Estimating the number of the civilians killed in the massacre, Human Rights Watch stated … He also noted that when the coordinates for launching this missile are set, deviations go by 15-20 meters. D'après Human Rights Watch, alors qu'il est largement admis que 200 Azéris ont été tués, il se pourrait qu'entre 500 et 1 000 y aient trouvé la mort[2]. Cet article a valu la condamnation du journaliste Eynulla Fatullayev à deux ans et demi de prison pour diffamation et insultes envers les Azerbaïdjanais[8]. “Countries whose histories are stained by the slave trade cannot judge us,” said Bahceli. Turkey acknowledges there were casualties on both sides during World War I, and sees the 1915 events as a tragedy for both sides. Le directeur exécutif de Human Rights Watch a également déclaré : « De nombreux habitants de Khodjaly ont été alertés de l'imminence d'une opération militaire, les forces arméniennes ayant fait parvenir un ultimatum à Alif Gajiyev, alors chef de la milice de Khodjaly, qui avertit à leur tour les civils [...] les membres de la milice en retraite ont fui Khodjaly en se mêlant à de grands groupes de civils [...] ayant gardé armes et uniformes, les miliciens azerbaïdjanais peuvent être considérés comme des combattants, et ont ainsi mis en danger les civils. Armenia has artillery and missile systems, which they use against the civilian population located around Nagorno-Karabakh and the front line," he stressed. Ainsi, Eynulla Fatullayev, fondateur de Realny Azerbaïdjan et de Gundalik Azerbaïdjan, a publié un article dans lequel il affirmait que les forces armées azerbaïdjanaises partageaient avec l’armée arménienne la responsabilité de la mort des centaines de victimes civiles tuées lors de l’attaque de Khodjaly. When Hitler failed at the front, he turned his attention to V-2 missiles and called them "weapons of retribution." This is happening now. ». The massacre was a response to the Sumgait Pogrom and massacre, the Baku Pogrom and massacre, and the Kirovabad Pogrom and massacres carried out by Azeri governmental forces and civilians from 1988-1990 against the ethnic Armenian populations of those cities. « Une grande partie de la population, accompagnée d’une bonne douzaine de combattants pour le repli, ont fui la ville à l’arrivée des troupes arméniennes. He explains that Ganja was shelled by the 'Elbrus' ballistic missile, which is in service of many countries. "I am interested in the position of France. BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 13 Follow the author on Twitter: @JeilaAliyeva, 14, Bakhtiyar Vahabzade, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1141, Iraq reports 1,997 new COVID-19 cases, 472,630 in total, Moscow's coronavirus death toll exceeds 6,800, 39 dead in Izmir as magnitude 6.6 quake shakes Turkey’s west coast, Information on shelling of Armenia is complete lie, another provocation - Azerbaijani MoD, Share of Turkish cars on Israeli market down, Georgian Dream wins principal elections for the third time, Austria orders curfew, restaurant closures to fight COVID surge, It’s battle between us and Armenia, and everybody should stay away from that - President of Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh is not a matter of resources, it is a matter of justice, national pride and international law - President of Azerbaijan, I’ve been asking question where has Armenia the money from to do this war for month, no answer - President Aliyev, Only way to stop war is for Armenia to stop - President Ilham Aliyev, President Aliyev on journalist's statement on Turkish soldies: You saw them in Baku, you didn’t see them in battle, Volume of transshipment of goods from Turkmenistan through ports of Turkey revealed, President Aliyev in answer to journalist's question on democracy: We look how in Europe you beat protesters, The fact that three times we agreed for ceasefire demonstrates our will to resolve this issue by political means - President of Azerbaijan, We were the subject of ethnic cleansing. The leader of Turkey’s opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has accused Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsyan of playing a role in a 1992 massacre of Azerbaijani citizens. In other interviews, he said that Armenia did it specifically to frighten the Azerbaijani people," Sadaddinov said, adding that the Armenian Armed Forces ' shelling of the civilian population of Azerbaijani city of Ganja is also their intention to frighten the Azerbaijani population.

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