This was the best part of our meal.

Crabe à carapace molle / Soft-shelled crab. Make sure that you make a reservation, as they are usually busy on the week-ends. 8 mcx - rouleau frit (1.50$ extra). Kokoro Ramen by Japanese ramen master provides excellence in ramen craft, and sushi. Next our Beef Shashimi arrived($14.00). Thin slices of albacore tuna, tobiko. Crabe a carapace molle / Soft-shelled crab. Charbroiled, slice, skinless red bird chicken glazed in own sweet teriyaki sauce.

to eat outside.Our waiter, Charly, was excellent. Considering how few people were in the restaurant, kind of inexcusable.We were inquiring about the lunch salad sizes. Servi avec soupe et salade / Serve with soup and salad. Served over steamed rice. Chicken karaage ($4.20) ~ super crunchy, juicy and hot, side combination ; comes with 3 pieces. Morceaux de thon légèrement panés servis avec une trilogie de sauces / Slightly breaded pieces of tuna served with a trilogy of sauces. / Mixed tartar, caviar, pollock. / Sushis for 1 (17 pcs), 3 nigiris, 3 sashimnis, 1 spicy tempura, 10 makis. Japanese Shrimp Ravioli. Saumon, tobiko, échalotte, carotte, rouleau tempura. Each was delicious. Tuna, cucumber, tempura, masago, spicy sauce. / Tuna, avocado, cucumber, tempura, pollock, masago, spicy sauce. Saumon fumé, caviar, crevette, asperge, omelette, kanikama, (rlx tempura). / 2 pcs. / 5 pcs. Copyright © 2020 PriceListo. Suprême de poulet grillé, sushi saumon yaki (2 morceaux) / Supreme grilled chicken, sushi yaki salmon (2 pieces). Shrimp tempura, masago, cucumber, pollock, avocado. Tartare de sériole, avocat, caviar. Prices of the Makis were about $7+ and are competitive. Promotion Temps des Fêtes / Holiday Season Promotion, Bavette de Boeuf Grillé / Grilled Beef Bib, Hamachi Épicé Tempura / Spicy Hamachi Tempura, Pétoncles épicés tempura / Spicy Scallops Tempura, Homard Épicé Tempura / Spicy Lobster Tempura, Pétoncles Épicées Tempura / Spiced Scallops Tempura. Salade d'agues, crevettes et goberge / Aged salad, shrimp and pollock. Tartare de thon, avocat, caviar. Then we sampled 3 different makis. Poisson cuit.

Three kinds of mushrooms slow cooked in a rich chicken broth with carrots, onions, and celery. We'll send you price updates and saving tips.

Raw smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber wrapped with seaweed, and sushi rice.

Chair de crabe, tobiko, sauce épicée. Volcano salad + escolar au gratin + (sushi for 4).

Remember to call ahead and make a reservation. Served over steamed rice. Pétoncles, concombre, tempura, masago, sauce épicée / Scallops, cucumber, tempura, masago, spicy sauce. Tuna tartar, salad, tobiko, mango, seasonal fruit. / Cooked fish. Raviolis japonais aux crevettes / 4 pcs. This was the best part of our meal. Calmars panés / 12-15 pcs. Salade d'agues, goberge, pieuvre / Aged salad, pollock, Octopus.

Wine on half price, I loved that so much. Menu Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba, Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver. / Shrimp, squid and vegetables in warm tempura sauce. 4 mcx. Boulettes au pieuvre / 4 pcs. /4 pcs. Copyright © 2020 PriceListo. / Scallops, avocado, cucumber, tempura, pollock, masago, spicy sauce. Taco with salmon tartare / Taco au tartare de saumon. I've been here a number of times and the food is always good. Charboiled, sliced, skinless red bird chicken galzed in own sweet teriyaki sauce.

