You can select up to three lawyers to contact. McKenzie says she has no doubt that the Windrush scandal is the product of systemic racism within the Home Office, driven by the desire of successive governments to be seen to be controlling immigration. Jaqueline is an Immigration and Asylum lawyer and Lecturer. The resulting political scandal was characterised by the failure of the government to act swiftly so as to make reparations towards the damage done to the victims. Council wins appeal over tribunal ruling requiring it to issue caravan site licence- Local Government Lawyer. All of these people had the right to live in Britain, despite not having been given the documents by the government to prove it. “It’s not a scheme that says, ‘Sorry, we screwed up here and here is some money,’” she says. Change ). ( Log Out /  Since lockdown, she has stopped going to the offices of the law firm she co-founded in 2010 and has been working from home. Following her debut album ‘Rise’ which reached … She was one of the first recipients of the first Windrush compensation offers which she rejected as insulting. Part of the problem, she says, lies with the structure of the scheme, which requires claimants to gather large amounts of documentary proof of the losses they have incurred as a result of being miscategorised as unlawful residents (a problem that often arose because those affected were unable to gather the large amounts of documentary proof required to show that they had been living legally in the UK since the 1960s). All rights reserved. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Also Leona O’Callaghan who did the same: she waived her right to anonymity when the man who abused her as a child was on trial and then convicted. Michele is a Level 1 OISC adviser and able to represent applicants with a wide range of immigration applications. She was aware of the looming Windrush scandal long before it got its name, and her frustration over the continued delays to justice is fuelled by a memory of the years she spent trying and failing to get officials to pay attention. As a solicitor she practised in the areas of civil litigation, criminal and immigration law at top civil liberties firm, Birnberg Peirce and partners. Click Jacqueline's profile to discover their Immiwork Rating, write a review, and read professional endorsements. She realised that the documentation difficulties were causing life-shattering problems in early 2018, when a client she was assisting died as he tried to resolve his citizenship issues, a death she believed may have been connected to the stress he was under as he tried to persuade authorities that he was not an illegal immigrant. She is also uneasy at the prolonged periods people have to wait between submitting a claim and getting a response. “We are continuing to process individual claims as quickly as possible, but cases must be processed individually, with the care and sensitivity they deserve, so that the maximum payment can be made to every single person.”, This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. About half McKenzie’s time is spent on Windrush-related work, most of which is done pro bono. “Because I have a British passport. Many of those hoping for compensation find the forms complicated – despite the best efforts of Martin Forde, the barrister who devised the scheme, and who hoped it would be simple enough for claimants to process without the involvement of lawyers. “I think the politicians believe that the majority of people in Britain are racist and don’t want migrants here, and so they all play to the gallery. As a solicitor she practised in the areas of civil litigation, criminal and immigration law at top civil liberties firm, Birnberg Peirce and partners. Jacqueline is a law graduate with post graduate qualifications in international relations and human rights. At McKenzie’s end, a meeting was called at Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, where as a speaker she was asked to hold free legal surgeries to help those affected. “There are people dying […] who haven’t even been compensated, there are people destitute, it’s taking too long to get compensation to people,” she says. But that has not proved to be the case. Jacqueline McKenzie is Migration Agent in United Kingdom. McKenzie helped them apply for citizenship, which was costly, or to obtain a biometric resident permit showing they have the right to be in Britain, the cheaper option. The firm’s Recommended Lawyers are listed below. “They call me Miss Windrush, and they say, ‘I’m coming to see you’. Miranda Grell, barrister at 10 King’s Bench Walk, “This is a wrong that is so disgraceful. In November of that year, the then home secretary Sajid Javid revealed in a Home Affairs Select Committee that officials had confirmed that there were at least 83 cases of people being wrongfully deported, with officials fearing that there could be a further 81, and that at least 11 of these individuals had died. She is a qualified English language teacher with British Council experience and holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and postgraduate qualifications in project management and quality assurance. However, the introduction of the government’s hostile environment policy in 2012 would irrevocably damage the lives of thousands from the Windrush generation and their children. Employers and landlords faced harsh fines of up to £10,000 if they did not comply. McKenzie highlights several problems with the scheme, including that many people affected won’t qualify for anything as they have to show that they have suffered a loss. During this time she also managed a complex asylum and immigration portfolio of cases which included entry clearance and port refusals, settlement and naturalisation, EEA, ECHR, asylum and fresh claims and appeals against deportation. Why does the government want to punish Kweku Adoboli twice? For years before the scandal broke in 2018, she had been helping lots of Caribbean-born clients with citizenship claims and was dismayed that they were having to pay fees of more than £1,000 to regularise their status, when they had arrived in the UK legally as children. “We really do not need any further reviews to address inequality,” says McKenzie. McKenzie hopes potential claimants will not be discouraged by the delays and difficulties. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Read client reviews of local lawyers and law firms, and get free fee quotes. She made a strong impression in Romper Stomper (1992), and over the next couple of years came to be regarded as one of Australia's most promising young actresses. For the past three months, Jacqueline McKenzie says her front room has been covered with Windrush compensation files. A series exploring its impact on women’s work and relationships, and potential treatments, Get all the pictures, videos, behind the scenes and more from Woman’s Hour. I’ve worked here, I pay my taxes here. What are the pros and cons of waiving your right to anonymity if you’ve been a victim of a sexual crime? Census research suggests there are at least 20,000 people who migrated from Commonwealth countries before immigration laws changed in 1973, who remain undocumented, and only 12,000 have come forward since the government set up the Windrush taskforce to sort out their papers. Credit: Elizabeth Dalziel (photographer), courtesy of the Women Activists of East London exhibition.

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