To know the testing principle for mobile phone repairing read, You can use DC power supply mobile repairing to check four things in your customer phone. These are the examples readings of digital DC Power Supply for repairing mobile phones faults. For Checking a mobile battery and boosting it with dc supply power place the dc supply machine for mobile on 0 voltage and 0 amperes. the Supply can be used to substitute for the Cell Phone GND, +VBAT Battery Voltage when doing hot testing on the Mobile PCB. then slowly increase the voltage untell unless ampere reading starts showing a reading. you can also use DC power supply to supply DC (Direct Current) to a mobile phone PCB Printed Circuit Board.

the Supply provides high stability output voltage and its constant ampere can auto-conversion. don't go for something that's way too cheap because those are gonna send ripple currents and voltages and do all sorts of nasty stuff now you can also use this. that you would buy on mobile malls here in Asia it's pretty flimsy they died fairly often and especially if you're doing what we do which is plugging them into liquid damage mobile devices or Android and Mac devices that have short circuits you're bound to go through a lot of these and it gets tiring after a while to continuously spend R.s 300 on something that breaks. And if there is the screen shows ‘0.38’ to ‘0.58’ in the ampere reading, then it is Half short circuit. Set DC power supply Voltage on 3.7 and Ampere on 150 to check feature phone. why would I want to use a DC power supply to check and find the faults in feature phone and smartphones? Set DC power supply output voltage on 3.7v or 4.1 volts. Connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the battery connector (+VBAT pin) and the black wire to the negative terminal (GND)as well as the 3rd pin called BSI battery status interface. on Wikipedia for a better understanding of AC-to-DC supply. you can also use DC power supply to supply DC (Direct Current) to a mobile phone PCB Printed Circuit Board. the Supply can be used to substitute for the Cell Phone GND, +VBAT Battery Voltage when doing hot testing on the Mobile PCB. Note: If the Ampere does not show any reading it means your phone power input track on battery connector is open. If you are connecting Tablet then set switch supply Voltage on 4.2 and Ampere on 200. If you are a new mobile technician and don't know what is this digital dc power supply? my Areas of Expertise are Mobile Phone Repairing, Blogging, Book Author, Smartphone repairing, Online Training. If yes, go through this entire Gif Video Tutorial to know all the information you need to read. 4, Sometimes due to any reason phone has fallen down or crashed. most mobile repair technicians used DC power supply to switch ON a smartphone without their batteries. you can use power supply in many different areas of the mobile phone PCB for hot testing. if the Ampere reading on the mobile repairing power supply show some value it means your phone primary and secondary lines are ok. How To Use DC Power Supply in Mobile Repairing, A Complete Step by Step Guide with free PDF. The second as to the why is that by using a DC power supply I can intuitively tell exactly how much power the smartphone is using so for example: I've hooked up a DC power supply connector to this the smartphone that I have down here and as you can see at 3.8 volts I can see that this phone is pulling 200 amps and as you can see in a picture, if you have Digital DC Power Supply already that's good or if not! For Checking dead mobile with dc machine for mobile repairing place the dc machine on 4.1volt. 2, The smartphone is warming again and again. so you're gonna have a black wire which is going to be ground so this here is your red wire this is your positive of your DC power supply, as you can see in the picture I've already got two wired up here, so in order to be compatible with all the different android devices I would suggest you get set up your DC power supply voltage on 4.1 to 4.2 volt and 200 Ampere because android phone or android tablet device often is not going to turn on if you do not plug them into a 4.1 DC Volt on your, so that is how you would use a DC power supply to power a smartphone, you just plug it into these two wires to the Digital DC power supply, it has functionality that allows you to watch your customer's phone Ampere and voltage readings, now you can also use this method here to power up a feature phone so you have to buy, these cables allow you to plug feature phones into a, best dc power supply for mobile repairing, with their battery connectors so this is a, and I can show you what that looks like in this picture, see over here it's got connectors that will attach to the battery connector of a feature phone as you can see in the picture below, you can power the feature phone using a DC power supply with those cables, you would just take them and you plug the red end into the red part of your DC power supply the black end ins the black part of your DC power supply connector you would set the voltage to the feature phone battery voltage around three point seven three-point eight volts and then you would plug this end into the battery connector on the feature phone and then you would be able to power the old mobile phones using the DC power supply, rather than having and go around your shop and try to find your customer old mobile phone battery that you know works and you'd also be able to see the amount of amperage that it's drawing directly on the, digital power supply for mobile phone repair, which is pretty cool obviously try to avoid making the mistake of plugging in your feature Phone using smartphone voltage won't exactly be a happy feature phone. Set DC power supply output voltage on 3.7volt on the feature phone and 4.1 volts on the smartphone.

when the battery gets boosted ampere reading show switching on the mobile repair dc power supply. now press power button of your phone. Now, if you see any amount of ampere on the screen, without you press phone power button then it means, the mobile phone is a short circuit. and also when you use the wrong charger to charge your phone and phone get hot.

I love my professions and enjoy sharing with others what I have learned. so that is it for today post that is how you can use a DC power supply to power a smartphone and feature phone both to put the voltage and Ampere on your DC power supply screen and free information that's why I do it and as always I hope did you learn something, Do you want to know which same parts are there in all Smartphones? most mobile repair technicians used DC power supply to switch ON a smartphone without their batteries. if you see on the screen shows ‘0.00’ in the voltage and ampere reading, then the mobile phone circuit is the full short circuit. I am Muhammad Asif Azeemi from mobile repairing online dot com I am the creator of this blog where people come to get mobile repairing training. And in the smartphone, you see at ampere reading screen 010 or 015 when you press the power button of the phone if the phone is in software fault. read the full post to learn the tips and tricks to repair mobile phones and smartphones. Now switch ON the phone and see Ampere reading. This is the mobile repairing tips and tricks for Checking a battery and boosting using power supply machine.

supply cable red wire to the positive terminal of the handset battery connector +VBAT and the black wire to the negative GND as well as the 3rd pin BSI to check the phone. let's start with the why there are two answers for the Y the first answer to why I would use a DC power supply mobile repairing to power where the cell phones are that this R.s 300 mini power supply. if you are interested in to read a PDF Book on regulated dc power supply. Don’t have time to read the whole blog post right now? visit this link to Review Best Top DC Power Supply and find one which suits for. Get A Free PDF Copy Of This DC Power Supply Page: Get Updated information on DC Power Supply 2020. if you want to Go Further in Hot testing this PDF Document on How To Use DC Power Supply in Mobile Repairing &, how to use dc power supply for cell phone repair. Reasons for short circuit in mobile phone circuit : 1, Phone falling into toilet water or liquid damage. Now switch ON the phone and see Ampere Reading.

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