Soft and gluten free tofu. Served over steamed rice. Chair de crabe, tobiko, avocat, oshinko, enroulé avec saumon frais, sauce épicée (sans riz) / Crabmeat, tobiko, avocado, oshinko, rolled up with fresh salmon, spicy sauce (no rice). Make sure that you make a reservation, as they are usually busy on the week-ends. Soft-shelled crab, masago, cucumber, pollock, spicy sauce. Served over steamed rice. Restaurant was relatively empty because it was after the afternoon rush. (1 mcx). / Scallop, tobiko, quail egg. Short grain sweet rice wrapped in twice cooked tofu. Six inari, eight shrimp tempura, twelve salmon, tweleve unagi, and twelve California rolls. Masago, concombre, avocat, goberge, omelette, saumon fumé, rouleau Tempura / Masago, cucumber, avocado,pollock, omelette, smoked salmon, tempura roll. You are viewing Kokoro prices confirmed by PriceListo at one or more locations in United States. By about 7:45 p.m. the restautant was packed. I liked the fact that they were the right size with not too much rice but the rice quality left a bit to be desired. Caviar de poisson volant. Sériole, concombre, tempura, masago, sauce épicée / Seriole, cucumber, tempura, masago, spicy sauce. / 6 pcs.

Tartare de saumon, anguille Grillée, Tobiko / Salmon tartar, grilled eel, tobiko.

Morceaux de sushi nigiri assortis / Assorted nigiri sushi pieces. 5 mcx. Masago, cucumber, avocado, pollock, omelette, smoked salmon, tempura roll.

From small beginnings, the restaurant took flight as people began to fall in love with our food. 4 mcx. / 5 pcs. Thon, saumon, crevette tempura, kani épice, avocat, tobiko / Tuna, salmon, shrimp tempura, kani spice, avocado, tobiko. Rouleaux Spécialités / Rolls Specialties, 23.
Company trademarks are the property of the respective company and their presence does not necessarily mean that PriceListo has an affiliation with the company.

Bavette de boeuf grillé (6 once), sushi saumon yaki (2 mex) / Grilled beef bib (6 ounce), salmon yaki sushi (2 mex). 4 mcx. / Tuna, tobiko, spicy sauce. 6 nigiris, 6 sashimis, 2 épicé tempuras, 20 makis / 6 nigiri, 6 sashimi, 2 spicy tempura, 20 maki. Than we had the tuna salmon spring rolls, very tasty and fresh.
Four pieces. Topped with teriyaki sauce and served with steamed vegetables. It consisted of 8 large pieces, each containing lobster, salmon tartar, avacodo and caviar. Tender and juicy USDA beef, thinly sliced with onions, and slow cooked in its flavorful juices. Homard, tartare de thon, avocat, caviar / Lobster, Tuna tartar, avocado, caviar. / Sushis for 2 (34 pcs), 6 nigiris, 6 sashimis, 2 spicy tempuras, 20 makis. (8 pcs or 1 cone). Crabe, pétoncle, crevette, saumon, tobiko, masago, tempura, concombre, Sauce épicée / Crab, Scallop, shrimp, salmon, tobiko, masago, tempura, cucumber, spicy sauce. Is this a place where you buy ingredients to cook your own food? Chair de crabe, saumon, caviar, daikon, oshinko, avocat. Tartare de thon, salade, tobiko, mangue, fruit de saison / Tuna tartar, salad, tobiko, mango, seasonal fruit. (Canada) It looks like the hot spot to be to enjoy their sushi/tapas. Can a vegan person get a good meal at this restaurant? Champignons shiitake farcis de crevettes.

