With metrics and scorecards that provide transparency into what the teams are actually working on, Jira Align will save a considerable amount of time and have it all in one solution. Specific features would include: Proposals, epics, backlog, strategic alignment, estimation, prioritization, what-if, monte-carlo simulation, optimization.

Improve engagement, Deliver value faster Tracks and reports on the overall status and health (scope, schedule, budget) of projects and programs within the portfolio to enable executives to support project execution. More optimized and predictable delivery with fully aligned organizations across every level of scale. Visualize multiple parent and child epics across time in a Roadmap view to gain insight into how your portfolio of work is progressing. Webinar:Define your Enterprise Strategy with Jira Align. Includes Agile Hive-specific gadgets that can be used to create dashboards/wallboards for reporting, team collaboration, etc. Excellent - exactly what i was looking for ... we are 12 teams with room for 15 so Portfolio is perfect! Provides access to a Program room, a master view of the work and status of the program, and the PIs that make it up. The Risk Board can display all risks of an ART in a matrix as well as in a list. What is Enterprise Agility and why is it so important to my organization? New work items can be added to a board individually. The ability to align around common goals, support a number of scaling frameworks, and navigate the complexity of large-scale technology initiatives resonates with many organizations. It delivers value rapidly by shortening delivery cycles, increasing operational efficiency, improving quality and responding faster to changing market conditions. With the release of Jira Align, we commonly hear the question: How is Jira Align different from Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio for Jira) or Jira + Apps Solution?Here is a quick rundown of features to identify which solution is right for your organization. The screen can become cluttered if too many dependencies are shown. Reducing silos between business and technology requires scaling. It brings together the teamwork happening across an organization into an all-encompassing view that connects strategy, work, and outcomes. Would it make sense to keep JIRA Portfolio/Advanced Roadmaps for our Tribes to manage their work but then also introduce JIRA Align for tracking at a higher level OR will JIRA Align essentially do what Portfolio does at both a lower and higher level? Enterprise agility is the bridge that spans both technical delivery and business (planning) teams. - You can forecast schedules based on velocity and estimated work and a few other factors like dependencies and any hard dates you might have on your efforts. If you would like to manage and run Agile Hive yourself, Seibert can provide you with the technical conception, installation, and configuration of your customized environment.

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