Non, failing to realize what has happened to his compatriots, attempts to attack in revenge by leaping at Superman. When Superman takes Lois flying for the last time, scenes from, The film begins with a reprise of the trial of Zod, Ursa, and Non from 'Superman (1978)'. In Superman II, a hydrogen bomb that Superman hurls into space destroys the Phantom Zone portal, allowing the three to escape. They are cast into the Phantom Zone portal shortly before the planet Krypton is destroyed. King Shark | When Zod, Ursa, and Non leave the Daily Planet offices to chase Superman, all three of them fly out of separate windows, and only those windows break. He never talks, only making inhuman groans. The Phantom Zone containing the Super Villains is hit by waves from the elevator explosion. Of the three, he is the biggest, and also the stupidest. It's part of the rigging used in the front projection process. Superman agrees to sacrifice his powers to start a relationship with Lois Lane, unaware that three Kryptonian criminals he inadvertently released are conquering Earth. When General Zod blows wind at the townspeople, one taxi is clearly made of Styrofoam. Brando, who was paid $3.7M for his role in Superman: The Movie and who later sued Warner Bros. for $50M in box office receipts, was not used in the theatrical cut because the studio did not want to pay him. After an unidentified Kryptonian boy crash lands in Metropolis and is taken in by Lois Lane and Clark Kent, he is followed by three more Kryptonians in identical vessels: General Zod and Ursa (who claim the boy as theirs) as well as Non. Donner and Mankiewicz contend this is one of the big problems with the film because it left an incomplete father/son arc in the two movies. Why would the Phantom Zone holding Zod, Lursa and Non break apart by a relative small nuclear device and not by the supernova explosion of the Krypton star itself? Non is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.He first appeared in the 1978 film Superman: The Movie portrayed by actor and former boxer Jack O'Halloran.The character made his comic book debut in Action Comics #845 (January 2007). The back of the sheriff's car says "COUNTY SHERIFF" but the emblem on the side says "EAST HOUSTON IDAHO POLICE".

When Lois and Clark are driving from the Fortress of Solitude after Superman gives up his powers, the car is actually from. Non initially appeared in the first two Superman films, Superman: The Movie and Superman II. All-Star Superman: Lex Luthor | Solaris | Parasite | Bar-El & Lilo-El Unfortunately, the explosion releases the three bad guys,General Zod (, The meta-human heritage of the Last Son Of Krypton is tested as never before when a series of misadventures unlocks in Superman a very human emotion - love. Crazy Credits Originally, Donner wanted Jerry Goldsmith (who had scored his previous film, The Omen) to write the music. It drops normally, and not more slowly as it would in the Moon's reduced gravity. After leading a separatist movement, Non was abducted by unknown persons and seemingly lobotomized, leading to his current status as a minimally-verbal brute.

Dark Knights |

In Action Comics Annual #10, it was revealed that Non was a friend to Jor-El, as well as a member of the Kryptonian Council, while they discovered Krypton's instability. The Non doll has a big black square glued to its back, to make it easier to break through the model building's wall. Ursa speaks to the astronaut aloud, despite there being no air on the Moon to form words or carry sound. Dev-Em | The character made his comic book debut in Action Comics #845 (January 2007). Quotes, O'Halloran did not get along that well with Christopher Reeve during filming of. Connections Superman II is a 1980 superhero film directed by Richard Lester and written by Mario Puzo and David and Leslie Newman from a story by Puzo based on the DC Comics character Superman.It is the second installment in the Superman film series and a sequel to Superman (1978). Preus | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Eradicator | During the fight in Metropolis, Ursa throws a manhole cover into Superman's chest. In the shot after that, the man is back again, still pouring it, and then puts it down for Lois.

