Very handy! does it suck tone? That doesn't mean a dummy load is useless. From all we found, we managed to filter them down to our top four, so let’s dive straight in! [quote name='longtimefred' timestamp='1352134200' post='1859173'] With a 100% passive signal path, this means you can also play safe in the knowledge that the quality of your guitar sounds is protected and maintain quality from start to finish.

So tubes out wont upset the power supply or anything? The answer is yes IF the amp is stable. If it is not, then the amp can be damaged. There are independent Level (Hi-Lo) switches to set the headphone and line out volume. However, finding an attenuator to convert this energy is easier said than done. HP Jensen C12N. × Coming in at the lower end of the price bracket, the MicroMass is ideal for hobbyists or professional players who are looking for something small and manageable that still provides the outstanding features they’re looking for. also pull the output valves, that rat dummy load will get hot quick and you don't wanna be in the way when it goes off!

So tubes out wont upset the power supply or anything?

× Display as a link instead, × Powered by Invision Community. Definately don't want to be in the way when anything goes off! i didn't know v4's came with a dummy load? No speaker is constant resistance/reactance across the entire (or even a small section of) the audible frequency range. when its back from the menders   Pasted as rich text. Clear editor. Rat Valve Amps Guitars user reviews. save you some pennies.

I would say it unlikely that it's hurt the output transformer. Bugera V5 connected to Tech 21 Power Engine 60 via "Dummy Load Box" from You’ll also want to make sure that the attenuator you choose can handle the power of your amp, no matter what that may be.

As for pulling valves, even simpler! when its back from the menders Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts? It also offers a line out for connection to a slave amp, mixer or to recording equipment (DAW). You may be wondering why you would do this in the first place. The Doktor posted a very qualified and good reply. One look at the title of this model and you can already tell that this attenuator has been designed with complete power control in mind.

With a 15-watt rating, this model is compatible with most small to mid-range amps and with 8-ohm impedance, it’s also highly compatible with the majority of 4,8 or even 16-ohm amplifiers. Upload or insert images from URL. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic.   Your previous content has been restored. Gaze not into the abyss, lest you become recognized as an abyss domain expert, and they expect you keep gazing into the damn thing. i didn't know v4's came with a dummy load? Cheers man, you're a star and in the mean time, if you need an amp, come get the Ashton! Most of the Important Components (Transformers, Valve Bases, Valves, Speaker, Pots and Sockets) are usually decent Quality. I've been looking at one of these recently.. One of the really features on that amp as Longtimefred will testify to! Yup, the MK2s did.. 2.

Paste as plain text instead, × Making a load that accurately matches any given speaker will be difficult/not worth the effort. The 50w rating is acceptable as I'm not bothered about running the amp up to flat out and all that with the Ashton, I simply want to use the existing XLR out without mauling cabs about. should be alright as its gone today so should be back next week. May 26, 2014 #1.

Additionally, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the patented RE-ACT technology, which means you can protect your amplifier from damage, regardless of what you’re putting it through. Across the box, you’ll find a selection of LED meters which allow you to monitor your tone and attenuation settings, as well as allowing you to visualize match the impedance and input settings, all, so you have the optimal setup effortlessly.

With this attenuator, you’ll be able to enjoy an incredibly superior sound quality, and thanks to the outstanding impedance, you’ll be actively protecting the lifespan and durability of your tube amp. While the model above is ideal for professional guitarists and players who are looking for the very best product they can find, the price range may too expensive for some players, especially if you’re just looking for an attenuator you can use at home.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Where is the XLR out coming from? What we love about this attenuator is the fact that you can use it as an attenuator, connecting it to your power source and amp, or alternatively, you can use it as a load box, instead of using your typical speaker cabinet, allowing you to send a balanced XLR (or an unbalanced …

At the bottom of the front panel, you’ll find an extensive selection of dials that will allow you to have full control of your sound. The 50w rating is acceptable as I'm not bothered about running the amp up to flat out and all that with the Ashton, I simply want to use the existing XLR out without mauling cabs about. On the front of the model, you’ll find a controllable volume setting for effortless changes, which can also be used to adjust the gain of the tones you’re producing. [quote name='VTypeV4' timestamp='1352162361' post='1859667'] - Additional RAT Features and Modifications - 1. To kickstart our list of favorite amp attenuators, we’ve chosen one of the best models that are popular with guitarists all over the world, regardless of their skill level or power requirements. A non-inductive resistor of the proper value (usually 2,4,8, or 16 ohms) with sufficient power handling capacity works quite well for most testing. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

Never thought about making one myself but it does seem very simple. Copyright © All the good names are taken ltd. Both the head and combo models came with the switch. Just to be clear its not really an attenuator I'm after but a dummy load..

Of course, your top priority is making sure the tones and sounds coming through your app stay at the highest quality you possibly can. This is an awesome feature that allows you to have full control over the sound that you’re producing, giving you the opportunity to find that perfect setting for your own style of play. i can drop it off whenever you need it mate. While being the most expensive attenuator on this list, you can play safe in the knowledge that this is quite possibly the only attenuator you’re ever going to need again. nope. Making a load that accurately matches any given speaker will be difficult/not worth the effort. Food for thought indeed. Of course, with the Torpedo, you’ll be able to choose between 4, 8, and 16-ohm impedances and enjoy full compatibility with all amplifiers up to an incredible 150-watts.

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