Each day crowds gathered to watch the “German bastard” paraded in and out of the halls of justice.

She was a product of European boarding, schools, he was the son of a diplomat. This beautifully crafted film reveals a mismanaged judicial process. their belief in Soering’s innocence and commitment to his repatriation. Ac lectus vel risus suscipit sit amet You will always be the most important person in my life.“, (Letter from Elizabeth Haysom to Jens Soering, December 20, 1984). The film premiered at the Munich International Film Festival[1] and was released theatrically in October 2016.

After Governor McDonnell reversal of the repatriation order, Soering’s lawyers tried for months to bring a lawsuit to enforce the transfer to Germany. When Soerings German passport expired, no one wanted to give him a new one. It was a family friend who found them after Elizabeth Haysom called her, saying she was scared because she couldn‘t reach her parents and they would never go out of town without letting her know.
16 High Street, Brunswick, Maine, 04011, USA Then he wrote books like a man possessed: on the mystical literature of the Middle Ages, about the American legal system, about his ruined life. He has never used a cell phone, he has never been on the Internet, he only knows his mother’s grave from two photos, for decades he has not touched a tree or eaten a steak. Investigations over the past several years have turned up stunning evidence that was previously suppressed or deemed inadmissible.

On January 19, it was all over. Soering survived it all. Elizabeth Haysom admitted killing her parents, then withdrew her confession and accused him. Mrs. Haysom was stabbed at least six times. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipi. Jens Soering says that Elizabeth came back to the hotel room that night, sat down on the bed and said: “I’ve killed my parents, it was the drugs that made me do it, they deserved it, anyway.” That’s how he tells the story. It was an evening in August 1984, an orientation event for the scholarship recipients of the University of Virginia. (Pictures from left to right: Buckingham Correctional Center in Virginia / James Updike at a press conference 1990 / Jens Soering’s extradition / Jens Soering in the courtroom with judge Sweeney). lrosenltd@gmail.com www.filmperspektive.de, Louise Rosen Ltd
In Ulm, Germany, a prison cell was ready for him and a glass of Nutella waited for him. He thought there were only a few days, hours and seconds more. Unidentified fingerprints, photographic evidence that points to sexual abuse, the presiding judge’s friendship with the victims, a missing FBI profile, a bloody car with a knife under the seat — all point to a very different story, one that is revealed in the film.

He was young, naïve, a pale guy with big glasses. KILLING FOR LOVE is a riveting dissection of the. By now, he thinks that he has never done anything more stupid. In 1996, correctional officials decided to ban foreign language books, newspapers and magazines in prisons.

Elizabeth and Jens had met in a university program for high achieving students. In 2017, two nationally prominent genetic scientists confirmed these findings: Dr. Moses Schanfield of George Washington University and Dr. J. Thomas McClintock of Liberty University. None of the blood at the crime scene was linked to Jens in any way. New forensic, techniques have disproven evidence that was key to Jens Soering’s original conviction. Jens could not believe his luck. The film focuses on the two main protagonists Jens Söring, son of a German diplomat, and Elizabeth Haysom, the daughter of the murdered couple. Local police, the sherriff‘s department and eventually the FBI were called in. For him she was the one. On April 30, 1986, the game was over. In a magazine interview before the trial, Judge Sweeney said that Elizabeth was surprised that Jens “took the dare” and killed her parents.

www.marcus-vetter.com, Filmperspektive GmbH The other man had type AB blood, like Nancy Haysom, but with XY chromosomes, since he was a man. But then he found out that he was not covered by his father’s diplomatic immunity. That’s how Jens Soering saw himself.

September 2016 – In a new interview, Elizabeth Haysom says that by the time of the murders she had been sexually abused by her mother for eight years. They are right. He believed he had diplomatic immunity because of his father. sodales. Jens Soering sits in his prison cell. The film reveals for the first time the mounting evidence of his innocence: the FBI profile of the killer withheld from the jury, the bloody footprint and unidentified fingerprints pointing to other perpetrators, and the new exculpatory DNA analysis. But in 2010, in Jens Soering’s case, it became a political issue because it was made to appear as being soft on crime. (Pictures left: Elizabeth Haysom with her father Derek Haysom / letter from Elizabeth Haysom to Jens Soering, 1984 / Dormitory of Elizabeth Haysom / Elizabeth Haysom 1993.

(Picture: Outside Buckingham Correctional Center in Dillwyn, Virginia, USA, 2016).

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