I fully agree with your views that we can get things done without paying bribe if we have the time to follow up the file till it is finally cleared.As one gentleman has put it,if you consider the monetary equivalent of your time and energy( which you have to spend for follow up),the amount demanded is worth giving to get the work done without there being any need for you to visit BESCOM office.Both are right in their own way.Choice is yours.I prefer to pay and get the work done rather than running after BESCOM officials. After all the sweat and tears, the moment you relax in your new home, with everything perfectly in place, is when the move becomes worth it. Make sure to pin up all your documents in a file and submit it to The Junior Engineer (JE) in the BESCOM office in your area. Consumers Energy wants to help you get to that comfortable feeling. The transfer fee may range from Rs 100-200 for which you will get a  receipt. Thanks for the process! The 411 on Utility Bills: Average Costs & Ways to Save, 4 Steps to Transferring Utilities Seamlessly Before You Move, 8 Ways to Find a Handyman, Plumber & Other Service Providers Near You, Clearing the Confusion Over Cleaner Water. The use of same is at readers discretion. Your details has been submitted successfully. 0 Next, you will want to check online or call the utility services to initiate service or to schedule transfers. 350. Disclaimer: This article contains data collected from CommonFloor article “Transfer Electricity Meter in Your Name for Bangalore Apartments” and an article from Saikrishna’s BESCOM Electricity meter transfer. @[���Ҕ����H�dw�G�3L����+/m\�����@��eDBm�T��j����*��o�qe9�稁p3lFtz] 0�:��R�2����. Make sure to get and keep a copy of your bill or report. I think these guys who do the work need some legalization and we should promote development of this profession. endstream endobj startxref In case, they want to certify it. The general rule of thumb is to call 3 weeks before the transfer date. Thank you for meticulously sorting and articulating this process and information. Bangalore Teachers’ Constituency election: Info on MLC, candidates and more, Urban local bodies in Karnataka still awaiting crores due from Centre and State, How shopping streets can be COVID-safe during Dasara: Here’s a template from Malleswaram, Rules on reopening tough to implement, Bengaluru schools say, How Bengaluru’s APMC yard works and what it means for farmers: Here’s all you need to know, Survey: How falling population of bees, other pollinators is affecting Bengalureans’ diets, Bengaluru Buzz: COVID positivity rate drops | PHCs to be upgraded | Metro ridership increases…and more, Yeshwanthpur APMC yard: A marketplace for farmers across India, Bengaluru’s “other” water bodies shelter rich biodiversity, but are fast vanishing. 3. I Said I won’t until and unless the name is transfer. In normal case, Tenaga Nasional Berhad ( TNB ) will not close the account and it is more like name transfer from previous owner to the new owner. Photocopy of new owner IC, bring the IC with you too,in case, they want to certify. I did the name transfer without paying bribes, but I had to escalate the matters with higher ups. Every meter has a unique RR Number and Owner in BESCOM records hence if you would like to get name changed on all these 3 meters you may have to submit 3 applications. The worst thing that can happen from trying on your own is the work may be slightly delayed, but it’s bound to be completed successfully. Once the transfer fee is paid, file needs to be submitted. Changing name on the electricity bill is easy.

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