When you need to see a doctor or dentist in Greece just go along to a local IKA office (The Social Insurance Foundation) with your EHIC card to make an appointment. I should have an Irish passport, but it is not guaranteed. Every month he receives his social security check by mail. Medical personnel in the public sector are not allowed to work privately, and the reimbursement system itself has not been adequately overhauled, resulting in a large deficit which periodically has to be topped up from government funds. The answer is, it depends on the country. Other European Union nationals can also avail of free healthcare benefits provided they have their European Health Card, which entitles the bearer to public health cover for a limited period of time. Instructions given by the doctor must be strictly adhered to, for the treatment to be completed. 2. Pharmacies are plentiful in Greece, especially in the main cities, and are generally a good first line of defense against illness. Exceptions apply for certain cases. In reality, even though Greece was somewhat taciturn about doing this, she signed a binding bilateral Since the economic crash, many Greeks take out private cover in addition to public health insurance, as the range of treatment covered by bodies such as EFKA is not as extensive as it used to be, so the private options fill the treatment gap. You must have a minimum of 50 days IKA contributions in each year to renew the health book for the following year. Social Security Organisation in Greece meets the needs of its insured members in medical care and benefit payments. If you are healthy and there's only a few months before you get your pension then just keep your fingers crossed. There is also an AMKA helpline on telephone number 11131. I could be wrong, Lynn, but I think your description needs some clarification. This must be renewed once a year in September or December. Cheap private health insurance can be found in order to fit the legal requirements so you can get your residence permits . Healthcare is very good and pretty cheap here. Shops, Doctors, Professionals, Suppliers & Services. You have to prove annualy that you are still alive. Some great info, learned a lot, not necessarily what I wanted to hear though.... Don't worry too much Tom . IKA was the one for salaried workers so it was the biggest single one and it was the one that interfaced with NI/NHS in the UK to administer reciprocal benefits defined in EU Directives. An IKA office normally opens at 7:30 and closes by 15:00, but I’ve found that working hours vary by municipality and the area it serves with some opening at 7:00 or 8:00 and closing between noon and 14:30.

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