Each week, students are given a text related to the current unit, which is rich in Tier 2 vocabulary. This article was brought to you by Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. and www.institute4learning.com.

First, you want to choose Tier Two words that students already have the vocabulary to explain.

Test your students on their week’s vocabulary words after having prepared them using the usual strategies. So, whenever possible, link the vocabulary word and its meaning to something that is natural. STEP 8 -NATURALIZE:  Our brains evolved for millions of years in nature. 1. Tier three: Subject-specific words. How do you teach Tier Two vocabulary to your students, whether they are English language learners or not? The tips on how to identify Tier 2 words are also helpful.

Tier 2: This tier consists of words that are used across the content areas and are important for students to know and understand. This can be a lot of fun for the students in class, and is especially helpful for students labeled ADHD or hyperactive, who learn best when they’re moving.

), its origins, and anything else interesting about the structure of the word that may make its meaning stick in the student’s memory.

Past Practices: Teaching the “Wrong” Words. First off, let’s tackle the number of words. To remedy this, take the vocabulary list for the week and tell students to use each word during the school day with their friends, other teachers, and even (at home) with their family. Copyright © 2020 Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. | Website Design: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, The Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing: Making the Words Come Alive.

For instance, if a student can understand unsafe and helpless, they can understand and describe the concept of vulnerable.

STEP 6 -SOCIALIZE:   Too often, students will learn academic vocabulary words, but not actually use them in their daily lives. Continue reading the main story.

For example, a the meaning of the word ”perish” might be associated with leaving a banana on the kitchen counter for two weeks, or the withering of leaves in autumn.

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It follows then that finding just the right instructional strategies to teach these words is an important task for K-12 teachers. To facilitate this, they point to academic word lists made up of tier two vocabulary. If you need proof that these strategies work, do an action research project in your classroom.

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