I never once found the personalities distracting. “Kill Me, Heal Me” (킬미, 힐미) Jae-Ha Kim March 28, 2019 14 I finished watching the final episode of “Kill Me, Heal Me” early this morning, and I am left with a sense of melancholy — not because the ending was unhappy (it wasn’t), but because the series was so good I wanted to … She meets a seemingly disturbed man named Do-Hyun, who asks for her help in treating his mental illness. [Zoom sur] « Our Body », un corps idéal pour une meilleure vie ? And Kill Me Heal Me (especially the first half of the drama) had a ton of screaming. Secrets always get out, though, especially in an office enviroment where no one seems to close the doors before having private conversations. And when it was time for them to disappear, oh, the lump in my throat. She is rescued by one of the house cooks, who will eventually adopt her. Oh Ri Jin a un jumeau Oh Ri On (Park Seo Jun), écrivain de talent connu sous le pseudonyme d’Omega. With a killer story, colorful characters, and top-notch acting performances, Kill Me Heal Me is truly a Korean drama not to be missed. This drama had me on an emotional roller coaster. http://ow.ly/cDZb30rhIEK, [TOP 5] Pour préparer le week-end d’Halloween, #KOwls vous a concocté sa liste de films de zombies à ne pas rater ‍♂️ Behaves like a father. Why is Se Gi interested in Ri Jin? I’ll add a bit more about this in the spoilers below. Add on top not one but seven eye-catching, stylish personas, and you’ll likely find something to love about Kill Me Heal Me. — emi it’s yoongi’s & bts’ year (@Ahjumma_at_757) March 28, 2019. While “Kill Me, Heal Me” wasn’t as nuanced as “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” it was close. Vous êtes ici : ✔️ Yo-Sub: An artistic and sensitive high school boy who is suicidal. [Review Drama] « Doctor Prisoner » : entre médical et thriller, [Review Film] « Socialphobia » et les réseaux sociaux, [Coup de coeur] « Lucky Strike », une comédie tragique, [Coup de coeur] « I saw the Devil », le prix de la vengeance. He tells Do-Hyun that if Do-Hyun’s father had done the right thing and raised both children as his own, Do-Hyun would’ve grown up as Ri-Jin’s brother. Ji Seong a su donner une âme à chacune d’entre elles, on en vient même à s’attacher à elles. Subplots that were superfluous in the first place are quickly rushed to a conclusion. With such great character dynamics and phenomenal acting by the entire cast, Kill Me Heal Me, with it's strong plot, carefully balancing comedy with serious issues like mental disorders and child abuse, and adding a bit of mystery and thrill to it at times, was a drama that … Adoption is handled relatively well in this series. Throughout the series, I worried that they were biologically related, but they both had different sets of parents. . This kind of abuse wasn’t the result of just one man. The parents are open about her adoption when she asks about it. I will definitely start this one this weekend. Kill Me Heal Me is one of my favorite dramas. Kill Me Heal Me is not without flaws. Following the emotion-filled segment, it shifts gears back to comedy and mystery while advancing the couple's relationship and the main plot. Also, I didn’t even question the BTS photo. The drama is able to showcase the various identities and make them all memorable. Meanwhile, the clouds of enigma continue to shroud Do Hyun’s past; but we’re presented with a few more clues to stretch our imaginations with. As for the adoption element… Ri-On wrestles with his romantic feelings for Ri-Jin. At this point, I start to dread the overused Korean drama plot device of “push away your true love, be miserable for a few episodes, then get back together anyway”. The result is a series of uncharacteristic yet hilarious scenes of Se Gi trying to please Ri Jin through childish gimmicks. There were tears and laughs. this is one that I recommend a lot to others as well. [Coup de coeur] « Hit The Top » : de la musique et du fun ! La force de Hwang Jung Eum réside dans sa capacité à donner l’impression d’être une femme fragile alors qu’au final, elle est une femme forte, indépendante et déterminée. Do Hyun asks Ri Jin if she could see him as a man and not just a patient while Ri Jin leaves Do Hyun a cheerful video confessing her love for him. ✔️ Na-Na: A 7-year-old who embodies the traumas Do-Hyun remembers from his childhood. In truth, Do Hyun yearns for friendship. This blog is going to be a review of one of my favourite dramas I have seen thus far. However, the revelation is also unnecessarily dragged out with far too many repeat scenes and trivial subplots of secondary characters in-between — half the amount of time would have done the job. But they had a loveless marriage and divorced — or thought they did (the papers were never finalized). D’un point de vu général, c’est un des meilleurs drama que j’ai vu, pour moi le meilleur de l’année 2015 jusqu’à maintenant. Kill Me Heal Me doesn’t let the scale tip towards melodrama for too long. Hwang Jung Eum’s over-the-top acting is also borderline annoying for my personal taste. Your email address will not be published. Slow pacing and filler scenes become even more prominent as Do Hyun and Ri Jin reconcile with their past. Episodes 8-11 Review 'Kill Me, Heal Me' doesn't let the scale tip towards melodrama for too long. On aurait aussi aimé qu’ils détaillent plus l’histoire du père. Le Sleeping Mask, touche de fraîcheur de l’été ? He doesn’t allow Do-Hyun to be bullied. There are many iconic jocular scenes of Yo Na fangirling over idols, getting dolled up, and dissing Ri Jin. What I really disliked was how it’s obvious that Ri-On has feelings for Ri-Jin, not just as a brother, but as a potential romantic partner. Venons-en à l’actrice principale Hwang Jung Eum, je l’avais beaucoup apprécié dans le drama SECRET, avec Ji Seong comme partenaire également,  j’étais donc heureuse de la retrouver dans ce drama L’actrice a une capacité fantastique pour jouer les scènes émouvantes, les larmes lui viennent instantanément. Their roles weren’t as flashy as Ji’s, but their characters were well fleshed out. #Halloween They eventually fall in love with each other only to realize that their lives have been tangled since a long time ago. The plot and acting were amazing. The 17-year-old loves K-Pop and handsome men, like Ri-Jin’s twin brother, Ri-On. — Rose / Jangmi 장미 (@jangmi57) March 28, 2019. ‘Kill Me Heal Me’ was undoubtedly one of the best dramas of this season. Ri-Jin has a loving family that treats her no differently than their biological child. Her character seems way too flamboyant and over-reactionary to be dealing with delicate psychological issues. With a heavy heart, I anxiously watch on to find out how Ri Jin would help Do Hyun. Unfortunately their happiness does not last long. They don’t add much to the overall experience and are sometimes distracting to the main story. [Top 5] Les rouges à lèvres longue tenue pour des journées sans retouche, [Top 5] Des produits anti-stress pour les révisions, [TOP 5] Un shot d’hydratation pour une peau de bébé, [Zoom sur] Les exfoliants, un soin indispensable. I’m so relieved that they didn’t try to force a relationship between a brother and his adopted sister. Inevitably, the new personality receives little to no character development and seemed like a complete afterthought. #JiSung is nothing short of amazing, tackling a script that didn't make a freak show out of mental health. Ji Sung does immense justice to make the viewers feel his pain and agony. To the series’ credit, neither accepted his apology. Elle n’agit pas forcément comme une psychiatre. I’m not well versed in psychiatry, so I hope those of you who are will chime in if I’ve gotten anything incorrect. #Take_Me_Home Each one of Do Hyun’s identities represents a different part of him: anger, guilt, sadness, etc.

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