The day highlighted that there is no ‘one size fits all’, and just as there are cats that thrive as pets, others will never adapt to living alongside humans, no matter how much love we give them. National Black Cat Day was created by Cats Protection on 27 October 2011 to help celebrate the majesty of monochrome moggies and beautiful black cats. Black cats are not only considered bad luck in the United States but they are also one … Today, pop culture loves black cats. The History Of Black Cat Appreciation Day. This holiday was first celebrated in European country, in Italy, in 2007.

Celebrating 10 years of Black Cat Day The activists proposed to introduce this holiday in connection with the annual death of several thousand of cats with this color of hair. So, to try and dispel these myths about black cats, National Black Cat Appreciation Day was created to be celebrated on August 17 every year. On 8 August 2020, International Cat Day united cat lovers across the globe in a celebration of cats – an opportunity to share our passion for cats and learn more about this fascinating species. Black Cat Appreciation Day is a holiday that was created in 2011 by Cats Protection. When the campaign was first launched, it was revealed that it took black cats an average of a week longer to find a home when compared with other colored cats. Black Cat Day was created in 2011 by Cats Protection in order to celebrate beautiful black cats. When the campaign was launched, statistics revealed that black and black-and-white cats took, on average, seven days longer to find a home compared to cats of other colours. Black cats need a little positive PR as their reputation as an omen of bad luck is well-known (and unearned, frankly). In the lead-up to Halloween, National Black Cat Day provides the chance for feline fans to show off their love for the oft-maligned, but always iconic animal. National Black Cat Day aims to eliminate the stigma by celebrating black cats for the cute, loveable, furry friends they are. There’s the sarcastic Thackery Binx in “Hocus Pocus”, Salem, in “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” and Pyewacket in the classic “Bell, Book and Candle,” and we can’t forget the classic cartoon black cat, Luna in “Sailor Moon.”

October 27th is believed to be a special day of black cat protections. It’s National Black Cat Day on October 27th! It was created because several studies had revealed that fewer people adopt black cats and that these cats spend a week longer, on average, before they’re adopted than other types of … National Black Cat Day Celebrated on October 27th, just four days before Halloween, National Black Cat Day is a holiday which celebrates an animal which has sort of an image problem. Mon Aug 17th, 2020 Black Cat Appreciation Day Nothing is quite as elegant as a black cat—like a miniature Amazonian jaguar, they doze atop the highest point in the area, waking for several hours daily to prowl around hunting for a tasty morsel.

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