Settings are relative to an analog clock face (12 vertical up, 6 vertical down, and so on) and fractional settings are roughly the distance between two hour settings; e.g., 3:45 is three-quarters of the way between 3 and 4 o'clock. With the drive at 9 o'clock you should be fine. BTW, I'm setting mine with low, mid and high at around noon, level at 2 o'clock, voice at noon, and drive at 9 o'clock. This also applies to the Drive if you set it anywhere past 3 o'clock. I experimented with the settings described in this thread. On the Ac Tone I keep "readjusting" the level/voice/drive settings when I stomp the switch! thats working as expected. Hello fellow troglodytes -- I too was unaware of this Joyo JF-14 pedal. Would you use an amp only for a clean tone? You must log in or register to reply here. I kept picking up radio on my two units. It's in a loop as my pedal board is for acoustic and electric guitars so when I play acoustic I can take these two pedals out of the chain it out. If anything I regard it as an underestimate. Based on what I'm hearing now, I think life will be very copacetic. Chain is: Epiphone Les Paul Standard (max volume) => Passive Volume pedal (Max) => Wah (bypassed) => Tuner (bypassed) => MXR Micro Amp (bypassed) => Nova Drive (bypassed) => Joyo => Line6 M5 (bypassed) => Big Sky => Out. But it’s large in size and the construction isn’t as durable as the Boss pedal. The one thing I will say is it has too much drive, so you need to keep the drive low to get good Fender cleans. your EQs are set way low and your drive is way low. Love my Joyo American Sound, works great as a always on edge of breakup amp sim into rental backline or DI'd to FOH. This gives my slightly lower volume then when Joyo is bypassed but it also gives more white noise (not hum just a really loud amplifier with low input). And that weight is without a case. The problem is the signal gets distorted when I crank it up but I'll try what other guys advised. Have fun! The JOYO American sound guitar effect pedals is one of the UKs most popular Amp simulators from the JOYO first series of pedals. JavaScript is disabled. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. Also as mentioned previously, the AS is and amp emulator. Thanks, Clint. Really handy pedals to have. I've had a Henriksen Bud for awhile now, and I really like it - it's very clean, it works well with an archtop and an acoustic and probably many other instruments that I don't play. I think it's working fine, having the drive really low kills the level significantly. I keep it in my case for emergencies in case my amp dies, but I'll also use it regularly at church and for recording as well. instead for the non-clean tone, what "out" actually is in your scenario - or why, really. I haven't noticed the hssss that darkwaters mentioned, but once I get to practice and turn the Bud to gig level, I'll know if it's an issue or not. I used mine as a clean preamp and had the same difficulty with it. It is a clone of the Tech 21 Blonde, and as such the Voice control is a pre-distortion stages mid-boost, so by design it has a lot of effect (keep it low for clean Blackface, up for more gain/Tweed sounds etc). Would anyone turn off their amp at a gig? My Unit also picks up Radio stations, which makes it useless for me. The Drive and the Mid levels greatly affect the overall output. Joyo and Nova drive are in the chain connected with true bypass fx looper (Mark One audio). I bought four of them (American, British, California, AC Tone) because they were dirt cheap and they offer flexibility (and portability) in ways I may not even appreciate yet. Now I will say that I always leave my bluesbreaker clone on with set fairly low. The Joyo AS is an amp emulator, use it like you would an amp - put it last and leave it on. It was supposed to be in Ab but I kept wanting to play natural D's and B's... weird. I tried putting MXR Micro Amp cranked up a bit between Nova Drive and Joyo and level dropped even more so is it getting a signal that's to high ? GE7. Making money on shipping, apparently. I use both for my clean and use pedals for dirt... which is how I used my amp prior to this. It’s not just practice btw... A player can... Also that sound is really unforgiving; close mic dry amp. For me, it starts to be an issue at 12 o'clock. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I actually prefer it to the amp sims in garageband that i've messed with because it takes pedals well.

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