Nach islamischer Tradition gilt Ismail als Stammvater der Araber. [5], When Haydar Mirza found out about the dangerous position he was in, he took Pari Khan Khanum (who was also in the palace) "into custody as a precautionary measure" (Parsadust). Next, el Bermejo found Ismail's brother Qays, who was still a child, and executed him, too. He appointed Ibn al-Hasan al-Nubahi as the chief judge (qadi al-jama'a), replacing Ibn Juzayy, one of the most celebrated men in the city, whom Ismail suspected of supporting Muhammad V.[21] Ismail appointed Idris ibn Uthman ibn al-Ula as the Chief of the Volunteers in Granada. [10] The Nasrid dynasty did not have a predetermined order of succession;[11] initially, Yusuf designated Ismail as his heir, but, a few days before his death, he named Muhammad instead. [5], Ismail Mirza, who was still in the Qahqaheh Castle, was shortly escorted out of the place with thousands of Qizilbash warriors and reached the countryside of Qazvin on 4 June 1576. [15] However, in 1358, he was embroiled in the War of the Two Peters between Peter I and Peter IV of Aragon. Thus the main chieftains of the Qizilbash arranged a meeting to discuss about who should be the successor. [12][13] Due to Muhammad's young age, the government and the army were controlled by Ridwan, who still held the guardianship of Muhammad, Ismail, and their siblings. Yahya was given asylum in Cordoba until he joined the Sultan-in-exile in 1361. The Georgians also supported him, since his mother was Georgian. Ismail was surrounded by el Bermejo's men and barricaded himself in a tower overlooking the capital, likely one of the towers in the Alcazaba of the Alhambra. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Haydar Mirza was the only son who was with him when he died, and thus the following day, he announced himself as the new king. He killed or blinded five of his own brothers and four other Safavid princes, including Ibrahim Mirza, so they would be unable to take the throne from him. Muhammad VI threw himself at the mercy of Peter I, an ally of Muhammad V. Peter refused to give asylum to the dethroned Sultan and instead personally executed him in Seville on 25 April 1362. [1] Through a combination of diplomatic and military manoeuvres, the emirate succeeded in maintaining its independence, despite being located between two larger neighbours: the Christian Crown of Castile to the north and the Muslim Marinid Sultanate in Morocco. [8], Yusuf I was assassinated during prayer in the Great Mosque of Granada on Eid al-Fitr, 19 October 1354. [8], Described as being a "Sunni in sympathy,"[9] he also implemented a pro-Sunni policy and began reversing the imposition of Shi'ism in Iran (which he ultimately sought to abolish)[10] and appointed Sunni-leaning ulema. Zusammen mit seinen Geschwistern trat er bereits im Kindesalter als Yurtseven Kardeşler (Geschwister Yurtseven) auf. He thus stayed for 14 days at the house of Husaynquli Khulafa, the leader of the Rumlu clan, and the Khalifat al-Khulafa (administrator of Sufi affairs). [25][24] Forced to surrender, he offered to live in seclusion, but el Bermejo took him to a dungeon, where he was executed. However, Haydar Mirza's supporters shortly managed to break through the gate, but did not reach there in time—Ismail Mirza's supporters found Haydar Mirza, dressed as a woman in the royal harem. However, Pari Khan Khanum managed to find out about it and told Tahmasp about the plot. — Ismail I. Ismail I., Schah von Persien (Samaniden) (892 907) Ismail I., Sultan von Granada (1314 1325) Ismail I., Schah von Persien (Safawiden) (1500 1524) Ismail II. The general agreement was that Pari Khan Khanum had resolved to poison him with the help of concubines of the inner harem in retaliation for his bad behaviour towards her. On 25 November 1577, Ismail II died abruptly and without any initial signs of bad health. [8] Ibn al-Khatib, one of the main historical sources on Granada in this period, wrote in his al-Lamha al-Badriyya that Ismail—whom he nicknamed al-Mutawattib ("the Usurper")[23]—was a weak, lazy, and effeminate ruler, who braided his hair with silk to below his waist and lacked any personal quality. Ismail was the son of Shah Tahmasp I by an Iraqi Turkoman mother from the area of Mosul, Sultanum Begum Mawsillu. Maryam seems to have had more influence over the Sultan than Buthayna, and Ismail was also his favourite son. [8] His father was Sultan Yusuf I and his mother was the Sultan's concubine Maryam. Ismail — (arabisch ‏إسماعيل ‎, DMG Ismāʿīl) ist die im arabischen und russischen Raum verwendete Aussprache des semitischen Namens Ismael.

However, shortly after, Heydar Mirza was assassinated and upon his assassination the Afshar tribe, who favored his older brother, Ismail, rescued the prince from his prison and chose him as the new shah.

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