Superman and the three super villains are battling it out over several square miles above Metropolis, yet, Lois Lane should not be able to see them from that distance as she watches from the Daily Planet Building, as she reacts to her co-workers that "the bigger one [villain] is just as strong as Superman.". He wanted them to appear as a greater direct threat to Superman rather than blowing up helicopters, which is why Donner trims down many of the East Houston scenes in his cut. 10. It's the explosive charge that blows up the sign when Zod hits it. As it starts to break up, the outline of the animation cels used for the scene are visible. | However his lip movements do not match the words spoken. While Superman and Non fight underneath Metropolis, pneumatic pumps are visible in the street as the manhole covers pop up. The three are sentenced to be imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Superman Returns: Lex Luthor Non is a Kryptonian grunt. Neutron | In most depictions, he's mainly a silent type, and a strongman. ‘The Mandalorian’ Explained: Chapter 9 Redeems an Action Figure, 10 Most Harrowing Horror Movie Pregnancies, How They Did the “Birth of Frank” Sequence in ‘Hellraiser’, 10 Most Affectingly Bleak Downer Endings in Horror, The Deadly Do-Overs of Horror’s Staple Slashers, For the Birds: How They Filmed the Crow Scenes for Dario Argento’s ‘Opera’, 29 Things We Learned from ‘The Devil’s Candy’ Commentary, Check out more commentary commentary in the Commentary Commentary archives, Donner: “For so many reasons, this film would never have had the success it did – the Superman series – if we had not found Christopher Reeve or if he had not found us. Superman: Man of Tomorrow: Parasite | Lobo | Lex Luthor, Video Games In another Action Comics Annual, it is explained that after Zod and Ursa give birth to their son (who would later become known as Christopher Kent), Non behaved not only docile but caring towards Chris during his early childhood.[1]. When Zod, Ursa, and Non leave the Phantom Zone, they are unsurprised by their new powers (ex. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1. While flying away from the moon after the confrontation with the astronauts, Non throws the American flag and pole into the moon buggy. The hoops spinning around General Zod (Terrence Stamp), Ursa (Sarah Douglas) and Non (Jack O’Halloran) were a toy that Donner had seen in a toy store. Toyman | Superman: Unbound: Brainiac 4. Prometheus | Eventually, Zod and his gang were led to Superman's fortress of solitude by Lex Luthor, who double crossed Superman and told Zod about a device to take away Kryptonians' powers. Superman is placed into the Military Guild, named Commander of the Red Shard unit. 24. Superman: Lex Luthor | Otis | Eve Teschmacher | General Zod | Non | Ursa An accomplice of General Zod and an adversary of the superhero Superman, he is typically depicted as having been imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, along with Zod and Ursa, among whom he is portrayed as the strong and silent muscle. Lex couldn't resist a chance to double cross Superman, and told them. When they finally do, the elevator continues to accelerate. Satanus | Once again, Superman is there and saves Paris by throwing the bomb into outer space. Zod and his gang are completely invincible to attacks such as bullets and rockets while they are on earth - they don't even flinch, yet when Ursa picks up the snake, it is able to bite her and cause her pain. Captain Boomerang | Jor-El's dialogue is completely different. Superman: Doomsday: Lex Luthor | Superman Clone | Doomsday | Toyman | Mercy Graves For years, Donner never watched the theatrical cut of Superman II. Originally Donner had concepts for Superman III and Superman IV, with Mankiewicz eventually directing Superman III. Manchester Black | 15. After Superman decks Non, he flies up and through the wall of the building. Along with Ursa, he fills out the Zod Trio, a trio of Zod and his disciples. Circe | Prankster | Neron | Since this he has been loyal to Kal-El. Superman finds the other Aspirants are forcing Non to fight a wild animal as a hazing, which he stops. Black Adam | Funky Flashman | All scenes with Marlon Brando, Ned Beatty, Gene Hackman, and Valerie Perrine were shot by Donner. He soon became an enforcer for General Zod. Zod, Ursa, and Non lost all their powers. 20 more photos ... [Ursa and Non start moving menacingly towards Luthor] Lex Luthor : Yes, Jor-El your jailer. Dominus | Metallo | When the boy at Niagara Falls begins to fall it takes approx. In the original and Richard Donner versions, one must wonder how mortal Clark was able to survive walking all the way back to the Fortress Of Solitude with only a lightweight jacket, slacks, and what look like wing-tipped shoes. With Jor-El as their prosecutor, the three are found guilty and sentenced to be imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.

Heat Wave | When the county sheriff and his deputy first encounter Zod, Ursa, and Non, after discharging the shotgun, Zod throws it and it lands in front of the passenger side rear wheel. He reversed the machine which took his powers earlier in the film (by manipulating the rays of the red sun of Krypton), in order that he live with Lois as a mortal, and told Lex that the machine would rid them of their powers. Non is a Kryptonian criminal, and one of Zod's gang and a major antagonist of the Superman universe, most prominently in Superman II. When Ursa picks up the rattlesnake after first landing on Earth, the snake clearly has no rattle.

Non is an enemy of Superman. However, as flawed as this cut of the film is, it is nice to see the original director get some closure in one of the original superhero movie franchises. Soundtracks. He isn't matted in from the waist down, and buildings can be seen through him. After the villains are defeated, Lois is at the office the very next day, and still upset with the fact that she and Superman can't be a couple. Preserver | Similarly, Hackman did not want to wear a skullcap throughout the majority of the production, so Donner decided to style his hair differently for each scene to make it look like he was wearing a series of wigs. Non is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.He first appeared in the 1978 film Superman: The Movie portrayed by actor and former boxer Jack O'Halloran.The character made his comic book debut in Action Comics #845 (January 2007).

At the beginning of Superman, Non is one of the three Kryptonian criminals on trial, along with General Zod and Ursa, for their attempted coup against the Kryptonian government. As Zod holds Superman in submission, Luthor reveals the ability of the Fortress to revert Superman into a human, a punishment that Zod sets forth. Superman's love for journalist Lois Lane (, A group of terrorists seize the Eiffel Tower & threaten Paris with a hydrogen bomb if the French government does not meet their demands. the abilities to breathe in space and fly) and confused by humanity's lack of super powers.

The footage had to be cut together, which is why Reeve’s hair changes length and glasses change style during the scene. Weather Wizard | Superman: Red Son: Superman | Brainiac | Lex Luthor | Batman | Joseph Stalin | Superior Man Showing all 61 items Jump to: Photos (43) Quotes (18) Photos . 28 seconds for Superman to catch him. Trivia The Death Of Superman: Doomsday | Lex Luthor | Intergang (Bruno Mannheim) | Mercy Graves | Cyborg Superman

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