You hope you’ll never need it, but it is nice to know it is there. Best security and fire rating of any…. This Liberty has 16 bolts, and all of them are active (meaning they retract and engage). I purchased it mainly for the fire protection. If someone does break into my home it rings in and law informant is dispatched. As others have said, is it impossible to break in to?

But thanks to the fast action of the city’s firefighters, the flames never reached my neighborhood.Meanwhile, in the northern part of the state, tens of thousands of people had been evacuated from their homes as more than 76,000 acres were turned into scorched earth and the blackened skeletons of charred trees by the same deadly combination of fierce winds and dry vegetation.

While weight does slowly add up, it provides a mass that gives the safe some extra protection, and the loss of interior space is negligible. Due to my space limitations, I went with Liberty’s 25-gun Lincoln Series, which fit my allocated area perfectly and has a relatively affordable starting price of $2,549.

At this point the seal at the door doubles as water repellant. If the bit catches in the hardened bearing plate, it will break.

Yet when you buy a light safe, you are sacrificing all of the features that make a safe safe.

So I went in to see my FFL. Liberty Lincoln gun safes are BIGGER, STRONGER AND TOUGHER than ever before! If you have Tens of thousands of dollars in items to store and keep safe then you might want to spend the time to look at these guys. Nothing is. But recent events in California have caused me to reevaluate the safeguards I had taken to protect my guns.Beginning in the late summer and early fall of 2019, a calamitous series of raging wildfires, caused by events both manmade and natural and fueled by tinder-dry vegetation as the result of years of drought, erupted throughout northern and southern California. The company's products are offered under three popular brands–Liberty, National Security and Centurion.

Regarding… “You can get a tramp stamp for your safe. Their walls are thin. jukk0u mentioned Amsec. The door panels are great for pistols and extras that are easily swallowed whole in a safe this size. I highly recommend it for it’s quality, construction, and protection, to anyone. Half of their product line is made in China, not the USA, and Chinese steel sucks! But those two words took on an even greater and more personal meaning for me recently.Like any responsible firearms owner, my guns had been securely locked away, out of sight and out of reach from unauthorized individuals, whether family, guests or anyone else entering my home—invited or uninvited. I’ve used the “Egyptian Method” to move and install my Lincoln (slightly smaller than the example referenced above but still over 1K lbs) without help. . I’m sure there are better, stronger, harder to steal, etc., safes out there but, for my collection, which I will say is rather large and valuable (monetarily and personally priceless) I feel confident in the safe I have. There are bolts in all four sides of the door, which is a huge improvement over some safes that have fixed studs in the hinged side and nothing on the bottom. For true security, a safe would need to be around a Class C rating or better. This is a real safe with real protection. Extra weight inside the safe can help. Mine is a smaller size than the ‘Lincoln’ and my finish is a matte gray with a dial lock.

All these companies call their products safes when they know they are only RSC’s and are only certified that way. Inside the door of most safes will be all of the basic information.

Good article. – never put ammo in a gun safe. Not only are Liberty safes made in America (not all safes are), but Liberty also manufactures safes for Cabela’s, Colt and the National Rifle Association. There are some companies, Liberty included, that put extra emphasis into the graphics and paint jobs. I keep my long guns in socks, so the ability to stack them tight is a plus. Lincoln safes also include Liberty’s sleek five spoke handle, Clearview Lights, and beautiful upgraded interiors. Why would you invest in firearms and then store them in cut-rate weapon lockers? Fire- and Thief-Defense: Liberty Safe's Lincoln Series. While Liberty does have some pretty safes AMSEC is another good line (not as pretty but they have some serious security features; e.g. There are many price points for everybody depending on size(how many guns it will hold), accessories, and finish.

This one is from Liberty’s Lincoln line and has a thick skin: 11 gauge steel. The Lincoln is upholstered nicely. It is best to avoid exterior walls.

Nationwide Shipping Available.

I think the gun safe article is right,”on target”. Good point, I bet most people don’t think about that. I personally have an American security safe that is heavy steel outside and lighter steel inside but filled with cement not fireboard. Consider the extras, as they are built into the price Any way you cut it, it is a wide safe. Privacy Policy   •   Contact Us   •   Warnings   •   FAQs   •  © 2020 National Rifle Association of America, The contents of this Liberty Safe owned by one of their customers - including his guns, photos, jewelry and important documents - were intact and unharmed after his neighborhood was completely destroyed by the devastating Northern California Carr Fire in 2018, which destroyed 229,651 acres.

Liberty Lincoln 50 Gun Safe. This is the safe – the Liberty Lincoln Tradition Series, that the author selected to fit his room size and budget.

