“Audix continues to impress us with its latest kick drum mic, the D6.” -2003 PAR Excellence Award Winner, Pro Audio Review “I am extremely happy with the D6 as I have been looking for an excellent sounding Kick mic. D6 . Professional Dynamic Instrument Microphone. Audix ADX51 Features: Small-diaphragm Condenser Cardioid Polar Pattern 40Hz-18kHz Ideal for overheads, cymbals, hi-hat, acoustic instruments Switchable 10dB pad 150 Hz bass roll off Clip, windscreen, and pouch included Impedance - 100 ohms balanced mV/Pascal Sensitivity - 15.9 mV Off-Axis Rejection - >20dB Max SPL - 132dB Requires +48V phantom power. Audix Model ADX10 ADX112 ADX118 ADX20 ADX212 ADX218 ADX40 ADX40 ADX41 ADX5 ADX-50 ADX-51 ADX90 CD11 CX101 CX111 CX211 D2 D4 f10 f15 f2 f5 f50 f9 f90 i5 L5 M1200 Micropods OM-1 OM-11 OM-2 OM-3 OM-5 OM-6 OM-7 M1280 SCX-One TR40 VX10: WindTech Model 1100/2100/2200 Series 1400/1500 Series 1400/1500 Series 1400/1500 Series 8801 Series 8801 Series 500 Series … i5 . 162 . Perfect for home recordings, podcasting, and professional large-scale studios, the A131 and A133 feature a 1.3-inch extra-large, fixed-charged capsule to faithfully reproduce a wide range of sound sources. From concept to completion, our on-site research and development team combined with an in-house manufacturing facility, enable us to proudly provide products designed at our Wilsonville, Oregon headquarters. Audix Microphones Product Catalog 2010. D4 . Additional Media. All-purpose Professional Dynamic Instrument Microphone. 260 . 223 . Artist: Less Than Jake. Audix f9 Small-diaphragm Condenser Microphone ... Audix continues their tradition of innovation for studios with the release of their new large diaphragm condenser microphones. Professional Dynamic Instrument Microphone. ADX51 … Audix is determined to push the limits of technology. Audix dynamic instrument microphones are widely used by sound engineers and musicians throughout the world. 122 . FireBall . Professional Dynamic Instrument Microphone. D2 . Kick: Audix F6 Snare: Shure SM57 High Tom: Audix F2 Low Tom: Audix F2 Floor Tom 1: Audix F2 Floor Tom 2: Audix F5 HiHat: Rode NT1-a EFX OV: Audix F15 Left OV: Audix F9 Right OV: Audix F9 … D ynam OM SERIES. In 1986, Audix designed and introduced a proprietary capsule for the OM series utilizing VLM™ (Very Low Mass) technology.

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