under the counter fridge.Would go back but will be selective as to what I eat. Avocat, fromage à la crème, saumon fumé, concombre. Poulet frit, concombre, goberge, masago, sauce épicée / Fried chicken, cucumber, pollock, masago, spicy sauce. / 58 pcs. 8 mcx. Shiitake mushrooms stuffed with shrimp. Five pieces. This is definitely a place you won't be hungry after! Feuille de oba garnie dun tartare de saumon / Oba leaf garnished with a salmon tartare. Note: your question will be posted publicly on the Questions & Answers page. Topped with teriyaki sauce. Crabe, pétoncle, caviar, mangue, avocat. We ended taking home a few pieces of sushi, as we full. Saumon grillé, salade, crevette tempura, sauce, mangue, fruit de saison. Goberge. (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale) Creations des Chefs et Spécialités Kokoro / Chef's Créations and Specialties Kokoro, 26. Next we ordered the Salmon Katsu ($17.00)/6 pieces. Traditional Japanese ramen. Crevettes, calmars et légumes en tempura. Tartare de saumon, pétoncle grillée, caviar. Poisson cuit. Supplément pour la soupe miso / Served with soup. Served with Gyoza. / Amberjack tartar, avocado, caviar. A delicious pickled salad with cucumber, radish, and eggplant. Chair de crabe.Poisson cuit. Served over thick udon noodles in a heart warming broth made with soy sauce and sesame oil, and red bird chicken. / Spicy. 6 pcs. The texture of the seaweed paper was also not pleasant since it was very chewy. Not a good value and priced way to expensive for the amount you will receive. / Vegetables in tempura. It was a rice paper roll so not deep fried. 1150 Rue Sauve O, Montreal, Quebec H4N 0C6 Canada. Lastly, we ordered spicy Salmon Kamikaze ($7.75/5), Spicy Tuna ($7.95/5), and a dish called Rainbow ($8.95/5 pieces). / 2 pcs. Lastly, we ordered their Kamakaze Salmon ($7.75/5) the Spicy Tuna ($7.95/5) and the La Sirene ($12.50/5). A mix of cooked whitefish, avocado, cucumber, wakame, masago, and sushi rice.

Everything was delicious, as usual. / 8 pcs. It was a rice paper roll so not deep fried. Shrimp, squid and vegetables in tempura. Saumon, avocat, concombre, tempura, goberge, masago, sauce épicée. 2 mcx. We had the California, New York and Kamikaze.

Poisson blanc, saumon, tobiko, guacamole, rouleau tempura (sans riz) / White fish, salmon, tobiko, guacamole, tempura roll (without rice).

PriceListo is not associated with Kokoro Sushi (CA). Suprême de poulet grillé, crevettes et Légumes panés / Supreme grilled chicken, shrimp and breaded vegetables. Service-3 stars Poisson cuit.

4 mcx.

Served over steamed rice. A fresh tasting home made dessert with a green tea flavor prepared with ream cheese, yogurt, and lemon. Lovely surroundings, good music, patient abd fun staff, fresh and tasty sushi. 6 pcs. Kokoro Castle Street, Kingston Upon Thames Menu - View the Menu for Kokoro London on Zomato for Delivery, Dine-out or Takeaway, Kokoro menu and prices. 6 mcx. We ended taking home about 10 assorted pieces of sushi. Thanks for the great service!! A chef assortment of 40 pieces of maki. Tender and juicy USDA beef. Masago, concombre, avocat, omelette, goberge / Masago, cucumber, avocado, omelette, pollock. Lightly breaded jumbo shrimp served with ebi sauce and lightly fried in soybean oil. Tranches de thon à queue jaune / Slices of yellow Tuna. Tartare mixte, caviar, goberge / Mixed tartar, caviar, pollock.

Can a vegetarian person get a good meal at this restaurant? Anguille grillée. Soupe traditionnelle japonaise aux fèves de soya avec saumon, pétoncles et crevettes / Traditional Japanese soy bean soup with salmon, scallops and shrimp. Sériole, tobiko, sauce épicé. Served over thick udon noodles in a heart warming broth made with soy sauce and sesame oil. Cooked fish.

Morue noir parfumée au miso / Miso with scented black cod.

Thon, avocat, concombre, tempura, goberge, masago, sauce épicée / Tuna, avocado, cucumber, tempura, pollock, masago, spicy sauce. Masago, concombre, avocat, goberge, omelette, saumon fumé, rouleau tempura. That is up until we saw the size of the plate and how much salad you got for $14. Every time I come to Montreal I eat here. Wednesdays wine is half price, great!

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