Then bolt it to the concrete floor. A safe that is both secure and fireproof also means it’s an ideal storage place for important documents such as birth certificates, photos and passports, not to mention those invaluable authenticating letters from Colt and Smith & Wesson and other pieces of paper provenance that can add to a firearm’s value.After doing some online research, I soon discovered that not all gun safes are equal. It takes about seven weeks to construct each Liberty safe, and 24 different color choices are available, along with other options (although the Lincoln series came with practically everything I wanted as standard features). Rather than the standard five-spoke mechanical locking wheel, the author opted for Liberty’s backlit electronic E-Lock (shown here in Black Carbide finish), which uses a personally set combination and has its own long lasting, replaceable 9-volt internal battery. A good handle gives you the leverage needed to move all of those bolts. You can get a tramp stamp for your safe. I know some shooters who have at least that much wrapped up in one tricked out AR-15.
They won’t have a “gun” interior. You have to weigh down the safe, right? Thieves certainly will not have the time nor the desire to try to get into my safe with the alarms going off.

This thin membrane expands when heated and seals up a safe. As another consideration, when having the safe installed, make sure there’s enough room to open the door completely, as some door interiors can be used for additional gun storage. Liberty protects them by placing them inside the safe. Make sure whatever safe you buy has been tested by an independent agency.

Besides, you’ve got to give extra points to a company that displays a giant American flag inside its Payson, Utah, factory. Pay the extra money to have it professionally installed and bolt it to your slab foundation. It is a good excuse to buy more guns.

It doesn’t make much sense. You will also sleep better at night knowing an intruder will not get the jump on you while you and your family sleep. I spent a fair amount of time researching safes and their construction last year and only found one brand that would take a professional more than a few minutes to open, Graffunder. And it wasn’t because they were empty. Their fire protection is minimal. Dials do not go bad and will work a lifetime. But then, why not have something pleasing to look at whenever you walk into your den or when you pull your car into the garage?

I want, and do protect my whole house and property from thieves with a security system and surveillance cameras. The construction of the bolt, and its length and width is also important. This is laughable, 11ga steel is about 1/8th of an inch, and models using gauges from 10-20 are considered “Residential Security Containers” with a UL rating of TL-5, meaning it will withstand an attack by one man with a hammer and crowbar for 5 minutes. Though most safes are simple in their adornment, Liberty can dress them up.

Liberty offers traditional dial locks and electronic keypad locks. No chamber and bolt to direct the pressure where it is supposed to go. Every Liberty Safe is inspected through each step of its manufacture. Even on the backside of the door, an active bolt (just above this hinge) will help to secure a safe.

Go to a quality safe shop and swing the TIGHTLY fitted door on a Graffunder and the argument is over.

If you can’t sink lag bolts into concrete, consider bolting it down anyhow.

Our best specials are all kept up to date on our Used Safes, Promos, and Closeouts page. When considering where to locate your safe, be sure you allow enough room to fully open the door, as it can often be used for additional gun storage, such as provided by this Liberty Safe handgun and accessory panel, which is standard on many models. More.

Fireboard is stacked, sheet on sheet, and lapped inside the safe. A hanging organizer like this on the back of the safe’s door insures that no space is wasted. The MSRP begins at $3,539. Cut a hinge when the safe is locked and what happens….. you have a closed locked door that will now fall on any idiot tryin b to open it. My graffunder has 1″ thick solid steel construction with a 1 1/2″ thick solid steel door with an anti torch steel layer, inside the walls you find another 1/2 inch of slurried concreate for fire protection.
That’s just silly. Liberty Safe Company has made one great gun safe in the Lincoln 50. A wide safe offers easy access to an AR-15 or a compact shotgun. And then there’s the guarantee. Make sure it is where you want it, and lock it down. Many shops will have special lifts to help overcome stairs and obstacles. But just as importantly, in answer to my concern about fire protection for my guns, the Lincoln series is designed to withstand 1,200 degrees of intense heat for 90 minutes and has an all-important heat activated door seal that expands up to seven times its size in a fire, thus further sealing out heat and smoke.As for security, the Lincoln series is constructed of 11-gauge steel and has up to (depending on size) 15 military-style 3/8-inch solid steel locking bars, plus anti-pry, single sheet construction. While that represents a significant investment for almost everyone I know, we’re talking about genuine protection. Bunch of ammo in a safe?

The locks are the only item on the safes that do have a standard, and you should always spend a few dollars more for the group 1 lock. you are giving yourself more time to eat away at the enemy’s health and energy. 2 Liberty Safe Cn24-bktfe Centurion Safe W/Electronic Lock. That said, I can’t ever replace them. “Safe” and “fire” are two commands most of us are familiar with. 4) steel:

Come look at the Liberty Lincoln gun safes along with all the other 170+ safes that we have on display in our showroom located in Ontario, California. Bondo has its place, but you don’t want it to be the first barrier any thief will have to overcome. 6) gun “safes” with fireboard are not safes. This one makes a statement. It can’t be compromised with a sawzall and a sledge hammer. Not surprisingly, the Lincoln Series (not just the 50) recently was named the No. Find those trusted friends who can help move it around. Mine is ordered and I cannot wait…The right movers can put it anywhere…Mine is headed for the basement…For the money, I am pretty sure the Liberty Lincoln is about the best bang for the buck…, I’ve owned a Liberty FatBoy for about 5yrs now and have been very happy with it.

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