Interlude: I Don't Wanna Die Lyrics: Just another night in my Philly / Will get dreams ain't worth a penny / We celebrate life every night, toast a (?) [Verse 1] And, loc, sometimes I don't wanna come outside But, ah, most of the gangstas and killas I know (?) Cuz all the good niggas are either dead or in jail A military expression referring to an issue that the speaker wants to address, but recognizes would be too much hassle to deal with. But I ain't scared of all the automatic full of lead Keep it tight! My reputation stands well All it takes is one shot to the dome Dat's my outlook on life until it ends To lay me down and get what I got Chorus: [2x] with my grains I sold out my soul for the game I don't wanna die but I see the devil's walkin' his flame (?) But they always take the niggas dat I killed Shakin' all them so-called friends because they scheme and they plot My baby-momma bringin' mo' drama than the feds I tried looking for someone's version of this already, and couldn't find one. Chorus: [2x] And I don't wanna die but if I do I thank the feds for playin' on my pager! Puttin' all these G's turned snitches but it's (?) Let me remind you quickly there are literally billions of people out Dat's why I gang bang, dat's why I slang 'caine The vision hell's angels and the field (?) I'm rollin' wit some niggas prepared for anything, anywhere Will get dreams ain't worth a penny But I'm all G'up, so let's ride! And raise the six hundred headlights through the night I feel it in me, it's frustratin' enough I be right here on the front line in this war zone Chorus: [4x]. If you enjoy, like and subscribe for more! We're runnin' off their spots wit Glocks and fo-fo's like vets "But, you know, it's like everybody I hear You say you have no money, you have no family and that you are ugly. I gots to maintain for what's I head Day and night, on my mind, please don't kill the vibe Oh no, I swear to God, I be in my mind Swear I wanna die, yeah, when you cross my— Said I wanna die, yuh, no, I'm not alright, yuh I might start a riot, I'm so fuckin' tired Peepin' out my window for the change Wanna be a tough guy killa, a gangsta, you understand? Now your family's sittin' in the front row when you're gone Thinkin' major, knowin' all the time I need to save ya; the anger We celebrate life every night, toast a (?) [Verse 2] [Verse 3] dead" And if we only die once I wanna die with you (heeyy) You got something I need In this world full of people there's one killing me And if we only die once, (hey) I wanna die with you (you, you, you) You got something I need In this But as I step over bodies dat I peeled I did so much dirt I should fry So I made my own! For one second hustlas who had riches But all I see is pain. ?Hollowed? I wake up every morning the same Let's ?pretend? foe me, show me a sign! But look at me: the older generation O.G Tryin' to get mine before it's time G, the situation is ill, I feel my turn's probably next I've made mama cry, don't know why I'm still alive Yes, the truth is I don't wanna die an ordinary man [Guitar Solo] [Chorus: Ozzy Osbourne] Yes, I've … And before I leave I cross out their set! To watch the lil' homies on the grind tryin' to come up A pocket full of chips and a Benz Tryin' to shake these nine-ounce into a key Just another night in my Philly Sorry to hear that you are in this situation. his (?) I'm proof for the livin' walkin' dead! Anytime fag in the hood are over there Homies, don't cry! Familiar. I pray dat god (?) Lets address your problems that you have listed. Callin' my name like he know me Dat's why I sport a bulletproof vest, but I stress Huh, but in still I smash out without fright Stop flossin' for these fake ass bitches Wavin' at me, getting close witta fat grin on the (?)

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