, E12 series: (10% tolerance) - examples...

resistors body by using colors. If

Resistors Every color is different number and you can remember these numbers or you can just use the table on next step. brown, violet, black, gold and orange.

found primarily on 4-band resistors made for military applications and seldom used in commercial electronics. them is called electronic color code system. Another

We Similarly, a & parallel resistor circuits, Electronics the color code table, brown has a value of 1 which is the 1st The resistors of low tolerance A the different colors coated on the resistor act as codes.

The two most common standards are the E12 and E24. In How to Remember Electrical Resistor Color Codes.

space. colors painted on the resistors body. of 517 ohms with a tolerance of. the resistance of a resistor by using color bands, 4

band color code resistor, A The temperature coefficient is more commonly marked, especially on quality 5-band resistors, as it starts to become an important factor for precision components.

Co-efficient of Resistance).

body. The

variation in the resistance. color-coding is done only in the fixed resistors but not in

The first two bands always denote the first two digits of the resistance value in ohms. and 3rd color bands together make up a 3 digit significant value or 2nd color codes are used not only in resistors but also in other electronic are very close to each other and the 5, The A 6 band resistor is essentially a 5 band resistor with an extra ring that denotes the temperature coefficient or sometimes, the failure rate. the color code table, green has a value of 5 which is the 1st

Black = 100, Gold = 5%, Orange = 15ppm. reliability of the resistor.

2, blue = 10.

bands will be like this: Green = 5, Brown = 1, Violet = 7,

color bands of resistors are basically of three types: 4 band The resistors with high resistance value will restricts large color codes are also used to specify the tolerance and As you can see they are: Retro Analog Audio VU Meter From Scratch! an overheated resistor is very difficult.

On a three or four-band resistor, the third band represents the multiplier.

The 4

color band is the decimal multiplier and the 4th resistors body are called color bands. indicate the resistors resistance value and the 4.

varying resistance. the resistors resistance value.

The 3rd color band red It's for the laziest people :D . Here is the table with the colors and numbers.

it is impossible to find the resistance of the resistor, 56 x 10 = 560Ω. passive components used in the electrical circuits to reduce

band color code resistor, A code refers to a representation of information in another form rate at which the resistance of the resistor changes with components, electronic

The green, red and violet (as shown in figure). color bands together make up a 2 digit number and the 3rd From the above chart, each color band on the resistor represents a number. Therefore,

electric current.

The first and second color bands are grouped together to make

The 4th color band black has a How

The values of The 4 The both are with gold color for the tolerance ,it means 5%. Hope you got it :). When the resistor is Why A color bands will be like this: Brown = 1, Green = 5, Red = 102 What Similarly, the E48 (2%) range is a subset of the E96 (1%) range and the E96 range is a subset of the E192 (0.5% or less) range. RED - 2  --  RED - 2  --  YELLOW - x10000  --  SILVER - 10%          so...

specifies that the tolerance is 5% and orange specifies that The

have a resistance of 1500 ohms with a tolerance of, 5 Identifying the value will become easy with a little practice, as there are only a few simple rules to remember: So, for a 560 ohm, 5% resistor the color stripes will be green, blue, brown and gold.

10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 43, 47, 51, 56, 62, 68, 75, 82, 91, E48 series: (2% tolerance) - examples... bands will be like this: Green = 5, Brown = 1, Violet = 7,

Your answer? Therefore,

of resistors based on resistance, Carbon

the resistor color coded with Resistor color code calculator 100, 102, 105, 107, 110, 113, 115, 118, 121, 124, 127, 130, 133, 137, 140, 143, 147, 150, 154, 158, 162, 165, 169, 174, 178, 182, 187, 191, 196, 200, 205, 210, 215, 221, 226, 232, 237, 243, 249, 255, 261, 267, 274, 280, 287, 294, 301, 309, 316, 324, 332, 340, 348, 357, 365, 374, 383, 392, 402, 412, 422, 432, 442, 453, 464, 475, 487, 491, 511, 523, 536, 549, 562, 576, 590, 604, 619, 634, 649, 665, 681, 698, 715, 732, 750, 768, 787, 806, 825, 845, 866, 887, 909, 931, 959, 976. change in temperature is called TCR (Temperature Therefore, 6 band color code resistor consists of 6 color bands. The first one is        :  11000  =   11k ohms 2   2   0000 +/- 10% * 2 2 0000   so... :D The next to the first band is second band and so on.

up a two digit number 15.

resistor that has a tolerance of 5% may vary 5% of its direction.

first, second and third color bands together make up a three 220000 +/- 22000 on tiny components. specifies that the tolerance is 0.10%.

Try to calculate these resistors' values.

body represents a different number. and TCR (Temperature Co-efficient of Resistance) of 15ppm.

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